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Preparation Guide for Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer Exam

Do you aspire to have a promising IT career on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? Then, you should look for Google cloud certifications right now! Many queries regarding Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer Certification Preparation find their way into online searches now. Cloud technology is gaining momentum gradually with the increasing prominence of notable names such as AWS, Azure, and Google.

At the same time, many businesses are migrating to the cloud to achieve the benefits of resourcefulness along with cost-efficiency. As a result, many organizations face the need for cloud developers with promising expertise in designing applications for the cloud. The particular attention on the job role of a GCP professional cloud developer is due to GCP’s emerging popularity. Candidates aspiring for cloud developer roles on GCP could start their careers with Google’s professional cloud developer certification.

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The following discussion would provide detailed guidance on preparation for professional cloud developer certification on GCP. The primary highlights of the discussion would include reasons to take up the professional cloud developer certification, audience for the exam, and overview of the exam information. Furthermore, the discussion would also present an outline of the different exam objectives for providing clarity to candidates.

Subsequently, the discussion would highlight important steps for Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer Certification Preparation. Then, the discussion would move towards brief information on reliable study materials and references that candidates could use for preparations. Finally, the discussion would outline some expert tips to help you prepare for the google professional cloud developer certification exam. Readers could also find helpful FAQs at the end of the discussion for further clarity regarding the certification exam.

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer Certification Exam

The role of a google professional cloud developer is the priority of this discussion. The professional cloud developer is responsible for creating applications with higher scalability and availability. The professional cloud developer has to use Google recommended tools and practices leveraging fully managed services for building applications.

Furthermore, the professional cloud developer has proven experience in runtime environments, developer tools, and next-generation databases. The Google cloud developer professional certification helps candidates validate their skills in these areas effectively.

The certification for Professional Cloud developer on Google Cloud Platform is ideal for almost all IT personnel. However, the GCP professional cloud developer certificate exam is better suited for the following individuals.

  1. IT professionals in software or application development roles.
  2. Fresher graduates aspiring for a career in Google Cloud Platform.
  3. On-premises system administrators with interest in application development.
  4. Solutions architects.
  5. Individuals with excellent coding and programming expertise.

So, if you want to see yourself as a professional cloud developer on the Google Cloud Platform, then this exam is your ideal option.

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Reasons to Become a Google Professional Cloud Developer

Now, let us reflect on the proven reasons for which you should start Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer certification preparation. The only response you could find here is that Google Cloud certifications are very difficult to clear. However, the following factors can drive your motivation towards preparing for the certification exam.

  1. Global recognition as a Google certified professional cloud developer.
  2. Google Cloud certification offers you a competitive advantage over other candidates, especially the non-certified ones.
  3. The certification exam showcases and proves your capabilities and expertise as a professional cloud developer.
  4. Certification acts as an indicator of your comprehensive knowledge about Google Cloud technologies, products, and services.
  5. Google Cloud certification as a professional developer can earn better salary packages alongside promising opportunities for career development.
  6. Most important of all, the certification can validate your commitment to continuous learning and improvement, thereby improving your appeal to employers.

Google Cloud Developer Certification Exam Details

The GCP cloud developer certification exam is held at test centers allocated by Google specifically for the exam. A thorough overview of exam details is mandatory for Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer certification preparation. Take a look at the following table to know about the essential exam-related information to support your preparations.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer- Exam Information

Certification Name

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer



Exam Format

Multiple-choice and multiple select questions

Exam Duration

2 hours

Exam Fee

$200 (plus applicable taxes)

Passing Score



2 years

Exam Languages

English and Japanese


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Google Cloud Developer certification exam objectives

Let us dive now into one of the most significant aspects of the Google Professional Cloud Developer certificate exam. The Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer study guide is what we’re talking about here! The study guide can help us reflect on the various exam objectives and serve as a blueprint for your preparations. The exam objectives of the Google Professional Cloud developer certificate exam are as follows.

  1. Designing cloud-native applications with higher scalability, reliability and availability.
  2. Building and testing applications.
  3. Application deployment.
  4. Integration of Google Cloud Platform services.
  5. Management of application performance monitoring.

You can take a closer look at the study guide for the Google professional cloud developer certification in the table below –

Google Professional Cloud Developer Certificate Exam Blueprint


Topic Areas

Designing cloud-native applications with higher scalability, reliability and availability

  • Designing performance applications and APIs
  • Designing secure applications
  • Management of application data
  • Re-architecture of applications from local services to Google Cloud Platform

Building and testing applications

  • Establishing the development environment
  • Developing continuous integration pipeline
  • Testing
  • Writing Code

Application deployment

  • Implementation of relevant deployment strategies according to target compute environment
  • Deployment of applications and services on Compute Engine
  • Deployment of applications and services on Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Creation of data storage resources
  • Deployment of applications to App Engine
  • Deployment of a Cloud Function
  • Resource provisioning automation with Deployment Manager
  • Deployment and implementation of networking resources
  • Management of service accounts

Integration of Google Cloud Platform services

  • Integrating applications with Data and Storage services
  • Integration of application with compute services
  • Integration of Google Cloud APIs with applications

Management of application performance monitoring

  • Installation of logging and monitoring agent
  • Management of VMs
  • Using Stackdriver for viewing application performance
  • Diagnosis and resolution of application performance issues


Comprehensive guide for Google Cloud Developer certification preparation

The next crucial aspect of our agenda in this discussion refers to the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer certification preparation guide. Here are some of the proven tips to help you prepare for the Google professional cloud developer certification. Read the following tips carefully for understanding the steps that can improve your exam preparations.

Review the exam objectives

The recommended best practice to prepare for every certification exam is a detailed review of the exam guide. A comprehensive reflection on the different exam objectives and the topics in each objective is necessary for every candidate. Furthermore, you should also review the sample case study to learn more about such questions that you will face in the certification exam.

Take GCP training

The next important step in your Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer certification preparation involves GCP training. Candidates could opt for on-demand classroom training in the fundamental course by Google. The fundamental course is known as “Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform,” and the duration of the course is three days. Candidates could learn about designing, developing, and deploying applications with the facility of seamless integration of components from the Google Cloud ecosystem. The GCP training courses include the following topics in different modules.

  1. Best practices for application development.
  2. Google Cloud Client Libraries, Google Firebase SDK and Google Cloud SDK.
  3. Overview of Data Storage alternatives.
  4. Best practices for using Google Cloud Datastore.
  5. Performing operations on Buckets and Objects.
  6. Best practices for using Google Cloud Storage.
  7. Managing authentication and authorization.
  8. Use of Google Cloud Pub/Sub for integration components of an application.
  9. Including intelligence to an application.
  10. Use of Google Cloud Functions for Event-based processing.
  11. API management with Google Cloud Endpoints.
  12. Application deployment using Google Cloud Container Registry, Google Cloud Deployment Manager and Google Cloud Cloud Build.
  13. Execution environments for an application.
  14. Use of Google Stackdriver for debugging, monitoring and tuning the performance.

Practical experience with hands-on labs

The most crucial step of Google Cloud Professional Cloud developer certification preparation refers to hands-on practice. The scenario-based questions asked in the Google professional cloud developer certificate exam would require prior hands-on experience. Qwiklabs could help you access the hands-on labs.

You can register for the GCP free tier that is a free trial of GCP products, services, and technologies. You can use the $300 free credit for gaining hands-on expertise in the relevant exam topics for Google professional cloud developer certificate exam. If you want to soar your wings further with hands-on experience, then you should register for the paid hands-on labs.

Effective study materials and resources

Another important aspect that you should include in your preparations for the GCP cloud developer professional certificate exam refers to study materials and resources. Online certification training providers such as Whizlabs could be your ideal source to get study materials for this certification exam. However, you need to take a look at the options readily available for you. First of all, you should turn towards Google documentation that could also lead you to official tutorials.

Furthermore, you could also explore the Google Cloud solutions resource on the official certification page. The next significant source to avail of study materials for your preparation lies in the GCP community. Participate in forums and discussion groups specifically dedicated to GCP. These places can help you clarify your doubts as well as obtain effective resources that can support your preparations. Discussion forums on GCP are also proven sources to interact with subject matter experts and certified professionals.

Practice tests

Finally, every candidate should focus on practice tests for their Google Cloud Professional cloud developer certification preparation routine. Practice tests offer unique opportunities for improving familiarity with the format and situation of the actual exam. Also, the practice tests could point out your areas of strengths and weaknesses. So, candidates could check their level of preparation constantly by using practice tests.

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Expert tips for Google Cloud Developer certification preparation

With the help of the preparation mentioned above guide, you can ensure the right track to prepare for the GCP cloud developer certification. However, the following expert tips could make sure that you go all the way to achieve your certification.

  1. Never underestimate the importance of the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud developer study guide. Even though it may seem like a mere outline of the exam objectives, you have a lot to gain from it. For instance, you can distribute your preparation schedule according to the complexity of topics in each exam objective. Also, the study guide helps you know about the exam beforehand.
  2. Try to focus on performance-based tasks through hands-on labs for addressing the majority of questions in the certification exam.
  3. Register for the certification exam and choose a location center close to you. You don’t have to take the unnecessary trouble of worrying about traveling to a distant location for the certification exam.
  4. Do not forget to take all the required credentials and documents with you to the exam center.
  5. Find a suitable partner to hold you accountable for your preparation. Most of the time, candidates tend to deviate from their preparation schedule. So, a person who can hold you accountable for your preparation schedule can help you stay on the right track.

The average salary of a Google Cloud Developer

The estimates of Google professional cloud developer salary are also an important part of this discussion. After all, candidates look for potential earning capabilities along with a certification exam, don’t you? The average Google professional cloud developer salary estimate for a year is $130,909. The range of the salary for a Google professional cloud developer is between $86,500 and $207,500.

FAQs for Google Cloud Developer certification preparation

One of the notable concerns that you should not escape refers to FAQs related to the Google Professional cloud developer certificate exam. These FAQs can simplify your Google Cloud Professional Cloud developer certification preparation by clearing simple doubts and questions.

1. Why should I get a Google Cloud certification?

Google Cloud Platform is one of the emerging players in the cloud service vendor market. Furthermore, the position of Google in the IT industry speaks a lot for the career opportunities you can get with GCP certifications.

2. What is the cost of the Google professional cloud developer certificate exam?

The registration fee for the Google professional cloud developer certificate exam is USD 200 with applicable taxes.

3. What is the validity of the Google cloud developer certification?

Every Google Cloud certification is valid for two years from the date of certification. After the two years, candidates should apply for the recertification exam.

4. What are the age restrictions for Google cloud developer certification?

Candidates residing in the EU should be over 16 years of age to take the Google cloud developer certification. In other countries, the minimum age to take the certification exam is 13 years.

5. What should I do after getting the GCP professional cloud developer certification?

Once you have obtained the Google professional cloud developer certificate, a lot of career opportunities await you! Furthermore, you could opt for other certification exams and improve your knowledge.


On a final note, Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer certification preparation could enhance your skills and confidence for the actual exam. After reading this discussion, you should proceed directly to the official certification page for Google Professional Cloud Developer. You can use the guidelines in this discussion to explore the certification details and start your preparations right away! Candidates also have the option to go for online certification training courses by renowned providers such as Whizlabs.

Furthermore, you should also take practice tests by various providers to strengthen your chances of qualifying the certification exam. Most important of all, you should remember that it’s an exam. Don’t stress too much over it and approach it casually with perfection to achieve your aim!

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