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Preparation Guide on PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals

Microsoft certifications have always been the most valuable certifications, owing to the brand value of Microsoft. One of these certifications is the PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Certification. Are you one of those aspirants who are looking forward to attaining this certification?

Then you would require diving deeper into the basics of the Microsoft Power Platform and understanding its purpose. PL-900: MS Power Platform Fundamentals will help you get a comprehensive view of Power Platforms and kickstart your career with Microsoft.

So this blog will take you through PL-900’s certification overview, scope, benefits, exam format, syllabus, and more.

Let’s dig in. 

What is MS Power Platform Fundamental Certification? 

Microsoft Power Platform FundamentalsThe PL-900 MS Power Platform Fundamentals certification exam helps you develop business and product capabilities using the Microsoft Power Platform. This is a beginner’s level course and is a part of the prerequisites for the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals.

pl-900 exam

This certification, helps you to understand how to use:

  • Power Automate to automate business processes
  • Power BI to conduct basic analytics
  • Power Apps to ensure seamless app experiences
  • Power Virtual Agents to develop efficient chatbots

Microsoft Power Platform

Additionally, this certification exam will test your ability to perform technical tasks like: 

  • Defining business value using Power Platform
  • Identifying primary elements of Power Platform
  • Describing Power BI capabilities
  • Demonstrating Power App Capabilities
  • Defining Power Automate capabilities
  • Describing the business relevance of Power Virtual Agents

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What will you learn from the PL-900: MS Power Platform Fundamentals Certification? 

The PL-900 exam will help you learn pin to pie about the Microsoft Power Platform. You will get in-depth knowledge on Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. In addition to this, you will be able to describe the capabilities of core components, namely:

  • Power BI: Extracting insights from large datasets, designing data visualization, transforming and sourcing data from Power Query, etc. 
  • PowerApps: Use Microsoft’s workflow capabilities and business logic to create business-relevant apps and connect them to your data stored in Microsoft Dataverse or other data sources like SharePoint or SQL Server. 
  • PowerAutomate: Design automated workflows to connect various business apps to sync files, collect data, get update notifications, etc. 

Also, you will be able to: 

  • Understand the business value that the Power Platform provides. The Power Platform offers numerous business benefits, like reducing app development costs, transforming and improving business outcomes, and enhancing data availability and decision-making. 
  • Easily create and design powerful chatbots using Power Virtual Agents. AI-powered chatbots created using Virtual Agents can be leveraged for countless functions: from answering simple questions to engaging users across various channels and touchpoints. 
  • Identify and describe Microsoft’s Dataverse. Using Dataverse, you can schedule deployment with other systems, transform data through Power Query, and import data in the CSV format. 
  • Demonstrate components like Azure and connectors. You will discover Azure cloud technologies, open source database migration solutions, solution architecture, microservice apps etc. Along with this, you will also get the familiarity of Office 365 Connector and learn how to connect workplace catalogs with external systems. 

Who should take the PL-900 Certification Exam?

If you are someone looking for: 

  • Validating your skills to create solutions using the Microsoft Power Platform. 
  • Designing frictionless Power App experiences
  • Simplifying and conducting data analysis using Power BI

Then this certification is the best fit for you. Additionally, if you are aiming to become a Microsoft Power Platform Developer, then the PL-900 is a necessary element for your resume. The exam will add some depth to your existing subject matter expertise and validate your mastery of Microsoft Power Platform tools. 

Second, if you are a technical lead wishing to widen your scope in Microsoft Power Platform, then this exam is the right fit. Microsoft is continuously updating their services with tools and solutions. This exam will help technical leads update their skill set for Power Platform. 

Lastly, the PL-900 exam is a great skill track for customer relationship managers and CRM solutions consultants. Microsoft Power Platforms offers a wide range of CRM tools and businesses need CRM solution consultants who know how to handle them. 

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Why should you take the PL-900 exam? 

To begin with, the PL-900: MS Power Platform Fundamentals exam is a unique certification. Why? Performing business operations using the Microsoft Power Platform is a niche skill set, and there’s a huge demand for professionals who are experts in this niche.

Though, employers need to ensure that your skills are validated. The PL-900 exam not only helps you achieve this feat, but this certification interacts on your behalf. Having hands-on with all the Power Platform tools gives you an edge over your peers. Apart from this, this certification offers benefits like: 

  • Automating business processes and gaining a competitive edge
  • Gain valuable insights by creating dashboards.
  • Improve customer relationships and engagement by implementing chatbots on websites.
  • Increase business value by leveraging Power Platform in the appropriate sense.
  • Increase the weightage of your resume by getting Microsoft certified
  • Track clients’ preferences and sentiments through the AI builder.
  • Learn to identify and implement both business and tech acumen by choosing the correct Power Platform tool. 

PL-900 Exam Format Overview

The PL-900: MS Power Platform fundamentals certification exam format as follows: 

PL-900 Microsoft Certified Power Platform Fundamentals

Prerequisites for the PL-900 MS Power Platform Fundamentals Exam

There are no prior requirements for this certification. However, it’s better if you can be familiar with: 

  • Basics of Microsoft Power Platform
  • Fundamentals of Azure services

PL-900 MS Power Platform Fundamentals Exam Domains

The PL-900 certification exam covers six domains and carries specific weightage in the exam. Here’s what the breakup looks like: 

Domain Weightage
Defining business value of Microsoft Power Platform 20-25%
Identifying core elements of Microsoft Power Platform 10-15%
Demonstrating Power BI capabilities 20-25%
Describing Power App capabilities 25-30%
Defining Power Automate capabilities 10-15%
Demonstrating Power Virtual Agent capabilities 5-10%


Each of these domain has several subtopics that includes: 

  • Defining business value of Microsoft Power Platform

– Describing business value of Power Platform services

– Using MS Power Platform to define business value of expanding business solution

– Describing Power Platform security and administration

  • Identifying core elements of Microsoft Power Platform

– Defining Microsoft Dataverse

– Describing Connectors

– Demonstrating AI Builder

  • Demonstrating Power BI capabilities

– Identifying common Power BI elements

– Combine, consume and connect data

– Using Power BI to build a basic dashboard

  • Describing Power App capabilities

– Identifying common Power App elements

– Design canvas apps

– Create model-driven apps

  • Defining Power Automate capabilities

– Identifying common Power Automate elements

– Create basic cloud flows

  • Demonstrating Power Virtual Agent capabilities

– Create and publish chatbots

– Describing Power Virtual Agents abilities in Microsoft Teams

Study materials to refer for PL-900 MS Power Platform Fundamentals Exam

There are ample resources available to prepare for the PL-900 exam. To begin with, you have Microsoft’s complete package capturing all elements of the PL-900 domain. Ten learning paths cover each subtopic of the exam domains: 

  • Introducing Microsoft Power Platform
  • Introducing Dataverse
  • Building Canvas apps
  • Introducing Power BI
  • Building dashboards
  • Introducing Power Apps
  • Building model-driven apps
  • Introducing Power Automate
  • Building automated solutions
  • Introducing PowerVirtual Agents

Second, you can take the one-day instructor-led video course, PL-900T00: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals. The course explains the Power Platform’s product capabilities and value addition to the business. Along with this, if you want to understand Power Apps in detail, Microsoft has an updated resource, Microsoft PowerApps documentation. It talks about how to develop low-code apps to solve complex business scenarios. You can also try Microsoft’s show #LessCodeMorePower describing PowerApps in detail. 

Next, for hands-on experience with the Power Platform, you can try GitHub’s PL-900 labs and learn how to leverage the solution to combat real-world challenges. Then, for your final preparations, you will find Microsoft’s free sample questions and exam sandbox to get the exam experience before you attempt the main one. 

Lastly, if you want to experience the exam study groups and instant updates and testimonies of the PL-900 exam, you can join Microsoft Learn Community. 

How to prepare for the PL-900 exam?

Preparing for PL-900 is comparatively easy, being a beginner-level course. All you need is an initial familiarity with the Microsoft Power Platform. But to make this process more seamless, here are some quick steps you can follow in your preparation strategy: 

  • Read and understand the PL-900 study guide carefully. Learn the exam objectives, exam format, and domains. 
  • Start with Microsoft learning paths and instructor-led videos. Learn about Power Platform solutions and services through use cases and understand how you can use them to enhance your performance. 
  • For additional information or in-depth knowledge, refer to the Microsoft documentation. You will learn about designing and developing solutions using the Power Platform in detail. 
  • The best way to remember a theory is to apply it practically. Create an account on GitHub and test and experiment with your knowledge in a real scenario to increase your practical exposure. You can also refer to sandboxes and other hands-on labs for this purpose. 
  • If you feel you are well equipped with Power Platform knowledge, go for practice papers and question dumps. Identify the gaps, relearn them, and attempt again. For the final touches, keep the exam sandbox for the last-minute prep. 

When you see little to no errors in practice papers, apply for the final exam and win it like a king. 

Try these Free PL-900 MS Power Platform Fundamentals certification exam questions

Whizlabs’ PL-900 MS Power Platform Fundamentals Package

Microsoft’s learning path and other external resources are somewhat sufficient to prepare for the PL-900 program. But finding authentic and updated content that covers everything in the syllabus is hard.

To give the icing on the cake, Whizlabs offers an exhausting training course to make your PL-900 prep a breeze. It has an exclusive video course and objective-based practice test questions that aim to improve your learning outcomes. You will find:

  • Mock tests with unique questions
  • Nine full-length practice tests
  • 56 video courses
  • Updated exam content 
  • All-time support from subject matter experts
  • Lifetime access to Whizlabs resources
  • Whizcard specifically handpicked for you
  • Real time experiments through hands-on-labs & cloud sandbox

FAQ for PL-900 Exam: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals

Here are some FAQs to help you get started:

1. What is the format of the PL-900 exam?

The PL-900 exam is a multiple-choice test that consists of 60 questions. You will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the exam.

2. What is the passing score for the PL-900 exam?

To pass the PL-900 exam, you must earn a score of 700 or higher.

3. What topics are covered on the PL-900 exam?

The PL-900 exam covers a wide range of topics related to Microsoft Power Platform. These topics include:

• Administration and deployment

• Business process automation

• Business intelligence

• Connectors

• Customization and configuration

• Microsoft Flow

• Security

What will I be tested on PL-900 exam ?

The PL-900 exam tests your knowledge of Power Platform features and functionality. Specifically, you’ll be tested on your ability to:

– Understand the Power Platform platform architecture

– Understand Power Platform data integration

– Understand Power Platform security

– Understand Power Platform administration


This PL-900 exam preparation guide, elaborates you upon all the details associated with Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification. In terms of preparation, we’re not just suggesting that you study the material. We’re suggesting that you continuously reinforce your knowledge so that on the test day, you’re as ready as possible.

Our final suggestion to you is to be sure that you are ready and prepared for the certification exam. The PL-900: MS Power Platform Fundamentals exam has a high passing score; however, if you come prepared and have a strong understanding of the topics, you will pass the exam with confidence!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and comment us your valuable feedback !

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