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Preparation Guide For PSM III Certification

Professional Scrum Certification III (PSM III) certification exam is one of the highest industry recognized certifications. It is based on the significant unbeatable knowledge and understanding of the Scrum. It is the different way to check one’s expertise in Scrum. This exam is a distinguished level of Scrum mastery.

If you have passed PSM I and PSM II certification and have the ability to apply Scrum in complex organizational situations then this certification is right for you.

Once you pass PSM III Certification exam, you will get industry-recognized PSM III Certification. Then you will be able to apply Scrum in any complex situation and can coach people who are adopting Scrum. Your name will be posted publicly for managers, colleagues, and potential employers to visualize.

PSM III Certification Exam Information

Before proceeding to the preparation guide of the PSM III certification exam, let’s have a look at the PSM 3 exam information.

Exam Duration: 120 Minutes

Number of Questions: Varies

Exam Pattern: Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple Answer Questions, True/False Questions, and Essay Type Questions

Passing Score: 85% (Candidate with score equal to or above 85% is considered Pass, below 85% is Fail)

Exam Fee: US$500

Difficulty Level: Distinguished

Language: English Only

Renewal: Not Required

Organization: Scrum


  • Required Course: None
  • Recommended Course: Professional Scrum Master
  • Recommended Certifications: PSM I and PSM II

If you haven’t taken the Professional Scrum Master Level I and Level II exams yet, you can prepare it with the Online practice tests and books.

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PSM III Certification Exam Learning Areas

If you are a working professional with significant knowledge and working experience in Scrum framework as well as applications, and you have passed PSM 1 and PSM 2 certification exams, you should take PSM 3 certification exam. If you are determined enough to become a Scrum Master, just remember you need to pass PSM 3 assessment. This exam validates your knowledge of Scrum and demonstrates your Scrum skills and expertise to the employers, clients, and peers.

The subject areas that you need to cover for this certification are as follows:

  • Coaching and Facilitation
  • Cross-functional self-organizing teams
  • Scrum framework
  • Scrum Theory and Framework

Objective of PSM III Certification

PSM III certification is designed for those candidates who are proficient and skilled in scrum framework with the real-world experience. And if you want to ratify your knowledge of Scrum, this certification exam is for you.

How to Prepare for PSM III Certification Exam?

It is considered very difficult to get the PSM III certification as it requires advanced knowledge and high experience in Scrum. If you are determined enough to become a Professional Scrum Master, just remember you need to pass PSM 3 assessment.

Preparation Tips & Tricks to Pass PSM III

“There is no shortcut to the success” the statement is absolutely correct but there are always some tips and tricks to pass tough to the tough exam. The strong theoretical knowledge of Scrum plus experience in solving real-life scenarios are the keys to get done with the PSM III preparation. In addition, follow the below-mentioned preparation tips and tricks and nothing can obstruct you to pass the certification. 

Review the PSM I and PSM II Exam Objectives: The first step you should follow for PSM III preparation is to revise and review the exam objectives of PSM I and PSM II certification exams. Check the score breakdown as per subject areas, result mails, and rework on the areas in which you have scored less.

Read the Scrum Guide: Next, you must read the Scrum guide as the knowledge of scrum guide helps you to prepare for the professional level certifications. Be sure that you know the following main points about scrum before taking the exam:

1)  Scrum Roles: The Scrum Team, Scrum Master, and Scrum Product Owner

2) Scrum Artefacts: Product Backlog, Monitoring progress toward a goal, Sprint Backlog, Monitoring sprint progress, and Increment

3) Scrum Events: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, and Sprint

Scrum Open Assessment: Scrum open assessment is the best way to validate your knowledge of Scrum framework. Scrum open assessment will give you the guideline so that you can start improving your scrum knowledge immediately. It does not require any certification and is free of cost. It consists of 30 questions randomly selected from a larger cartel. Preparing through the PSM 3 practice test or assessment will enhance your knowledge of scrum; it will also make you confident about the actual exam.

Also, take a look at the preparation guide for PSM I and preparation guide for PSM II. It’s a prerequisite and you are required to pass PSM I and PSM II assessments before moving to the most difficult PSM III certification.

In-depth Real-world Scrum Experience: As the difficulty level of PSM III assessment’s questions is high and these arise from the complex situations, you must have real-world experience of Scrum. You must have few years of in-depth experience of understanding Scrum framework and applying Scrum in different complex situations.

Follow These Suggestions While Taking the Exam

  • Start your exam with giving short answers to the questions. Don’t waste your time constantly text unless it is supporting to answer the question.
  • Mark your time as you go through the exam.
  • Read all the questions and answer them carefully. Keep in mind one thing that your answer cover each point asked in the question.
  • You have enough time to answer the questions so don’t rush, take your time.
  • When you are answering the question, look for the best alternative instead of finding the best answer.
  • Notice the every question mark in the question to understand if multiple things are being asked in the question.

PSM III is not so easy to crack, only a few people have certified Professional Scrum Master III exam till date. But it is not impossible for you to pass the certification if you learn all the basic and advanced concepts of Scrum, prepare well through the right preparation guide, and gain a considerable real-world experience in Scrum. Then, you can easily pass the PSM 3 exam and will gain this distinguished certification.

So, just prepare well and pass the Professional Scrum Master III certification exam.

Good Luck!

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