CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) Certification – Step by Step Guide

This article covers all the key information about the Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Spark and Hadoop Developer certification exam. You can use this information to know the basic concepts of Big Data, technical skills, experience, and resources required to ace your CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer certification exam. Before we go to the details of the CCA 175 certification exam, let us go through some of the important topics.

An Overview of Big Data

You would have come across the term Big Data and might even know what it is all about. However, refreshing this memory and other corresponding topics would assist you to relate better with the foundations for the CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer certification exam.

One of the primary pillars of the modern world is data. Data is in myriads of forms and sizes, unlike the previous generations when computer technology had limited data. Every second there is a movement of billions of data around the world. As the technology is progressing at exponential speeds, the computational abilities required to handle this data are getting sophisticated. Mainly the extensive data analysis, processing, and applications put the data to be versatile.

Worldwide, businesses across various industries and government agencies are independently and collaboratively investing resources in developing systematic applications, frameworks, and models to work with Big Data. The scope for advancing in all the areas such as healthcare, security, production, manufacturing, and so on is possible through working on Big Data.

The IT industry is one of the frontlines besides statistics and other mathematical disciplines dealing with data.

Individuals coming from IT or statistics or any other background may not have the proper skill set to enter into the world of Big Data. Similar to other IT professions there are proven methods to obtain these skills and enhance competency in the industry. To be a professional contributor to the revolutionizing technology, ensure you have suitable certifications. This is where industry-standard certifications such as CCA 175 come to your aid. Learning and developing technical skills for Big Data is at your fingertips. You can easily accommodate all the learning needs and demonstrate them practically through your expertise that you gain.

Popular Big Data Certifications

Go through the following list to see the different Big Data certifications that are available. This list should give you an idea that one technology can be utilized in numerous applications and approaches through certifications. How businesses decide to use Big Data is subjective to their domain. But individuals should explicitly choose their path in the world of Big Data. The different certifications here provide you the fundamentals and enrich other specific technical aspects depending on the specialization levels.

1. Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA)
  • CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer
  • CCA Data Analyst
  • CCA Administrator
  • CCA HDP Administrator Exam
2. Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP)
  • CCP Data Engineer
3. Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Big Data Certifications
  • Associate Big Data Analyst
  • Senior Big Data Analyst
  • Associate Big Data Engineer
  • Senior Big Data Engineer
4. SAS Big Data Certifications
  • Big Data Professional
  • Advanced Analytics Professional
5. IBM Big Data Certifications
  • IBM Certified Data Engineer – Big Data
  • IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data

What is Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) Certification?

Cloudera is one of the top companies that provide enterprise data cloud products, tools, and services. The company uses open-source Big Data technologies such as Apache Spark, Hadoop, and so on to develop exceptional enterprise solutions. They also offer training, certifications, and resources to provide expertise on the Cloudera platform for individuals and enterprises. Visit this page to know more about Cloudera and its vision.

You can find the list of Cloudera certifications in the previous section. At the moment, the CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) is one of the popular and top Big Data certifications in the industry. The CCA 175 is an associate-level certification exam, so a little programming knowledge or relevant IT experience is sufficient to start with.

As the name of the certification indicates, you will learn how to develop applications using open-source technologies such as Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop software framework protocols. Also, you learn how to develop applications using the Scala programming language.

Who should take Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) Certification?

Completing the CCA 175 certification exam greatly benefits aspirants interested in getting into data analytics and the Big Data side. The certification has no prerequisites as such except a few nice-to-know factors, so this certification is treated as a professional add-on to professionals already working in IT or similar fields. Even if you come from a non-technical domain with proper fundamental training offered in this certification puts you on the same platform as your technical counterparts for Big Data. Finding the best course and materials beforehand is very much important.

Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) Exam Format

Essentially, the takeaway from this certification is to build technical competency using the powerful Cloudera platform. These technical skills allow you to solutions to real-time challenges faced by many enterprises.

You can expect 8 to 12 questions in the certification exam. To answer these questions you have to complete hands-on tasks on the Cloudera Enterprise cluster. This type of exam is an example of what is referred to as a performance-based exam.

The maximum time limit provided for this exam is exactly 120 minutes. You should complete the tasks within this stipulated time.

The minimum passing score for the certification exam is 70%. If you secure 70% or more in the exam, you would be officially a CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) certified professional.

The pricing of this examination is $295 (approx. INR 22,000), you can purchase the exam from this official page.

Sample Question from Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) Exam

We highly recommend you check some sample questions for the CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) certification exam. There many sites that provide sample questions with explanations and answers to give you an idea. Visit these websites: ITExams and certlibrary to go through some of the sample questions with explanations and answers.

Here is one sample question from ITExams for you to quickly glance through so that you would know what to expect in the actual exam.

Question: You need to implement near real-time solutions for collecting information when submitted in file with the below information.


  • echo “IBM,100,20160104” >> /tmp/spooldir/bb/.bb.txt
  • echo “IBM,103,20160105” >> /tmp/spooldir/bb/.bb.txt
  • mv/tmp/spooldir/bb/.bb.txt /tmp/spooldir/bb/bb.txt

After few mins:

  • echo “IBM,100.2,20160104” >> /tmp/spooldir/dr/.dr.txt
  • echo “IBM,103.1,20160105” >> /tmp/spooldir/dr/.dr.txt
  • mv/tmp/spooldir/dr/.dr.txt /tmp/spooldir/dr/dr.txt


  • You have been given below directory location (if not available then create it) /tmp/spooldir.
  • You have a financial subscription for getting stock prices from Bloomberg as well as
  • Reuters and using FTP you download every hour new files from their respective FTP site in directories /tmp/spooldir/bb and /tmp/spooldir/dr respectively.
  • As soon as the file committed in this directory that needs to be available in HDFS in /tmp/flume/finance location in a single directory.

Write a flume configuration file named flume7.conf and use it to load data in HDFS with the following additional properties.

  1. Spool /tmp/spooldir/bb and /tmp/spooldir/dr
  2. File prefix in HDFS should be events
  3. File suffix should be .log
  4. If the file is not committed and in use then it should have _ as a prefix.
  5. Data should be written as text to HDFS.

Answer: See the explanation for Step by Step solution and configuration.

  • Step 1 : Create directory mkdir /tmp/spooldir/bb mkdir /tmp/spooldir/dr
  • Step 2 : Create flume configuration file, with below configuration for agent1.sources = source1 source2 agent1 .sinks = sink1 agent1.channels = channel1 agent1 .sources.source1.channels = channel1 agentl .sources.source2.channels = channell agent1 = channell agent1 .sources.source1.type = spooldir agent1 .sources.sourcel.spoolDir = /tmp/spooldir/bb agent1 .sources.source2.type = spooldir agent1 .sources.source2.spoolDir = /tmp/spooldir/dr agent1 .sinks.sink1.type = hdfs agent1 .sinks.sink1.hdfs.path = /tmp/flume/finance agent1-sinks.sink1.hdfs.filePrefix = events agent1.sinks.sink1.hdfs.fileSuffix = .log agent1 .sinks.sink1.hdfs.inUsePrefix = _ agent1 .sinks.sink1.hdfs.fileType = Data Stream agent1.channels.channel1.type = file
  • Step 3: Run the below command which will use this configuration file and append data in HDFS.Start flume service:

    flume-ng agent -conf /home/cloudera/flumeconf -conf-file
    /home/cloudera/fIumeconf/fIume7.conf –name agent1

  • Step 4 : Open another terminal and create a file in /tmp/spooldir/
    • echo “IBM,100,20160104” /tmp/spooldir/bb/.bb.txt
    • echo “IBM,103,20160105” /tmp/spooldir/bb/.bb.txt mv /tmp/spooldir/bb/.bb.txt
    • /tmp/spooldir/bb/bb.txt

After few mins –

echo “IBM,100.2,20160104” /tmp/spooldir/dr/.dr.txt
echo “IBM,103.1,20160105” /tmp/spooldir/dr/.dr.txt mv /tmp/spooldir/dr/.dr.txt

CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) Online Course From Whizlabs

With over 100+ online courses, free tests, and practice tests Whizlabs also includes CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) online training in the catalog. There are about 15 other online courses available on Whizlabs for different Big Data certifications.

The CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) online course contains 15+ hours of video content with 97 lectures. The online course has 9 primary sections that cover all the topics for the exam with an in-depth explanation. It has exhaustive coverage of all the topics crucial for this certification exam. You can purchase the course from this page and start preparing for the CCA 175 exam seamlessly. Upon purchasing the course you get unlimited access to the course materials.

Required Skills for Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175)

As mentioned earlier, anyone can take up the certification exam without any strong requirements. However, if you have to complete the CCA 175 certification exam by securing a score of 70% or more then you must be thorough with the exam format and quite familiar with the platform. Navigate to the Required Skills section on this official certification page to understand properly.

Salary of Spark and Hadoop Certified Developers

Globally the demand for Big Data professionals is exploding. The career growth on this side is lucrative and skill-packed.  On average in the US, Spark developers earn $120,000 and Hadoop developers earn $92,000. And the average earnings for Spark developers in India is INR 10,00,000 and for Hadoop developers is INR 850,000.

You can use this salary scale just as a reference, but what matters the most is the skills, knowledge, and experience from the certification. If you demonstrate these exceptionally when you get the opportunity, the salary can reach the maximum of what is offered in the industry.


Read the following FAQs from Whizlabs to get insights into what learners can anticipate from this online course. For a comprehensive list of FAQs navigate to the FAQs section on the course page.

For FAQs related to registration, scheduling, taking the exam, and post-exam queries check this official FAQs section on Cloudera.

Q: What is inside the CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer training course?

Ans: The Whizlabs CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) certification training course includes around 15+ hours of training videos with engaging content regarding the exam objectives. Learners would find comprehensive coverage of all exam topics in the training course with a total of 97 lectures. With the efforts and dedication of qualified instructors, the lectures in the training course are highly insightful and interactive.

The CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) certification training course on Whizlabs comes with unlimited access. You can access the course on your PC or Mac devices as well as your iPhone or Android smartphone anywhere, anytime you want to learn.

Q: What is the validity of the CCA 175 certification?

Ans: The CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer certification (CCA 175) by Cloudera is valid for two years.

Q: What are the abilities validated in the CCA 175 certification exam?

Ans: The CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer or CCA 175 certification exam tests the skills, knowledge, and abilities of candidates in the following areas.

Conversion of a set of data values in any particular format, which is stored in HDFS, to new data values or new data format and then write them to HDFS.

Utilizing Spark SQL for programmatic interaction with metastore in your applications alongside generating reports by leveraging queries for loaded data.

Practical skills for addressing all aspects of solutions to generate results rather than being limited to writing code only.

Q: What are the benefits of CCA 175 certification for my career?

Ans: The CCA 175 certification emphasizes the most significant basic concepts related to Spark and Hadoop ecosystems. Cloudera CCA175 certification is one of the requirements of many employers for corresponding to the job role. The certification helps you improve your Hadoop expertise while proving your existing skills and knowledge of Hadoop.

Q: I am a non-technical person/ fresher; can I take the CCA175 certification exam?

Ans: Yes, you can take the CCA175 certification exam without any technical background as the exam does not have any prerequisites. However, you need the right training and practice to ensure that you qualify on the first attempt.

Q: What is the average salary of a Certified Spark and Hadoop Developer?

Ans: According to Indeed, the average annual salary of a Big Data Spark professional is approx.. $93,454 for the role of a developer and $129,422 for the role of a data engineer.

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