Whizlabs Grand Sale 2020

Whizlabs Grand Sale 2020: Extended Till Jan 10th 2021

Missed the opportunity of getting exciting deals in the Whizlabs Grand Sale? Don’t worry! We have extended Whizlabs Grand Sale till 10th January 2021. So, you don’t have to regret about missing out on the offers of Whizlabs Grand Sale as in you were busy in enjoying the holiday season. Whizlabs Grand Sale is still on and would last till 10th January 2021. It definitely seems like a lot of time for you to make the most of the annual Whizlabs sale.

Whizlabs has been a dominant name in the domain of online certification training with a formidable command over different technology domains. Presently, we provide online training courses, practice tests, hands-on labs, and WhizCards to help multiple certification aspirants worldwide. Excited to know about the Whizlabs Grand Sale 2020? Read on to learn more!

Whizlabs Grand Sale is Still ON, Extended till 10th January 2021.

Don’t Miss, Grab the Amazing deals

Highlights of the Whizlabs Grand Sale 2020

  • Flat 50% Off on All Courses
  • Flat 20% Off on Premium Subscription
  • Flat 25% Off on Business Plan with Free Demo
  • Whizlabs Grand Sale Quiz Contest
  • Magic Box – Try My Luck
  • Retweet and Win Contest

What’s on the Menu in Whizlabs Grand Sale 2020?

We at Whizlabs, aim to surprise our community of learners with the startling offers in the Whizlabs Grand Sale. With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, we bring the annual Grand Sale in time for lifting up your spirits. Recently, we conducted the Black Friday Sale to celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving, and it was a great success in terms of spreading happiness.

Now, many professionals who could not capitalize on the offers during the Black Friday sale might be feeling left behind. The Grand Sale is the perfect chance for all such aspirants to get the hottest deal of the year.

Every year, we bring some offers and discounts on our courses and see what we’ll bring this time!

  1. The Whizlabs Grand Sale would feature offers such as a 50% flat discount on all Whizlabs courses. Users can just use the coupon code while checking out and get their favorite online training courses at half prices.
  2. The Grand Sale would also bring the offer of a 20% unconditional discount on the premium Whizlabs Subscription Plan. While the Whizlabs Subscription Plan is already available at a cost-efficient price of $99 USD, you can definitely bag a good deal on purchasing the subscription plan.
  3. If you want to avail the content of Whizlabs for team or business training initiatives, then the Grand Sale on Whizlabs presents a 25% flat discount on the Whizlabs Team/Business Plan.

No complicated forms, no additional information, no verification – just enter the coupon and get the discount. Quite simple, isn’t it?

It’s All About the Offers and Contests

Not only discount offers but Whizlabs Grand Sale also brings many other quirky additions alongside the crowd favorites of Grand Sales from previous years. The contests in the Grand Sale relies considerably on the involvement of users, and it invests adequate efforts for ensuring maximum participation and engagement of users.

So, you can find the fun and excitement of quizzes and unique contests in the Whizlabs Grand Sale. Let us take a look at the different contests that you can find in the Whizlabs Grand Sale 2020.

Social Media Quiz Returns as Top Highlight

Whizlabs Grand Sale is back with the Whizlabs Grand Sale Quiz this year again. The Grand Sale Quiz is a regular quiz event that is held across multiple social media channels. Whizlabs WhizQuiz will be available on all our social media channels i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The participants have to make sure that they answer questions in the Grand Sale Quiz on different social media platforms.

It is important to note that the more you participate in the Grand Sale Quiz, the more are your chances of winning. The questions in the quiz test the common technical knowledge of participants. However, the best highlight about the Grand Sale Quiz on Whizlabs during the year-end sale refers to the rewards. Whizlabs has planned the following prizes with the Grand Sale Quiz for 2020.

  • Whizlabs Course of Choice to 10 Winners
  • Whizlabs 1-Year Subscription to 5 Winners
  • Whizlabs 5-Year Subscription to 1 Lucky Winner

Yes, we’re glad to announce the launch of the Whizlabs 5-Year Subscription on the occasion of the Whizlabs Grand Sale. We are already known for the most-affordable training courses and this 5-year subscription will be the Super-Saver Premium Subscription plan for learners.

Priced at $199, this 5-year Whizlabs Subscription will be available at 20% off during the Whizlabs Christmas sale and the lucky winner of the Whizlabs Grand Sale Quiz Contest will get it Free. With the 5 years of subscription to Whizlabs learning resources, users will have limited restrictions in achieving their training and certification goals.

Answer maximum questions and increase your chances to become a lucky winner of WhizQuiz.

Discover Some Magic This Year

The next highlight in this year’s Grand Sale is the Magic Box on the website. The Magic Box is a great tool for catching the attention of inquisitive minds. All you have to do is open the website and find the Magica Box and when you do, just click on it. By clicking on the Magic Box, you will become a participant in the ‘Try Your Luck’ contest, where you will get some special gift. You would find an exciting gift by clicking on the magic box.

One luckiest winner will get the Bumper Prize i.e. iPad. So, just click on the magic box and find what it brings for you. It’s as simple as a simple mouse click. How amazing it is! Isn’t it?

Try Your Luck and see what the Magic Box brings for you. Try Now!

Retweet n Win Contest

Another new highlight in this year’s Grand Sale by Whizlabs is the ‘Retweet n Win’ contest, focused specifically on Twitter. There is no doubt about the popularity of Twitter as a social media platform among internet users across various user groups. So, you have to retweet a specific tweet of Whizlabs and wait for your lucky chance to win your prize.

Anyone could participate in the contest and get the chance to be the lucky winner. At the end of the sale, 2 lucky winners will be announced for the ‘Retweet n Win’ contest who will get $100 Amazon Gift Cards.

Get Ready to Grab Whizlabs Grand Sale 2020?

Most important of all, Whizlabs offers a perfect opportunity for all certification aspirants to access learning resources. At the same time, the element of interactivity with quizzes, contests, and rewards improves the appeal of the Grand Sale. The Whizlabs Grand Sale has been a tradition for Whizlabs every year during the time of Christmas and New Year. Although the year might have been difficult, it is important to recover and discover the opportunities that lie ahead.

The facility of unconditional discounts on online courses and subscription plans during the Grand Sale can help many professionals. At the same time, the different quizzes and contests could give your minds a tough competition and something fun. If you’re looking for the best Christmas or New Year gifts for yourself or your loved ones, Whizlabs Sale is the right time for you. Nothing could be a better gift than a better career!

So, add the desired courses to the cart and get ready for the Whizlabs Grand Sale 2020 to become the future-ready!

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