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A passionate IT professional, Sparsh Goyal boasts of 4.3+ years of experience. He has worked for various projects under AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Spring Boot, Python, Microservices, RESTful, RESTFUL APIs/SOAP, Scripting, Shell and JAVA. He is also working towards gaining proficiency in Oracle Cloud PaaS, DevOps, SaaS and Docker/Kubernetes. His primary and secondary skills validate his relentless pursuits of expanding his horizon and developing more as an IT person. He boasts of the following certifications: *Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer. *AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Associate. *Oracle certified JAVA programmer.

PMP vs CAPM vs PRINCE2 – Which One’s Right for you?

PMP, CAPM & PRINCE2 are three certifications in the field of Project Management. All three has its own uniqueness and focus with which one can take it up. It’s always a difficult choice to choose among a set of certifications and get clear picture or guidance on which one will suit well. One important point which is common and drives certifications is, it triggers the career aspects and salary for the professionals. That’s the very reason why professionals spend their time and money to acquire these certifications/credentials on their name. Let’s discuss and understand different facets of PMP, CAPM and […]

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Understanding the Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS) for PMP Preparation

We are publishing series of articles on PMP topics to help the PMP exam preparation. One of the critical and most important concept in preparing for the PMP exam is Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS). In this article we are going to explain you Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS). TRY NOW : 50 PMP Practice Questions Access our 487 mins Self-Study Training (Get 35 contact hours certificate) What is RBS? Risk Breakdown structure (RBS) is a hierarchical representation of risks according to their risk categories. It do have different levels similar to Work Breakdown Structure which makes RBS a very strong tool for

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Top Reasons to get Six Sigma Certified

The value of six application step let’s talk about this because there’s a difference between learning six sigma and getting certified if you just want to go under certification thing you could probably go to the cheapest provider out there and attend the class has the task you will have a certification that you can then hang on long. But if you really want to get the value out of this let me give you a few tips. What to look for and what first of all understand six sigma is kind of like the Wild West it really is

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5 Must Read PMP Certification Books in 2017

Project Managers with PMP certification receives an average of $90,000 annually as their starting package. If you are looking for best PMP books and PMP study guide, here is a list of most efficient and up-to-date study materials which are aligned with the Fifth Edition of the PMBOK Guide and the PMP Exam Content. TRY our free exam on PMP certification Best PMP Books On the basis of content covered, reliability, and up-to-date content for the latest exam format, we have come up with a comprehensive list of top 10 PMP Books. 1. PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition  Anybody preparing for

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Top 7 Reasons to Get PMP Certified

To be able to work as a project manager, you need to pay careful attention to details, have good hands-on training, and credibility. Said that, planners and managers in project management roles usually find themselves unable to prove themselves beyond their roles as project managers. Therefore, to meet the ever-increasing demand for a predictable, streamlined measure of ensuring the credibility of a project manager, PMP (Project Management Professional) certification was created. What is PMI? PMI (Project Management Institute) is the world’s leading not for profit professional membership association for the portfolio management profession, program, and project. The institute was established

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What is Lean Software Development?

Lean Software Development : The boom in the automotive industry in Japan in 1980s alarmed the need to follow the lean product development approach for better productivity at a lesser cost. Lean software development originated from a popular book by Tom and Mary Poppenieck that translates lean manufacturing principles to software development. The principles behind lean software development follow the principles of ‘Just in Time production’ launched by Toyota. The lean software development might be considered a subset of lean product development; certainly the principles that define lean product development are the same principles that form the basis of lean software development. These have

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How to prepare for PMI-ACP® Certification?

PMI-ACP® certification is well known agile certification. Among the many other certifications available currently in the market, PMI-ACP® has its edge due to wider coverage of content and PMI assurance. As most of the organizations are moving towards agility, gaining an agile certification is more or less must these days. TRY NOW : Whizlabs Free Test for PMI-ACP exam? BUY NOW : Whizlabs Practice Test for PMI-ACP exam? Dynamics of market are changing at such a fast pace that adaptability to new ways of work is must. In this blog we shall be covering the things needed for PMI-ACP® certification

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Top reasons to get PMI ACP® Certified

In today’s dynamic market environment Agile is the way to work. There are so many different school of thoughts in the market that makes it difficult for anyone to choose among a lot of certifications available in market. Definitely to be up to the market trends one needs to be aware about what is up, with the recent happenings and also what market demands are as part of new career growth opportunities. Agile certifications has been hot in market these days due to organizations moving towards agility. Clients want the working software quickly. There is dynamics in market which makes

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What is Extreme Programming in Agile Software Development?

The agile software development is an umbrella containing a set of methods and ways to achieve the principles mentioned under the Agile Manifesto. All these methodologies abide by the principles of frequent collaboration between the teams, frequent delivery to the client, self-motivation etc. The methodologies currently being followed are Extreme programming(XP) Dynamic System development method(DSDM) Scrum Agile modelling Agile unified Process Agile Data method Essential Unified Process(Ess UP) Feature Driven Development Open Unified Process(Open UP) Lean Software Development Crystal Methods. Selecting what methodology to use depends on what the project is. There should be a proper thought process on how

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What is Value-Driven Delivery in the agile world?

What is value? We need to define what a value is before dwelling into how to go about value driven delivery in the agile software development. The value could be defined in terms of monetary benefit, compliance adherence, an answer to the competition in the market etc. The term value can differ for each client based on what the client is expecting the product/software to accomplish. The end product of a project is a value to the customer. In the agile way of project management, always the requirements are prioritized based on what adds more value to customer delivery. For

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