Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (DA-100) Certification - Practice Test Launched

Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (DA-100) Certification – Practice Test Launched

Are you dealing everyday with piles of digital data which is absolutely useless and moreover is confusing your organisation and preventing it to come into the road of sense? This is the exact situation where the brilliant minds of Microsoft introduce Microsoft BI. Whizlabs is here to take another step and introduce the practice tests for this software course certification after innumerable requests and emails received by our staff. We are proud to present you a platform which will help you have an actionable insight on data. It’s taken our researchers and course builders a toll to find the basics of Microsoft and dig into it. 

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Power BI, built on the foundation of Microsoft Excel, is the umbrella term for a collection of cloud-based apps and services that enable businesses to capture, process, and analyse data from a variety of sources using a simple user interface. Power BI essentially gathers and processes data, transforming it into understandable observations through the use of visually appealing and simple-to-understand charts and graphs. This enables users to create and share simple and actionable snapshots of what’s going on in their business. 

Watch a demo here: Microsoft Power BI Demo

Components of Power BI include:
  • Power Query which is a tool which combines and enhances data from different sources. 
  • Power Pivot is a data modelling tool offered by Power BI through which you can make models out of your base. 
  • Power View is a tool that specializes in the visualization of your data. It provides you with interactive charts, maps and other visuals. 
  • Power Map is one of the most fascinating tools till now because of its 3D feature. Your models won’t just be models, they will be cool 3D models.



A certification is a great place to start if you want to add some value to your resume. Being certified will also help you earn more money. The DA-100 certification test is a good place to start if you want to jump start the process. It’s a Microsoft mid-level certification aimed at people looking for entry-level employment in the information technology sector. 

You will need to develop skills in

  •     Use of the software.
  •     Modelling your data through software.
  •     Visualizing data through software. 

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Weightage of skills

  •     Consuming and Transforming data – 20-25%
  •     Modelling and visualizing – 45-50%
  •     Dashboard handling and reporting – 25-30%


This exam necessitates a significant time and effort commitment. To pass the test, you must be reliable and determined. In addition, when studying, you must use true and authentic sources. Whizlabs provides you with a study guide to assist you and test series with application based questions in passing the exam with great gusto.

The test prepared by us includes topics like: Connecting to data source, data source settings, Microsoft dataverse, PBIDS, Dataflow using XMLA, Inconsistency solutions, value replacements, table structures, name conventions, role playing dimensions, cross-filter direction, security roles and the uses and application of DAX.

The practice plays a very important role in demanding consistency and determination. Whizlabs provide you with the most probable.


Reports and insights based on a company’s data are generated using Microsoft Power BI. Power BI will bind to a variety of data sources and “cleans up” the information it receives so that it can be more easily consumed and understood. This data can then be used to produce reports and graphics that can be shared with other users. 

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Power BI allows users not only to see what has occurred in the past and what is occurring now, but also to understand what might occur in the future. Machine learning algorithms are built into Power BI, allowing it to spot patterns in data and use those anomalies to make educated judgments and run “what if” scenarios.


What we have observed through talking to many IT executives is that most of the companies are looking for reporting power. They want analytics and want to show their muscle to inter-staff. This muscle can only be shown by the business intelligence software. Firms can use Power BI to gather, analyse, and visualize data from across the organisation, giving them a better understanding of their activities and results and helping them to make better decisions based on available information. 

  •     You will be able to provide your firm with huge quantities of data through Power BI and process it in a jiffy. 
  •     You will analyse the data faster than your co-workers using built in machine learning features. 
  •     While others will struggle and finish sorting their data, you will provide your executives with educated predictions.
  •     Your PowerPoints and reports will have visual templates which will help people understand your data.
  •     You will have an edge over the others due to the intelligent capabilities Whizlab will inculcate through Microsoft Power BI. 
  •     Intuitive interface makes it user friendly. 
  •     Massive data security.


While business intelligence products are typically the domain of business analysts and data scientists, Power BI should be used by a wide variety of people within a company due to its user-friendly nature. Not every company would have the resources or need for a full-time data whiz. As a result, divisions of the company use Power BI as a self-service platform to check on progress and send in reports.

Power BI reports on almost anything because it operates with whatever data you give it. Finance, marketing, sales, information technology, human resources, and operations are among the divisions that use it the most. 


Specialization in Power BI can help you come through as Business Intelligence Architects. They intensively help develop data structures that organize and use sources efficiently. The BI Architect will come up with strategies to help an organisation make smarter, more strategic decisions and support more efficient results by managing and analyzing its data.

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Business analysts use Power BI all the time. The job necessitates a thorough understanding of business requirements as well as data skills in order to model and analyse data effectively. A Business Analyst’s primary objective is to create and recommend innovative business intelligence tools that will help companies get more value from their data. Report writing is often a large part of the job. 


1. Is the certification very difficult?

Its difficulty level is medium. The reason behind this is that there are various concepts that you will have to go through and know to apply them anywhere and everywhere.

2. How many questions will the exam contain and what are the passing marks?

The exam will have around 40 questions which will add up to 1000 marks. Out of 1000, 700 is the passing line. The questions can range from multiple choice to short and brief answers.

3. Which is the most important aspect that the student should have for this course?

The student should have a very good understanding of data analysation. They should be able to connect data sources and know what to do with it. implementation and application is what counts in this exam.

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