5 Must Read PMP Certification Books in 2017

Project Managers with PMP certification receives an average of $90,000 annually as their starting package.

If you are looking for best PMP books and PMP study guide, here is a list of most efficient and up-to-date study materials which are aligned with the Fifth Edition of the PMBOK Guide and the PMP Exam Content.

When to target PMP - PMBOK5 or PMBOK6?

Best PMP Books

On the basis of content covered, reliability, and up-to-date content for the latest exam format, we have come up with a comprehensive list of top 10 PMP Books.

1. PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition 

Anybody preparing for the PMP exam should definitely go through the Project Management  Institute’s (PMI) A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK Guide –  Fifth Edition. This official test preparation resource is considered as the bible for the project manager and no list of the best PMP books can miss mentioning this resource.

 The book offers extensive coverage of project management knowledge areas, process groups,  and inputs and outputs. As the book is published by the industry expert who sets the standard for  PMP, it is obvious that the book will be thorough. However, the book lacks clarity and readability. You will not find the strategic advice and insider tips on test-taking that are quite common on other PMP certification materials. It is more like a reference book.

To get the best study material in your hand, you should supplement it with one or more of the PMP study guides. Overall, the PMBOK Guide remains a clear must-have for every PMP test-taker.

2. Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep, 8th Edition 

A best-seller and recommended by many project managers, Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep is one of the best PMP books on the market right now. The book contains a real PMP study guide classic that is both accessible and encompassing at the same time.

 The book is particularly remarkable for its ability to convey all relevant PMP exam material in a focused and efficient manner.

 To know the information on passing the exam, you can flip through the book and get tips from author’s numerous interviews and experience with PMP test-takers. There is no irrelevant subjects and points in the book. Rather, the book is highly thoughtful along with an ample number of practice questions and tips.

The book has outlined the project management framework and is voluminous with over 600 pages written in an easily accessible style.

3. The Velociteach All-In-One PMP Exam Prep Kit

 Having some of the most powerful PMP study materials for aspiring project managers, The  Velociteach All-In-One PMP Exam Prep Kit is one of the best PMP books present. Andy Crowe,  the author, is a successful book author as well as the founder of Velociteach, a well-known PMP  test prep, and training provider.

 This self-study kit includes Crowe’s highly rated ‘The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First  Try.” The aim of this exam prep kit is to teach test-takers all the knowledge in terms of test- taking and substance strategy which is crucial to take and pass the exam with confidence.

The book combines thorough discussion of the material along with practice questions and exercises to reinforce your knowledge. You will understand the logic behind PMP exam questions and materials via this book. Also, the kit includes the PMP Exam Quick Reference Guide which is a laminated card including essential information. These PMP Exam Flashcards helps in quick review and memorization. Additionally, there is a shorter review of the exam on the basis of a book and set of audio CDs which is essential for refining and polishing your skills.

This book is definitely an excellent bundle of effective PMP certification materials.

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4. McGraw-Hill’s PMP Project Management Professional Exam

 Published by McGraw-Hill Education, PMP Project Management Professional Exam is an important material for those who are looking for the most reliable PMP books on the market.

 Written by Henrique Moura, XPM Consulting, an experienced Project Management  Professional, the book is based on latest techniques and methods. The author of the book has delivered PMP courses and management training across the globe. Moura was also a member of the volunteer team that developed the latest edition of the PMBOK.

 The deep understanding of the author in the PMP exam has helped the book to shine and greatly assist the readers in preparing for their success.

One of the strengths of this PMP guide is its blending of practical and theoretical aspects along with the combination of accurate coverage and a user-friendly approach.

5. Head First PMP

 The Head First PMP book: A Brain-Friendly Guide is a fascinating alternative approach to studying for the PMP exam. One can use this book in addition to the latest edition of the  PMBOK Guide and other mainstream books.

 The main feature of this book that discrete it from other PMP books is an innovative multi-sensory approach to learning the PMP certification materials. The book claims to be more fun and more effective than other test prep courses or materials as it more stimulating to ensure that it makes easier to remember.

The book relies on a variation of gamification and visual learning instead of the commonly encountered text heavy approaches. Thus, the book not only adds graphics and visual aids but also has usual exam strategies, practice questions, games, and puzzles. The author uses entertaining illustrations, case studies and breezy writing style which makes the book fun!

Head Start for PMP exam preparation is an innovative guide especially for visual learners so go on if you don’t like reading black and white pages!


You can choose the books on the basis of your requirements. For instance, for those who need a full-fledged reference book can go for PMBOK Guide whereas those who learn quickly via visual stimulation, games, and puzzles could choose Head First PMP Book. Therefore, the best book for you would depend on your needs.

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