Blog News & Updates What’s New at Whizlabs: New Launches Oct, 2020
Whizlabs New Launches Oct 2020

What’s New at Whizlabs: New Launches Oct, 2020

We have been continuously striving to support the learning aspirations of IT professionals worldwide. Over the years, we have been launching new courses and at the same time, we are improvising the content of our training courses, hands-on labs, and practice tests. Our pursuits’ primary objective in improving learning resources emphasizesadapting to the diverse career goals and learning preferences of our beloved learners. We introduce new courses, hands-on labs, and practice tests every month across various categories. Let’s have a look at the Whizlabs new launches Oct 2020.

Rather than navigating through launch articles for every new Whizlabs offering, learners could easily find all the information about the newly launched courses and labs in a single place. The following article has been tailored with specific attention to help all learners explore all the new products launched this month. We have arranged the updates about new courses in different categories and a special category for hands-on labs.

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Courses Launched This Month

Whizlabs brings new online training courses for certification exams and specialization in certain skills regularly. Candidates can avail of exclusive features with Whizlabs training courses and learning resources such as expert support and unlimited access. Here is an outline of the courses Whizlabs has launched this month in different categories.

Cloud Computing Training Courses

Cloud computing has gained prominent recognition in recent times, with many notable tech giants looking for expert cloud computing professionals. The following new online courses can help candidates prepare effectively for cloud computing certifications specifically or develop cloud computing expertise in certain specializations.

  • Traffic Routing Services in Azure Training Course

Traffic Routing Services in Azure training course is a promising option for candidates preparing for Azure jobs. You can learn about the basic and advanced concepts related to Azure and Azure traffic manager traffic routing. The course will help you hone expertise in improving the responsiveness of cloud applications with Azure Traffic Routing services.

The course includes a total duration of 3 hours and 19 minutes in its training videos. Learners can invest their time wisely in the 34 lectures delivered by qualified instructors. You can find in-depth coverage of the following topics in this new training course by Whizlabs.

– Introduction to the course

– Azure Load Balancer

– Application Gateway

– Traffic Manager

– Azure Front Door

  • DP-201 Online Course

Whizlabs has always been a frontrunner in cloud computing certification training. The new training course for DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution certification exam is suitable for all aspiring Azure data engineers. Candidates could improve their expertise in skills for designing data processing solutions and data storage solutions. Candidates could also hone their knowledge for designing data security and compliance precedents in Azure solutions.

The DP-201 online course contains 4 hours and 7 minutes of training videos covering all the exam objectives. Interestingly, hands-on labs for supporting learning outcomes in each topic deliver promising advantages for all aspiring candidates. Here is an outline of the topics covered in the exam along with the lab exercises associate with each topic,

– Introduction to the course

– Exam information

– Selection of the right data solution

– Partitions and consistency levels in CosmosDB

– Read and Write regions in CosmosDB

– Replication strategy for storage accounts

– Clustered indexes on Azure Synapse Analytics

– Paired regions in Azure Stream Analytics

– Lambda Architecture

  • AI-100 Practice Tests

The practice tests of Whizlabs are tailored specifically to support all cloud computing certification aspirants’ preparation efficiency. The new AI-100 practice tests by Whizlabs focus on the Microsoft Azure AI-100: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution certification exam. The AI-100 practice tests are suitable for any individual aspiring for the role of Microsoft Certified AI Engineer Associate.

You can find two sets of full-length practice tests in this product, featuring 110 unique questions for the AI-100 certification exam. Candidates would benefit from detailed coverage for all exam objectives and reports for their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, candidates could prepare efficiently for the certification exam by testing their skills.

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  • AI-900 Practice Tests

Whizlabs has also introduced practice tests for the AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals certification exam this month. The practice tests help evaluate your expertise in the fundamentals of machine learning and artificial intelligence for qualifying for the AI-900 certification exam.

The AI-900 practice tests provide two sets of full-length mock exams with in-depth coverage of all exam objectives. You will find 110 unique questions to test your expertise across different skill areas evaluated in the exam. Like other Whizlabs practice tests, the AI-900 practice tests also offer reports on candidates’ strengths and weaknesses in results.

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DevOps Training Courses

DevOps has undoubtedly become a staple requirement for all enterprises involved in software delivery and has promising career potential. Therefore, candidates aspiring to improve their DevOps expertise and find solid career paths turn towards DevOps certifications and courses. Here is the newest addition to the list of DevOps learning resources on Whizlabs,

  • Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate Practice Tests

The Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate certification is a vital opportunity for all aspiring DevOps professionals. Terraform is the notable frontrunner among Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools with the capability for taking automation in DevOps to the next level. The Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate practice tests on Whizlabs help you test your infrastructure automation skills with Terraform.

Most importantly, the Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate practice tests give you a credible impression of your preparedness for the certification exam. Candidates can avail of two sets of practice questions with 60 questions in each set. The practice tests provide the striking benefit of simulating actual exam scenarios to familiarize candidates with the exam format.

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Cybersecurity Training Courses

Cybersecurity is the need of the hour for enterprises all over the world. The importance of cybersecurity has increased prominently in recent times, with rising complexities of threats to information security. Therefore, the demand for cybersecurity experts has been gaining attention in the IT labor market recently. Whizlabs has recently introduced the following online course to boost your cybersecurity career aspirations.

  • Kali Linux for Ethical Hackers and Pentesters

Ethical hacking and penetration testing have emerged as prolific solutions for various formidable cybersecurity threats. Ethical hacking and penetration testing take the notion of cybersecurity a step ahead by enabling cybersecurity professionals to think like hackers. Cybersecurity professionals could hack and exploit an enterprise’s existing information systems to find out potential vulnerabilities efficiently.

With Kali Linux serving as the ideal platform for ethical hackers and penetration testers, the demand for the Kali Linux training course has witnessed radical growth. The new Kali Linux for Ethical Hackers and Pentesters training course by Whizlabs provides the ideal learning resource.

You can use the course to explore the world of penetration testing and ethical hacking through Kali Linux. The training course contains training videos with a total duration of 5 hours and 50 minutes. You can find 49 insightful lectures by top industry experts and qualified instructors with engaging exercises for refined learning outcomes.

IT Ops Training Courses

The demand for careers in IT operations has endured many emerging trends in the IT labor market over the years. CompTIA is one of the recognized platforms for IT Ops certifications, and Whizlabs has recently launched learning resources for same. Here is an outline of the new CompTIA certification training courses on Whizlabs.

  • CompTIA A+ Online Course

The CompTIA A+ certification is suitable for candidates aspiring for roles in IT administration. Candidates have to qualify for two exams, such as 220-1001 and 220-1002, for achieving the CompTIA A+ certification. The new Whizlabs CompTIA A+ online course provides you comprehensive training materials for qualifying both exams in the certification track.

You will find training videos for both exams in CompTIA A+ certification, amounting to a total duration of 12 hours and 36 minutes. Candidates can also find almost 59 lectures in the Whizlabs CompTIA A+ online course, with trustworthy instructors. Here is an outline of the topics covered for each exam in the CompTIA A+ certification track,

CompTIA A+ 220-1001

– Overview of course
– Laptops
– Computer hardware
– Hard drives
– Display
– Specialized PC
– Printers and scanners
– Mobile Devices
– Printer troubleshooting
– Motherboards
– Firmware
– Virtualization
– Peripherals
– Networking
– Power supply units
– Demo 1
– Demo 2

CompTIA A+ 220-1002

– Operating systems
– Storage
– Windows install
– Windows deep dive
– Permissions
– Maintenance OS
– Command-line and shell
– Networking
– Mobile OS
– Mobile OS maintenance
– Security
– Professionalism
– Troubleshooting OS
– Troubleshooting Display

  • CompTIA Security+ Online Course

The CompTIA Security+ certification track contains only one certification exam with the code SY0-501. The Whizlabs CompTIA Security+ online course helps you improve efficiency for showcasing and proving your skills for addressing core and advanced security functions. If you aspire for a career in IT security, then the CompTIA Security+ certification is your ideal pick.

The training course contains training videos with a total duration of 4 hours and 41 minutes. Candidates can find 22 interesting lectures in the training videos with the Whizlabs CompTIA Security+ certification course. Here is an outline of the topics covered in this certification course,

– Overview of course
– Exam review
– Security architectures
– Secure coding
– Embedded
– Mobile security
– Penetration testing and scanning
– Physical security
– Identity and access
– Secure systems
– Data security

  • CompTIA Network+ Online Course

The CompTIA Network+ certification is suitable for any candidate aspiring for a career in network administration. The Whizlabs CompTIA Network+ online course provides the ideal resources to candidates for improving their skills for network configuration, troubleshooting, and management.

The training course includes training videos with a total duration of 6 hours and 52 minutes. You can learn from the best instructors and experts in the training course through 33 lectures covering all exam objectives. Here is an outline of the topics covered in the Whizlabs CompTIA Network+ online course to prepare for the N10-007 exam.

– Overview of course
– Exam review
– Monitoring
– Routing
– Hardening
– Troubleshooting
– Network devices
– Contingency
– Network attacks
– Security
– Wireless networks
– Network models
– Policies
– Network design
– Cabling
– Segmentation
– Ethernet
– Device ports and protocols
– Troubleshooting common network issues

Update on Hands-on Labs

Hands-on labs are instrumental for the development of expertise for candidates aspiring towards different technical job roles. Whizlabs offers over 100+ hands-on labs for different AWS and Azure certifications to help candidates prepare for performance-based questions. Recently, we have launched the following new labs for candidates.

  • AWS New Labs

AWS is the leading cloud service provider, thereby calling for the larger attention of cloud computing professionals. Apart from certification aspirants, professionals can also leverage our new hands-on labs for honing their AWS skills. We have launched the following AWS hands-on labs recently that are aligned with the AWS Certified Developer Associate (AWS CDA) and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer exam.

– Build API Gateway with path parameter and Query string parameter
– Introduction to AWS Step Functions

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  • Azure Labs

Microsoft Azure is also a strong contender among public cloud service providers with its innovative range of services. Therefore, many candidates turn towards Azure for a career in cloud computing. Whizlabs has launched the following new labs for Microsoft Azure to help certification aspirants and Azure professionals,

– Modifying a Storage Account and Setting Blob Container to Immutable inn Azure (AZ-104)
– Implement and Manage Storage (AZ-104)

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Further Updates

So, here’s all about the Whizlabs new launches Oct 2020, we will also keep you updated with new courses and learning resources arriving next month. For the time being, you can explore the updates in the existing courses. The syllabus of certification exams and technological trends keep changing. Certification aspirants need to tailor their preparations according to newly updated objectives.

Furthermore, IT and cloud professionals should also update their skills according to new technological trends. So, we frequently adds new questions in practice tests and training videos in online courses to keep your learning updated. As a result, learners never have to worry about falling back. Take a look at the newly launched courses along with the new questions and videos added recently in existing courses, as a part of the Whizlabs new launches Oct 2020.

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