Certified Kubernetes Administrator online Course

Certified Kubernetes Administrator Online Course Launched

We are very happy to announce the launch of our new certified Kubernetes administrator online course. Recently, the attention around Kubernetes has increased largely due to its role in simplifying application development. It is essential to notice the number of candidates trying to find expert tips and guidance from certified professionals. If you are aspiring to become a Kubernetes administrator, then our new online course for the CKA exam is the best option for you right now! 

Kubernetes has become the standard container orchestration and management tool across many large companies in different sectors. Despite being widely used, there was no standard for verifying expertise in Kubernetes. So, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, in collaboration with The Linux Foundation, brings the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification exam. If you have the desire to know about working with Kubernetes and you want to validate your Kubernetes expertise, then the CKA certification is the preferred option for you. 

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However, candidates have to note that the exam is not as easy as their expectations. Even if this is one of the newest additions in the Kubernetes certification model, it is very tough. Therefore, Whizlabs extends its supporting hand with the new Certified Kubernetes Administrator training course.

Allow us to present to you some of the basic yet important details about the CKA exam to help you find the starting line. In addition, we shall also outline the details of our new Certified Kubernetes Administrator online course and how it can help you qualify the CKA exam easily.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam

Before opting for any alternative for Kubernetes training, it is important to uncover the details of the exam thoroughly. The Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam is designed for validating the skills, competency, and knowledge of candidates to carry out the responsibilities of Kubernetes administrators.

The exam is a major instrument for driving the efforts to foster the development of the Kubernetes ecosystem. The demand for Kubernetes is increasing exponentially since it one of the highest velocity open source projects. The ideal audience for the CKA exam includes Kubernetes cluster administrators and any individual interested in working with Kubernetes. 

Requirements for the Exam

The most notable concerns that candidates should consider before choosing our Certified Kubernetes Administrator online course are the exam prerequisites. Interestingly, there are no hardbound prerequisites for the CKA exam. However, candidates can make the most of their Kubernetes training if they fulfill the requirements mentioned below. 

  • In-depth understanding of containers, particularly Docker.
  • Capability of working with Linux shells.
  • Previous experience in working with virtual machines in different cloud environments.

Exam Information

We have taken considerable efforts to ensure that our new Certified Kubernetes Administrator online training course aligns with the exam. For this, we have invested time and thought in preparing the course to help students prepare for the CKA exam. We have kept the basic overview of the exam in mind to design a course that students are comfortable with. The basic overview of the exam refers to details such as registration fees, supported languages, and the format of the exam. 

Candidates should expect around 24 performance-based tasks in the CKA exam. The total duration of the exam will be 3 hours, and candidates have to appear for the exam in an online proctored format. The Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam preparation of candidates should focus on the use of the command line. Candidates have to use a command-line terminal in their browser for the exam. The registration fee for the exam is $300 USD, and it is available in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. 

Exam Objectives

The new Whizlabs Certified Kubernetes Administrator online course keeps all exam objectives in mind. The exam objectives are important for a candidate’s preparation because they offer insights into topics you can expect in the questions for the exam. The exam objectives or the domains actually reflect the skills that the CKA certification exam tests in candidates. Here are the exam objectives with individual weightings. 

  • Application lifecycle management- 8%.
  • Installation, configuration and validation- 12%.
  • Core concepts- 9%.
  • Networking- 11%.
  • Scheduling- 5%.
  • Security- 12%.
  • Cluster maintenance- 11%.
  • Logging/monitoring- 5%.
  • Storage- 7%.
  • Troubleshooting- 10%.

Whizlabs Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam Online Course

So, is there any proven solution to crack the CKA exam with ease? Yes, without any doubt, our new Certified Kubernetes Administrator online training course is at your disposal! The subject matter experts and course designers at Whizlabs take all the requirements of candidates into account for developing every training course.

The new Whizlabs Certified Kubernetes Administrator online course is not an exception. The modular distribution of chapters in the course according to the exam objectives presents an exceptional opportunity for students. You can cover each domain in short videos with duration at an average of 10 minutes. Here is an outline of the chapters covered in our new Certified Kubernetes Administrator training course.


Duration of Training Videos


00:05:23 minutes

Installation, Configuration and Validation

01:26:08 minutes

Core Concepts

00:53:54 minutes


00:56:29 minutes

Core Concepts Continued

00:56:32 minutes


00:42:06 minutes


00:38:36 minutes

Application Lifecycle Management

00:47:18 minutes


00:14:30 minutes


00:11:57 minutes

Cluster Maintenance

00:17:30 minutes


00:55:30 minutes

Taking the Exam

00:03:21 minutes


How Can Whizlabs Certified Kubernetes Administrator Online Course Help You?

The benefits of our new online course for Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam preparation are the foremost reasons to choose it. Here are some of the features of our new online course for the CKA certification exam that can help candidates. 

  • Coverage of all the topics in the CKA exam thoroughly.
  • Conveniently distributed training videos for each chapter amounting to a total of just 59 lectures in a duration of 8 hours.
  • Unlimited access to the training videos gives candidates the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Subject matter experts are always ready to clear the doubts of candidates regarding any chapter.
  • The course material is accessible on all major device platforms such as PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Therefore, you also have the flexibility of accessing the new Whizlabs Certified Kubernetes Administrator online course according to your needs. 

The most striking feature of all Whizlabs online certification training courses is the 100% moneyback guarantee. If you look closely, this feature has dual benefits for candidates in terms of cost-effectiveness. First of all, candidates can purchase the new online course for the CKA certification exam at a very affordable price. Secondly, candidates can get a total refund if they are not satisfied with the online course. You can get a full refund on the online course without any questions asked, thereby providing you assurance about the reliability of the online course. 

Want to clear your doubts about the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam? Put them in the Whizlabs Forum and our experts will answer your questions. 

Ready to Prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam?

So, now is the time to get ready and prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam. With salaries for Kubernetes-certified professionals ranging as high as $215,500, the job of a Kubernetes Administrator is definitely promising. The CKA certification not only boosts your earning opportunities but also provides a reliable instrument to stand out from the competition in the eyes of potential employers.

Apart from the support of our new Certified Kubernetes Administrator online course, candidates have to take some measures of their own. For example, a tight schedule for the preparation, albeit with a proper diet and exercise routine is mandatory for staying in top shape for the exam.

Candidates should also explore other potential sources of information on preparing for CKA exams such as study groups and online learning communities. Choosing an online course can be tough when you don’t have substantial information about it. Now that you know about the new Whizlabs CKA training course, give it a try right now!

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