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Exam tips for Blockchain Expert Certification

The certified blockchain expert certification is among the most popular blockchain courses, preferred by leading industries and tech professionals worldwide. The certification focuses on numerous core technical aspects of blockchain, like blockchain ecosystem, mining, consensus mechanisms, privacy, etc. 

If you want to pass this certification with flying colors, getting a deeper understanding and hands-on experience with blockchain technology and nuances becomes critical. Speaking of which, you need a proper exam strategy up your sleeves to dive into these concepts and ace the blockchain expert certification like a pro. 

This blog captures several exam pro tips to make the Blockchain expert certification prep a breeze. But before that, let’s have a glance at the certification details.

Time to dig in!

Blockchain Expert Certification exam overview

The certified blockchain expert certification is one of the preferred courses offering a more profound knowledge of Blockchain technology and the growing industry. 

Undoubtedly blockchain is playing a prime role in leveling up the digital currency game. Seeing the uninterrupted rise of blockchain in the last few years, the Blockchain Council launched the blockchain expert certification to impart knowledge on blockchain-based business and industry applications. 

A Beginner’s Guide: What Is Blockchain Technology?

Moreover, the certification will guide you through 

  • The vital components of blockchain technology 
  • How they affect the business outcomes in the long run
  • Identifying and aligning blockchain solutions and techniques with the business needs
  • Decentralizing actions while performing mission-critical blockchain actions

In addition, the course will pave the way for career paths in leading roles like blockchain architect, project manager, consultant, Cryptocurrency trader, Bitcoin, and Corda expert, etc. The blockchain expert certification exam will also test your abilities to perform tasks like:

  • Building effective blockchain enterprises
  • Developing and designing blockchain-based applications
  • Techniques like cryptocurrency mining
  • Implement the blockchain ecosystem at relevant levels of a business

Why do you need to upskill in Certified Blockchain Expert Certification?

Today, more and more companies, be it retail, eComm, or a bank, are becoming early adopters of digital currencies. It means they need experts who are adept at performing blockchain techniques and can also help them build a robust blockchain ecosystem and notch-up business results in the long run. 

Well, the blockchain expert certification assures that. The course helps you master enterprise blockchain skills, leverage blockchain technology, build blockchain use cases and compliance, and make blockchain a self-regulating segment. 

Additionally, the certification validates your abilities in blockchain technology and building blockchain-based enterprise systems. You can also gain subject-matter expertise in driving business transformations by implementing blockchain infrastructures. 

Other benefits include:

  • You get an additional advantage over non-certified blockchain candidates.
  • Certified blockchain expert certification gives you global recognition.
  • The blockchain expert certification can help you advance your career while providing job security due to the anticipated increase in the number of Blockchain positions in the future. 
  • Certified Blockchain professionals can also work toward creating their own Blockchain-based companies.

Pro tips to prepare for Certified Blockchain Expert Certification

You need to have a clear mind while planning your exam prep strategy. The course syllabus is technical and might be difficult if you don’t have any preliminary knowledge of concepts like mining and other blockchain mechanisms. It will do nothing but add up to your frustration. To save you some time and help you build a more substantial blockchain base,  here are a few pro tips for you to consider. Let’s have a look at them. 

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Step 1: Study the Blockchain Expert Certification exam goals carefully 

Gain access to the certified blockchain expert certification exam guide and understand the cert goals, prerequisites, and curriculum. Next, skim through their official resources and instructor-led training programs. Then list what other materials and resources you would need to gather to notch up your prep. 

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Interestingly, the cert provider offers numerous resources and training on its official websites. Make sure to analyze them carefully and get a hold of the technical concepts before searching for additional but not-so-relevant material. 

Step 2: Prepare a calendar

If you do a full-time job or are a student, it can be extremely exhausting and difficult to focus on every detail and ensure equal attention. The best way is to prepare a calendar and draw a plan capturing the entire syllabus and primary skills. This will help you ensure that you don’t skip any technique and can divide your focus equally, saving time for revisions.

Step 3: Explore the step-by-step guide

The Blockchain offers step-by-step guides on its official website, describing the critical concepts, techniques, solutions, flows, and perspectives around Blockchain. It’s an excellent source to kickstart your blockchain cert journey as they help to develop a holistic view of the exam. The Blockchain expert certification syllabus comprises numerous technical avenues that are often not easily graspable. These guides will help make it easier for you to navigate through the more challenging skills and build a strong foundation for the long run. Here are some of the guides that are worth reading: 

  • Blockchain Technology for Business Work Optimization
  • How To Use The Polygon Bridge For Blockchain Developers
  • Why Are Smart Contracts A Potential Change To Replace Lagging Business Processes?
  • Learning the Interdependence of Web3 and Blockchain
  • Learning Humanode while Getting started with blockchain development
  • Understanding the Blockchain Trilemma: Is It Inevitable With Blockchain?
  • Learning more about Seed Phrase And Its Importance
  • Introducing Consensus Mechanisms In Blockchain
  • Vyper vs Solidity Ethereum Smart Contract Language: Which one is Better?
  • Centralized Vs. Decentralized Digital Networks: Knowing The Differences
  • Blockchain Bridges: Introduction and Functioning
  • Decentralized Identity In Blockchain

Step 4: Live Training programs

Live training programs are the best way to brush up on your practical skills and give an edge to theoretical knowledge. You will find relevant blockchain instructor-led live lectures on the official website, hosted by subject matter and industry experts. These programs are delivered online and it takes up to six hours long. 

In fact, these live training programs are the best fit if you wish to dive deeper into state-of-the-art blockchain techniques through an immersive knowledge-gaining experience. You can directly interact with the instructor, clear your doubts, learn more from peers and fellow aspirants, and have constructive discussions at your own time and pace. 

Step 5: Explore eBooks

You will find numerous eBooks focusing on various technical aspects of Blockchain. These are great ways to gain extra knowledge on critical practical avenues. These are finely tuned and aligned with the curriculum of the certified blockchain expert certification. Some of the ebooks are free, and some are paid. Here are some of the eBooks for you to check out: 

  • Certified Bitcoin Expert: This ebook aims to give readers a basic understanding of bitcoin and the information necessary to utilize blockchain-based technology to revolutionize traditional business operations.
  • Certified Cryptocurrency Trader: It offers a comprehensive guide to constructing optimal trading strategies and delves into the underlying technology infrastructure that powers blockchains.
  • Blockchain For Beginners: This ebook, tailored for beginners, offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of blockchain technology.

Step 6: Checkout Blockchain infographics

Blockchain infographics are the best way to understand flows and grasp concepts in no time. These infographics are like fact sheets and flow charts and contain various listicles and bullet points that are very easy to skim and remember. You will also find numerous one/two-liners about blockchain-related tech. Here are some examples of infographics: 

  • Difference between coins and tokens
  • How Blockchain Helps Industries
  • Main Types of Blockchain
  • Difference between security tokens and utility tokens
  • Skills Required For A Blockchain Architect
  • Best Smart Contract Platforms
  • What Makes Corda Enterprise Better?
  • Know About Hyperledger Besu

Step 7: Some books to refer

The best resource that is easily accessible is a book. Keep in mind to follow your curriculum and to prepare correctly. The following books can be utilized as resources for the preparation:

  • Blockchain From Concept to Execution: BitCoin, Ethereum, Quorum, Ripple, R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric/SawTooth/Indy, MultiChain, IOTA, CoCo
  • Certified Blockchain Expert v2 Complete Training Guide with Exam
  • A Practical Guide to Blockchain and its Application
  • Beginning Blockchain: A Beginner’s Guide To Building Blockchain Solutions

Step 8: Go for practice papers and question dumps

Implementing your preparation strategy by applying the theoretical and practical knowledge you have acquired is crucial. Utilize various blockchain expert certification question dumps and sample papers to simulate the exam and gain a thorough understanding of the questions. Then, conduct a SWOT analysis to pinpoint weaknesses, re-learn those areas, and retake the test.

Step 9: Don’t panic

Preparing for an exam can be challenging and may cause some stress. However, it is essential not to let panic take over. Instead, break down the process into manageable steps, adhere to your study schedule, ensure your concepts are clear, seek clarification from subject-matter experts, and practice extensively using question dumps. It may take time, but it is not impossible.

If you need additional motivation or have questions, contact experts or professionals who have already passed the Certified Blockchain Expert certification. You can connect with them through open forums, Tech Communities, webinars, and discord or slack groups.

Step 10: Some more tricks

  • Stay aligned with the required knowledge list by noting the skills you can apply in real-world scenarios and those you need to improve on. Keep in mind that mastering the fundamentals of blockchain technology is essential.
  • Attend relevant webinars and discussions to expand your network and stay current with the latest developments in cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Utilize resources such as tech summits, YouTube live streamings, and Facebook Communities to gain insights on advancements and innovations in blockchain technology and learn tips and tricks to pass certifications.
  • Revisit the concepts from the syllabus regularly. A solid understanding of basic concepts is necessary to pass the course. Remember that every topic is important and should be given equal attention. Continuously review them until the last minute to ensure easy recall during the exam.


Q: What is the validity of the certified blockchain expert certification exam? 

A: This cert exam is valid for a lifetime. It never expires. 

Q: What are the rules for the blockchain expert certification exam?

A: Here are a few lesser-known rules for the blockchain expert certification exam:

  • You can retake the cert exam one day after your previous attempt in case you fail.
  • You can reappear for the exam no more than three times. 
  • In case you fail on the third attempt as well, you need to contact the Blockchain expert assistance team and follow their directions to reappear and qualify. 

Q: What is the pattern of the questions in the blockchain expert certification exam?

A: The exam questions are in the form of MCQs.

Q: What are the passing marks? 

A: 60% is the qualifying mark. 

Q: How much does the blockchain expert certification exam cost?

A: The blockchain expert certification exam costs $99 USD. 

Q: What are the prerequisites for the blockchain expert certification exam? 

A: The blockchain expert certification has no prior requirements. Anyone with any level of knowledge can go for this course. However, experts recommend having the following in your skill track: 

  • Basic computer science knowledge
  • Awareness of blockchain, bitcoins, and cryptocurrency. 

Q: What is the syllabus of the blockchain expert certification exam?

A: The blockchain expert certification exam has nine main modules: 

  • Origin of blockchain technology
  • Tokenization
  • Blockchain ecosystem
  • Mining
  • UTXO vs Account model transactions
  • Privacy and security
  • Blockchain consensus mechanism
  • Blockchain solutions
  • Use cases


Hope this blog helps you prepare an effective and robust prep strategy. However, the key here is to build a solid basic knowledge of blockchain technologies and build solutions to create an efficient enterprise blockchain ecosystem. And the first step towards this is to get hold of authentic and upgraded materials and resources. 

With this in mind, Whizlabs offers updated and most-relevant resources to level up your blockchain expert certification preparation. In addition, you will have full-length mock tests with unique questions designed by subject matter experts with 24/7 assistance.

If you have any queries on this blog post, please feel free to comment us!


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