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Azure Certification Exams Retiring in 2020

Microsoft Azure Certification Exams Retiring in 2020

If you are trying to establish a career in cloud computing, then you have many options at your disposal. The advantages of Microsoft Azure certifications, however, stand as a promising tool for developing your career. However, Microsoft retires Azure certification exams and introduces new exams as replacements with time. Therefore, if you are trying to achieve Microsoft Azure certification, then you have to obtain updated information regarding retired exams.

There is absolutely no promise in preparing for Azure certification exams retiring in 2020. The following discussion dives into all recent updates by Microsoft Azure regarding the certification exams it will retire in 2020. In addition, the discussion would reflect on the essential concerns that candidates have regarding the retirement of existing Microsoft Azure certifications. 

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Which Azure Certification Exams are Retiring in 2020?

Diving head-on into the latest updates announced by Microsoft Azure is the first step to find the Microsoft Azure certification exams that will retire in 2020. The new exams introduced by Azure include AZ-104, AZ-204, AZ-303, and AZ-304. In addition, the new update also brings AI-102 as a new addition to the Azure certification model in 2020.

Therefore, candidates can expect significant changes in topics they have to cover for certification exams for different Microsoft Azure jobs. Many candidates might be right in the middle of their preparations for the exams that are about to retire. However, you should take note of the information presented below to calm down. It is very important that you know that all opportunity is not lost. 

According to the updates by Microsoft Azure, the following Azure certification exams will retire in 2020. First of all, the Azure Administrator exam, AZ-103, would become AZ-104. The Azure Developer exam, AZ-203, would become AZ-204. The Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect exam, AZ-300, would become AZ-303.

The Azure Architect Design exam, AZ-301, would become AZ-304. In addition, the Azure AI Engineer exam, AI-100, would become AI-102 after the update. Most important of all, candidates should note that Microsoft will be announcing new updates very soon about the retirement of existing certification exams and the availability of the new exams. 

Candidates should note that the new Azure certification exams in 2020 will be available in the beta stage for 90 days. Microsoft Azure follows a phased release schedule with the new exam and the old exam available concurrently for 90 days. After completion of the 90-day period, all the new updated Azure exams would go live. Aspiring candidates should know that the existing certification exams have been extended until June 2020. 

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Reasons for Retiring Azure Certifications 

Now, you might be wondering about the reasons for which Microsoft retired certifications and brought new ones. 

  • First of all, you have to note that Microsoft Learning implements a continuous review of existing and future certifications. This is important for Microsoft to ensure that the certifications it offers align effectively with the latest Microsoft technologies.
  • The updates in the certifications are also ideal for mirroring the technologies Microsoft Azure certified professionals use in their job. To make Azure certifications more specific to the job role, Microsoft keeps on updating the exam objectives, so the exam.
  • Another formidable reason for retiring certification exams is that the Azure certification exams retiring in 2020 have certain duplicate objectives. As a matter of fact, objectives covered in one certification appear in other certifications. This indicates a clear deviation from the basic precedent of Azure’s role-based certification model.

Therefore, Microsoft retires the Azure certifications for streamlining and allocating exam objectives to different role-based certifications properly. Subsequently, candidates aspiring for a particular Azure-related job role would establish their proficiency in skills and abilities for the concerned role. 

For example, developer or administrator questions in the AZ-300 and AZ-301 Azure certification exams, suitable for Azure Solution Architects. Removal of such questions and the introduction of newly updated certification exams help candidates have a seamless Azure certification experience. 

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Don’t Panic, Go Ahead with the Exams!

Many candidates who have already started their preparations for the existing Azure certifications would have many doubts. First of all, they may have doubts regarding the outcomes of their dedicated efforts. The news of many exams in the Microsoft certification roadmap 2019 retiring in 2020 is shocking for many candidates worldwide. So, what is the next course of action in such a scenario for the candidates?

The first thing that you and every candidate can do easily is not to worry, and it would not be very difficult. Candidates should know that the new exams will be available in the beta stage, and the existing exams won’t be stopped abruptly. On the other hand, the phased release schedule of Azure certification exams can work to your advantage.

For example, if you have been preparing for the AZ-103 exam, then you can be sure of the fact that the exam will not retire until June 2020. So, if you have started your preparation for the exam, then there is no reason to panic. If candidates feel that they have prepared adequately for the Microsoft certification exams to be retired in 2020, then the best course of action would be to go ahead.

The good news for candidates is that their certification will also have a validity of 2 years, and they can recertify. Candidates should also note that taking the new exams will only differ in terms of the certifications which have a different badge. The different badge is the indicator of the candidate’s fluency in updated technology on Microsoft Azure. 

  • Advantages of New Azure Certifications

So, do I get any additional advantage from the new Azure certification exams in 2020? The benefits of validating your updated expertise and maintaining relevance with your desired Azure cloud job role with the new Azure certification model are pretty clear. However, you also have the most noticeable advantage of registering for the new Azure certification exams at a heavily discounted price.

Since the new Azure certifications such as AZ-104, AZ-204, AZ-303, and AZ-304 will be available in the beta stage for 90 days, you can avail the exams at an 80% discount. However, it is very important to register early for the beta versions of the exams if you want to fetch such discounts. 

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  • Drawbacks of the New Azure Certifications

One of the most important factors that candidates should keep in mind regarding the new Azure certification exams is that they also have certain downsides. For the time in which the new certification exams are in the beta stage, it is very difficult to find the study materials for the updated content in the exam’s syllabus.

As a matter of fact, even official Microsoft Azure documentation would not be capable enough of helping you out with preparations. Candidates will have to experience many difficulties in their preparations for the new certification exams. Actually, you will have to find everything starting from study materials and ideal learning resources to the proper platforms to avail of training for the exam.

Furthermore, you don’t get the results in beta exams quickly, like in the regular certification exams. In addition, it is also highly essential for candidates to have strong competences in the understanding of Azure and the Cloud. Without abilities in these areas, it is practically unreasonable to appear for the new beta exams by Microsoft Azure. 

Choose the Best Online Certification Training for Preparation

Now that the changes have already been announced, candidates will have to go for the new Azure certification exams at some of the other points. Moreover, the uncertainty associated with a new exam can be very overwhelming for candidates. Some may even think of postponing their plans for certification.

However, you can always overcome all the obstacles and emerge a winner despite all odds. Most important of all, you don’t have to worry about preparing for new Azure certification exams. On the contrary, your focus should be on the selection of ideal measures that can help you prepare for the exams.

There is no reason for delaying the advancement of a career when you can access promising opportunities for earning the new Azure certifications with ease. Here is the best pointer that you should keep in mind to score big at the new certification exams.

First of all, you could always rely on a trustworthy online certification training provider that can help you with your preparations. Millions of successful cloud professionals have used online training courses and practice tests for qualifying Azure certification tests. Candidates can rely on such platforms for the best expert guidance on all important topics for the exam.

In addition, the training courses on these platforms can help you even with topics covered in the new beta exams. In the long run, you can also check such platforms Whizlabs for credible guidance regarding preparations for the complete new Azure certification exams

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Are You Ready Now for New Azure Certifications?

The recent update by Microsoft Azure regarding changes in the Microsoft certification roadmap with the retirement of many existing certifications shows the commitment of Microsoft to maintaining technological relevance. The new certification model would test the skills of candidates in updated technologies.

However, candidates don’t have to worry about the changes introduced by Microsoft in the Azure certification path. There have been many changes in Azure certifications in the past. For example, the AZ-103 exam came into existence with the retirement of two exams i.e. AZ-101 and AZ-102 on May 1, 2019. The difficulty will obviously increase because of the introduction of new topics.

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Leave your worries aside and focus on your preparations and future career goals right now!      

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