Spring Professional Certification

Study Guide for VMware Spring Professional(VMware EDU-1202) Certification

If you aspire to become Java or Spring Developer? If so, then VMware Certified Spring Professional (VMware EDU-1202)  Certification is definitely for you.

VMware Spring Professional(VMware EDU-1202) Certification assesses the individual ability to apply the Spring’s features to build and deliver production ready applications in a quicker manner.

In this blog post, you will walk through topics such as what is VMware Certified Spring Professional(VMware EDU-1202) Certification, what are the requirements needed for clearing this exam, exam domains and finally end up with preparation tips.

Let’s dig in!

All about VMware Certified Spring Professional (VMware EDU-1202) Certification 

The VMware Certified Spring Professional(VMware EDU-1202) certification can be taken to validate your understanding of core concepts of Spring Boot framework.

Earning VMware Spring Professional certification can help to develop the Spring applications leveraging key Spring and Spring Boot technologies including 

  • Dependency Injection
  •  Java configuration
  •  Spring MVC (REST-focused)
  • Spring Security
  • AOP
  •  Spring Data JPA
  • Testing
  •  Auto-configuration
  • Actuator

What are the skills measured in VMware Certified Spring Professional (VMware EDU-1202) Certification ?

VMware Certified Spring Professional(VMware EDU-1202) Certification helps to validate the skills and familiarity with the following topics:

  • Basics of containers
  • Aspect oriented programming
  • Data access
  • Data transactions
  • Spring model-view-controller

Spring Professional Certification

Who can take VMware Certified Spring Professional (VMware EDU-1202) Certification ?

VMware Certified Spring Professional (VMware EDU-1202) Certification introduced mainly for attaining knowledge in features of spring and spring boot. And it targets some of the individuals as listed below:

  • Java and Spring developers
  • Java developers who are preparing for new Spring Professional certification “2V0-72.22” can take this exam
  • Anyone who wants to clear Spring Certification VMware EDU 1202 Exam can take this certification exam

What are the prerequisites needed for taking VMware Certified Spring Professional (VMware EDU-1202) Certification ?

There are no specific requirements needed for taking VMware Certified Spring Professional (VMware EDU-1202) Certification. But it is recommended to have the following familiarity with the mentioned areas:

  • Must have knowledge on major features of Spring and Spring Boot, such as configuration, data access, AOP, auto-configuration, REST, actuator, security, and Spring testing framework to build enterprise based and microservices based applications.
  • Must have strong knowledge in concepts in understanding and programming knowledge using Spring framework
  • Must have prior experience with Java development and tools such as Gradle or Maven
  • Must have extensive experience in an IDE such as IntelliJ and Eclipse.

Why to opt for the VMware Certified Spring Professional(VMware EDU-1202) Certification ?

Here are some reasons to go for VMware Certified Spring Professional(VMware EDU-1202) Certification and become a Vmware Certified Spring Developer:

Industry recognition

The most well-known Java framework is called Spring, and it is utilized by practically everyone, from startups to large corporations like investment banks.

The industry also acknowledges VMware’s Spring certifications, much like it does with Oracle’s Java certification. When a potential employer sees the certification emblem on your CV, they are immediately more confident in your knowledge and abilities.

There aren’t many certified Spring developers in existence due to expensive necessary training and a high pass rate (about 76%), therefore it’s a wonderful chance to enhance your profile with Spring Professional certification, also known as Core Spring V5.0 certification.

Learn spring in depth

By preparing for Spring certification, you can gain knowledge on how to learn and improve your Spring framework knowledge. 

You will benefit greatly from having this information in terms of your day-to-day work, career advancement, and succeeding in job interviews.

When you have enough expertise to pass the Spring certification exam, you will be well-equipped for your next job interview that will involve questions about the Spring framework.

More Career Possibilities

The fact that professionals with the Spring certification are preferred by businesses and given preference for promotions and onsite chances is an unpleasant fact.

Job opportunities for Spring certified individuals are growing daily as a result of an increasing number of Fortune businesses giving priority to certified developers for supporting and upholding their mission-critical application.

Additionally, having an onsite opportunity at service-based businesses like Infosys, CTS, Wipro, or TCS depends greatly on VMware Certified Spring Professional Certification. It’s gotten simpler for resource managers to present a profile of a Spring developer to the customer because many large Investment clients virtually always prefer certified programmers.

What will you learn from the VMware Certified Spring Professional (VMware EDU-1202) Certification ?

The Spring Professional certification exam (VMware EDU-1202) is mainly designed to check and validate your complete understanding with core aspects of Spring and Spring Boot such as:

  • Configuration
  • Component-scanning
  •  AOP
  • Data access and Transactions
  • REST
  •  Spring Security
  • Auto-configuration
  •  Actuator,
  • Spring Boot Testing

What are the domains covered in VMware Certified Spring Professional Certification ?

The VMware Certified Spring Professional(VMware EDU-1202) Certification covers the following domains as tabulated below:

S.No Domains
1 Spring core
2 Data Management 
3 Spring MVC
4 Testing
5 Security
6 Spring Boot


Spring Core

  • Java Configuration
  • Properties and Profiles
  • Annotation-Based Configuration and Component Scanning
  • Spring Bean Lifecycle
  • Aspect-Oriented Programming

Data Management

  • Introduction to Spring JDBC
  • Transaction Management with Spring
  • Spring Boot and Spring Data for Backing Stores

Spring MVC

  • Web Applications with Spring Boot
  • REST Applications


  • Testing Spring Applications
  • Advanced Testing with Spring Boot and MockMVC


Spring Boot

  • Spring Boot Feature Introduction
  • Spring Boot Properties and Autoconfiguration
  • Spring Boot Actuator

Study materials for VMware Certified Spring Professional(VMware EDU-1202) Certification 

Here are some of the study materials that are suggested to clear the VMware Certified Spring Professional (VMware EDU-1202) Certification:

Official VMware certification path

VMware developed a certification path to help you get ready for the  certification. It includes the topics and lessons you’ll need to be familiar with in order to pass the test. In comparison to other learning resources, VMware learning should be your top priority if you are a beginner because it can give legitimate and trustworthy study materials and contains in-depth information on:

  • Spring Core
  • Spring Web
  • Spring Enterprise


Books are another crucial resource for preparing effectively for the VMware Spring Professional certification. A selection of suggested books for spring certification is provided below:

Spring in Action: One of the greatest books to use to understand Spring Framework is Spring in Action. It’s also one of the bestsellers that was just updated with the Spring 5.0 release. Reactive programming, microservices, and Spring WebFlux might all be learned via this book.

Additionally, it has Spring Boot and the best practises for installing apps and Spring.

Spring 5 Design Patterns:Another book on the Spring framework that demonstrates how to enhance the development process is Spring 5 Design Patterns. Dinesh Rajput’s book teaches you many design patterns so you may master the creation of successful applications. Additionally, it offers the Spring 5 best practises and demonstrates how to enhance them using design models. Every Spring developer ought to read it at least once.

You can quicken the development process and acquire tried-and-true solutions to challenges by using the book. You can identify the key issues with your development process by using the templates. Additionally, the models are compatible with Spring’s 5.0 most recent version.

Pivotal Certified Professional Spring Developer Exam: A Study Guide : One of the top spring 2019 reference books is Pro Spring 5. It is intended for programmers who are already familiar with or use the spring framework. Its main objective throughout the book is to enable readers to grasp the fundamental concepts of spring.

They exchanged information about Hibernate, EJB, and remote access. This book can assist you if you are creating a business Java programme by teaching you how to utilise the application’s various levels, such as presentation, web, transactions, etc.

In addition to the above study materials, it is recommended to refer to Spring Framework documentation for getting up-to-date information and in-depth documentation. 

Practice tests

Practicing in a real exam-like scenario is very important to improve the speed and accuracy requirements to pass the Spring certification exams. And thus you need to practice with more practice tests. Since you need to solve 50 questions in 90 minutes and you have to score almost 80% correct answer, both speed and accuracy is very important.

A good exam simulator not only helps you to improve speed and accuracy but also fills the gaps in your knowledge and helps you to find your strong and weak areas.

By practicing and carefully analyzing results you improve your weak areas before appearing for VMware Spring Professional exam.

Participating in forums

Involving in forums such as StackOverflow and Spring forums is the best method to keep the information you have acquired in mind. The saying, “Use it or Lose it” is true everywhere and certainly holds true in this situation. If you are only reading and not putting that knowledge to use or applying it to your career, you will rapidly forget about it.

It’s preferable to respond to questions on websites like blogs, forums, and StackOverflow because working only gives you a limited amount of exposure to exam topics. Interacting with other Java developers getting ready for Spring Certifications is also beneficial.

You can also connect with the VMware Customer Connect learning community and interact with the VMware certified instructors to clarify your doubts.

Preparation tips for VMware Certified Spring Professional(VMware EDU-1202) Certification 

Let’s dive into some essential preparation tips to help you on your path to certification.

  • Review exam objectives: Understanding the exam objectives is the first step in preparing for any certification exam. This will make it easier for you to decide which areas to concentrate on and guarantee that you have a thorough comprehension of the material.
  • Utilise online and VMware documentation resources: You can study for the exam using the variety of documentation and tools offered by VMware. Use these tools, such as VMWare Learn, the VMware certification community, and the VMWare documentation.
  • Practice with hands-on labs: To pass the exam, you must have practical knowledge of the Spring framework. Consider honing your exam-related abilities in a real-world setting.
  • Find a study companion or join a study group: A good strategy to study for the test is in a group or with a partner. You may keep each other motivated, ask questions, and share knowledge if you prefer this kind of study method.
  • Attempt practice tests: Exam practice is a great approach to assess your knowledge and pinpoint your areas for improvement. Numerous practise tests, including authorised VMWare practise tests, are available online.

By following the tips provided in this study guide, you can optimize your preparation and increase your chances of success in the VMware Certified Spring Professional certification exam.


Is the Spring Professional Certification from VmWare worth it?

Yes, earning a certification as a Spring Developer is worthwhile since you’ll master the technology in-depth, get credibility, and be better prepared for interviews.

Is Spring certification easy?

Spring Professional Certification Exam is one of the toughest exams to crack as the passing score for this exam will be 76%.

What is the salary of a VMware Certified Professional?

As per Payscale.com, the VMware Certified Professional can get a salary around $87K per annum in the United States. 

What is a VMware certified professional?

The VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification is intended to show technical proficiency with VMware vSphere and related technologies.

Is the Spring certificate worth it?

Yes! Pursuing certification as a Spring Developer is highly beneficial as it provides in-depth knowledge of the Spring framework and enhances your expertise in this area. Additionally, obtaining certification helps you gain recognition for your skills and significantly improves your preparedness for Spring Developer interviews.

How long is the spring certificate valid?

The cost of Spring Framework certification remains consistent at $200 for all exams, ensuring equal access for all candidates. It’s important to note that the voucher remains valid for 90 days, so it is advisable to purchase the voucher when you are fully prepared and confident to take the exams.

How difficult is Spring certification?

The Spring Professional Developer Certification Exam, also referred to as the VMware EDU-1202 certification or the new version “2V0-72.22,” is highly sought after in the Java developer community and considered one of the most valuable certifications in the Java world. However, it is important to note that this exam is also renowned for its difficulty, primarily due to the challenging passing score of 76%.


Hope this article encloses the necessities of VMware Certified Spring Professional Certification. Sticking to those pro tips and study materials can definitely help you to pass the VMware Certified Spring Professional Certification with high marks.

Remember to thoroughly understand the exam blueprint, gather relevant study materials, and prioritize hands-on practice, hands-on labs and sandboxes to solidify your understanding of the Spring framework. 

Engaging with study groups and forums can provide valuable insights and support from fellow certification aspirants. Additionally, leveraging practice exams will help you gauge your progress and identify areas that need improvement.

Creating a well-structured study plan and staying updated with the latest developments in the Spring framework are essential for maintaining momentum and acquiring the most up-to-date knowledge.

If you have any doubts on this blog post, please feel free to comment us!


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