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Azure AZ-500 Practice Tests

Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-500: Practice Tests Launched

Receiving a number of positive feedback on our existing certification training courses makes us feel proud. On the continuous demand, we keep on adding new training courses and practice tests in the existing list. Today, as a result of regular requests, we are happy to announce the launch of AZ-500 practice exams. This set of AZ-500 practice tests will help you to check your preparation level and thus will make you fully confident for the exam.

Azure AZ-500 practice tests have been prepared by our industry experts to help you in your AZ-500 exam preparation. You can check your preparation on the different domains of the exam and can work on your weak areas. In this way, practice tests help you know the level of your readiness for the real exam, so you could pass the exam in the first attempt.

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Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

Microsoft Azure AZ-500 exam is the ideal choice for an individual who wants to pursue a career in Azure security. The exam is fit for professionals in the roles of security engineers with capabilities for controlling security services and features on the Microsoft Azure platform. With the launch of AZ-500 practice tests, students will now be able to prepare effectively for the exam.

The best thing about AZ-500 exam is that it is one of the role-based Azure certification exams. So, professionals with specialization in cloud development, solutions architecture, system administration, or even DevOps engineering can opt for this exam. Our AZ-500 mock exam will provide a feasible platform to the candidates to test their knowledge of different topic areas.

Requirements for the Azure AZ-500 Exam

Candidates should take note of certain requirements before starting AZ-500 exam preparation. If you want to become a Microsoft Azure Security Engineer, then make sure that you fulfill the following requirements.

  • Expertise in scripting and automation skills.
  • Comprehensive awareness of cloud capabilities.
  • Deep knowledge of networking, cloud N-tier architecture, and virtualization.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Azure products and services as well as other Microsoft products and services.

If you are thinking to take Azure AZ-500 exam, then keep in mind that there is no prerequisite for this certification exam.

Preparing for Azure AZ-500 certification exam? Follow this comprehensive guide for Azure AZ-500 exam preparation and get ready to pass the exam.

Details on AZ-500 Exam Information

Whizlabs AZ-500 practice tests aim at resembling the format of actual AZ-500 exam. As you know, there is no prerequisite exam or certification to appear for AZ-500 certification exam, you can directly appear for this exam. You should start your AZ-500 exam preparation with a comprehensive awareness of examination details. Even though AZ-500 practice tests can help in knowing the examination details better, a head start wouldn’t hurt, would it?

The AZ-500 exam would have almost 40 or 60 questions based on the topics in the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies study guide. You can also find Whizlabs AZ-500 practice tests focusing on each subtopic in different domains for AZ-500 exam. Candidates should also know that they can get questions in the multiple-choice and multiple-select format in the examination. The duration of AZ-500 exam is 210 minutes (although it is not displayed on the official certification page). Therefore, the default language for the exam could be English. The registration fee for the AZ-500 exam is USD 165.

Azure Exam AZ-500 Basic Information

Certification Name

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

Exam Code




Number of questions

40 – 60 questions (Multiple-choice and Multiple-select)

Registration Fee

$165 USD

Exam Duration

210 minutes (including labs)

Domains Covered in the Azure AZ-500 Exam

Candidates should follow the AZ-500 exam objectives for identifying the particular areas that will present many questions in the exam. Considerable awareness of the exam objectives can help in planning your preparation schedule for the AZ-500 exam. The AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies covers the following domains.

Azure AZ-500 Exam Objectives

Skills Measured

Percentage Weight

Identity and access management


Implementing platform protection


Security operations management


Data and application security


We have dedicated Support Center and Discussion Forum where you can submit your queries related to AZ-500 exam, our experts will get back to you in no time.

Whizlabs Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Practice Tests

AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies certification exam is one of the recent additions in the Azures role-based certification model. Whizlabs brings you extensive AZ-500 practice tests to help you evaluate your preparation for the final examination. Allow us to describe some of the interesting highlights of the Whizlabs AZ-500 practice tests.

The Microsoft Azure AZ-500 practice tests on Whizlabs have the following features.

  • Three full-length mock tests with 165 different questions.
  • Practice tests tailored according to the exam objectives.
  • A comprehensive explanation for every question.
  • Detailed reports after the exam for evaluating strengths and weaknesses.
  • Unlimited lifetime access.

Candidates could also avail AZ-500 free test on Whizlabs for practice. The free tests on Whizlabs are available for instant access, and they are ideal instruments to known about Whizlabs’ actual practice tests. You can find 15 questions in the AZ-500 free test on Whizlabs in a practice exam format. Candidates can appear immediately for the practice tests online and get reports delivered within a few minutes.

The Microsoft Azure AZ-500 practice tests by Whizlabs involve questions from all relevant domains in the official study guide for AZ-500. Furthermore, the interesting thing is that candidates could find the distribution of questions from different domains, in the format, similar to the actual exam. Most important of all, the duration of the exam is not publicly known but as we have a team of certified professionals, the exam duration is 210 minutes.

Therefore, practice tests can help in sharpening your skills in answering questions correctly within limited periods. Also, candidates could observe their strengths and weaknesses in the exam topics before the real exam. Another interesting highlight of Whizlabs practice tests is the cost-effective pricing which can suit the budget of any aspiring candidate.

So, Are You Ready to Pass the Azure AZ-500 Exam?

You should immediately catch hold of AZ-500 practice tests by Whizlabs once you are done with your preparation. Do not forget to follow the official study guide for AZ-500 that you can find easily on Microsoft’s official website. The test reports for the practice tests could help you in tracking your performance levels after each test.

As a result, you can exactly find the topic areas that you experience difficulties with. So, you can take the necessary steps for investing more efforts in your weaknesses and improving them before the final exam. If you want to make a successful attempt at the real AZ-500 exam, then AZ-500 mock exam can help you!

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