Author name: Sparsh Goyal

A passionate IT professional, Sparsh Goyal boasts of 4.3+ years of experience. He has worked for various projects under AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Spring Boot, Python, Microservices, RESTful, RESTFUL APIs/SOAP, Scripting, Shell and JAVA. He is also working towards gaining proficiency in Oracle Cloud PaaS, DevOps, SaaS and Docker/Kubernetes. His primary and secondary skills validate his relentless pursuits of expanding his horizon and developing more as an IT person. He boasts of the following certifications: *Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer. *AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Associate. *Oracle certified JAVA programmer.

Business Needs & Value realization

Business Needs & Value realization It is the basic quality required with every PM, which he should first understand why a project is being undertaken and performed, what is expected from the project? How the value is realized after project completion? …etc., without having such understanding, a PM cannot guide or direct project teams. This article will give you a start to think in those terms and better execute the project. Projects are initiated due to internal Business needs or external influences. These needs or influences often trigger the creation of needs analysis, feasibility study, business case, or description of …

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Project/Program/Portfolio in PMI Terms

What is a Project? Scenario: Suppose your boss comes to you in morning and said “There is some issue in the system, can you check what is wrong with this and fix it?”  Is this is a project? No, because if you don’t know what has to be done, if you don’t know what is wrong then how can you fix it. To know what the project is you have to see the characteristics of a project. A TEMPORARY Endeavor Created a UNIQUE product or service or result. UNIQUE means deliverables are different in nature and may be tangible or …

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Mindset required for Project Managers

“Leaders are born, not made”, is a statement what every one of us would have heard or used at least once. Those were the days when so called leadership traits, skills were rarely seen and in fact a few are seen in a century. Is that because the rest of the people don’t possess those qualities or because they have not exhibited them inspite of having those qualities? Of course that is not our area of interest, but leadership traits, certainly yes. Leader and Manager are two terms when used are understood as synonyms. Whatever the industry we are in, …

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PMP Study Notes Series

PMBOK speaks about project management practices and standards in 5 Project Management Process Groups and 10 knowledge areas. All the project management process groups have all or some knowledge areas used or all the Knowledge areas were used in all or some process groups. Sorry, if it is confusing, but to keep it short, you can start preparing on process groups or on knowledge areas whichever is easy for you. On the first or second day of reading you should be able to make a decision which path to take, either start with process groups or with knowledge areas. Don’t …

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Detailed Explanation of PMBOK 4 vs PMBOK 5

Change in Fifth Edition PMBOK® Guide The purpose of this document is to give a detailed explanation of the changes made to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)-Fourth Edition to create the PMBOK® Guide-Fifth Edition. PMBOK5 1.1 Project Management Plan and Its Subsidiary Plans To improve consistency and aid clarity around the various subsidiary plans that make up the overall project management plan, four planning processes were added: Plan Scope Management, Plan Schedule Management, Plan Cost Management, and Plan Stakeholder Management.These changes bring back the scope planning process from the Third Edition and add three …

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