MS-102 Preparation Guide : Microsoft 365 Administrator

Are you eager to pursue the MS-102 certification? If it is yes, then you’re in the right place to kickstart your journey towards becoming a Microsoft 365 Administrator. The MS-102 exam is your gateway to mastering the skills needed for configuring, managing, and securing Office 365 workloads.

Within this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with vital information related to the MS-102 Certification. You’ll discover who should consider taking the MS-102 exam, the essential skills required for success, an overview of the exam itself, and details about valuable study resources. Toward the end, we’ll also share valuable tips to empower your preparation for the MS-102 exam. 

Let’s dive in!

Overview of MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator Certification Exam

MS-102 exam is an advanced level certification and it is the sole requirement to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Administrator Expert certification. It’s designed for Microsoft 365 experts who possess hands-on experience in deploying, maintaining, and managing Microsoft 365 environments, including components that extend beyond the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Candidates taking the MS-102 exam typically hold the role of Microsoft 365 administrator and they are responsible for deploying and overseeing Microsoft 365. They handle the implementation and administration of Microsoft 365 at the tenant level, covering both cloud-based and hybrid environments.

Microsoft 365 administrators serve as the central coordinators for all Microsoft 365 workloads, collaborating across various Microsoft 365 areas. They work closely with architects and fellow administrators responsible for aspects like workloads, infrastructure, identity, security, compliance, endpoints, and applications. Candidates preparing for this exam should have practical experience with all Microsoft 365 workloads and a good grasp of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), which is a part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security suite.

They should also have administered at least one of these workloads and possess working knowledge in areas such as networking, server administration, DNS, and PowerShell.

What are the skills measured in MS-102: Microsoft Administrator Certification exam?

By taking the MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator (beta) exam, you will gain knowledge and skills in various aspects of managing Microsoft 365, including organizational management, identity management, organization-wide security and compliance, and data governance within the Microsoft Office 365 environment. 

Successfully passing this exam will enable you to perform tasks such as configuring, managing, and securing Office 365 workloads. You will also be proficient in automating and orchestrating workloads using tools like Microsoft Intune and Windows PowerShell. In addition, passing the MS-102 exam will equip you with the ability to analyze and gain insights into the health of Microsoft 365 services and optimize their usage.

To be eligible to pass the MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator (beta) exam, you must meet certain criteria, which may include:

  1. Deploy and manage a Microsoft 365 tenant (25–30%): This domain covers concepts related to setting up and managing a Microsoft 365 tenant. You will learn about implementing and managing user accounts and groups, as well as overseeing roles within Microsoft 365.
  2. Implement and manage identity and access in Azure AD (25–30%): In this area, you will become proficient in managing identity and access using the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) platform, a crucial component of Microsoft 365.
  3. Manage security and threats using Microsoft 365 Defender (25–30%): You will learn how to handle security reports and alerts through the Microsoft 365 Defender portal. Additionally, you will discover methods to enhance email and collaboration protection using Microsoft Defender.
  4. Manage compliance with Microsoft Purview (15–20%): This domain focuses on understanding data protection mechanisms and becoming familiar with compliance activities through the use of Microsoft Purview.

Successfully completing this exam will demonstrate your expertise in administering Microsoft 365 and ensuring its security, compliance, and efficient operation.

Who should take the MS-102: Microsoft Administrator Certification Exam?

MS-102 Microsoft 365 Administrator (beta) exam was preferred by IT professionals who want to work with Microsoft Office 365 networks such as users, security, messaging, networking, applications, and devices, and engaged in activities like planning, configuring, and managing those networks.

MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator (beta) exam can also taken by the following job titles:

  • Microsoft 365 Administrators
  • Security Engineers
  • Desktop and Teams Administrators
  • Messaging Administrators
  • Security Administrators

What will you learn from the MS-102 Certification Exam?

The MS-102 exam is an advanced-level certification offered by Microsoft, and it serves as a validation of your expertise in Microsoft 365 administration. This certification confirms your ability to administer Microsoft 365 services and handle the implementation and administration of cloud and hybrid environments within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Importantly, the MS-102 exam has replaced the previous MS-100 and MS-101 exams. The primary objectives of the MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator exam are structured to provide learners with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills for effectively managing Microsoft 365 enterprise services. 

MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator certification covers various aspects, such as

  • Setting up and customizing Microsoft 365 tenants and services
  • Managing user identities, roles, and access
  • Deploying apps and data security tools
  • Understanding the threat protection
  • Data governance solutions
  • Configuring collaboration and mobility features

Once you pass the MS-102 certification, you can apply for the job roles you wish for.

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What are the prerequisites required for MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator Certification Exam?

The MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator (beta) exam doesn’t have specific formal prerequisites for passing it. However, having the following skills can provide valuable advantages:

  • Candidates should ideally have practical experience with Azure AD and Microsoft 365 workloads.
  • Strong networking skills are highly beneficial.
  • IT experience with Windows Server is recommended, as is hands-on experience using PowerShell for managing Office 365 and Azure Active Directory.
  • A clear understanding of cloud computing concepts is also valuable.

While the above skills are not mandatory, possessing these skills will enhance your readiness for the MS-102 exam.

What are the benefits of taking the MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator (beta) Exam?


Taking the MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator certification exam is a valuable opportunity to expand your expertise in overseeing Office 365 workloads, including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 Identity and Access, and Microsoft Teams.

Achieving the MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator (beta) certification brings forth several significant advantages:

  • Industry Acknowledgment: Attaining the MS-102 certification establishes you as a recognized Microsoft 365 Administrator, underscoring your competency and proficiency in managing Microsoft 365 services and environments. This certification carries weight with employers and peers in the IT sector.
  • Career Progression: Hoding Microsoft 365 Certification can unlock fresh career prospects and elevate your professional journey. It validates your mastery of Microsoft 365 administration, a highly sought-after skill within organizations utilizing Microsoft 365 services.
  • Validation of Technical Proficiency: Successfully passing the MS-102 exam showcases your technical capabilities and adeptness in configuring, managing, and resolving issues within Microsoft 365 services and environments. It provides employers with assurance regarding your competence in executing administrative tasks and handling complex scenarios within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.
  • Stay Current with Microsoft 365 Technologies: Preparing for and completing the MS-102 exam ensures that your knowledge and skills remain up-to-date with the latest features and functionalities in Microsoft 365. This empowers you to effectively leverage new capabilities and remain current in your role as a Microsoft 365 Administrator.

Taking MS-102 Certification not only enhances your knowledge but also reinforces your professional standing in the dynamic world of Microsoft 365 administration.

Top Companies Hiring MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator Certified Professionals

Some of the top companies are actively recruiting professionals with MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator certification such as Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant, Microsoft, and IBM. These MNC companies value their certification as it primarily focuses on Microsoft 365 admin roles and validates professional’s ability to control security, compliance, and productivity environments.

Domains covered in MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator Certification Exam

Domains covered in the MS-102 Exam such as:

Domain Weightage

Deploy and manage a Microsoft 365 tenant 


Implement and manage identity and access in Azure AD


Manage security and threats by using Microsoft 365 Defender


Manage compliance by using Microsoft Purview


 Deploy and manage a Microsoft 365 tenant (25–30%)


  • Deploy and manage a Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Managing users and groups
  • Managing roles in Microsoft 365

Implement and manage identity and access in Azure AD (25–30%)


  • Deploy and manage identity synchronization with Azure AD
  • Deploy and manage authentication
  • Deploy and manage secure access

Manage security and threats by using Microsoft 365 Defender (25–30%)

  • Management of security reports and alerts with help of the Microsoft 365 Defender portal
  • Deploy and manage email and collaboration protection with the help of  Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Deploy and manage endpoint protection with the help of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Manage compliance by using Microsoft Purview (15–20%)

  • Implementation of Microsoft Purview information protection and data lifecycle management
  • Implementation of Microsoft Purview data loss prevention (DLP)

Study materials for the MS-102 Microsoft 365 Administrator Certification Exam

Preparation is the key to success. To ensure thorough readiness, consider reviewing the following study materials:

  1. Instructor-Led Video Training: Access top-rated professional-led video training sessions to gain a deep understanding of Microsoft 365 administration. These videos cover three crucial aspects: Microsoft 365 tenant management, Microsoft 365 identity synchronization, and Microsoft 365 security and compliance. The video series provides in-depth insights into key components of security and compliance management.
  2. Exam Preparation Videos: Prepare effectively for the MS-102 exam with dedicated exam preparation videos. These resources offer valuable tips and strategies for success. Additionally, they provide detailed insights into Microsoft 365 administration, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the challenges of the certification.
  3. Hands-On Labs: Practical exposure is vital, and hands-on labs offer an ideal platform to apply your theoretical knowledge. These labs allow you to tackle real-world challenges, translating your learning into practical skills that you can use effectively.
  4. Books: Learning by yourself can be a better option. To be your best companion, books have been introduced. You can go through the following books to get a thorough understanding and they are:
    1. Exam Ref MS-102 Microsoft 365 Administrator: Thomas, Orin
    2. Study guide for Exam MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator
  5. Engage with Microsoft Experts: Connect with experts in the field by visiting the official Microsoft website. Here, you can seek guidance, clarify doubts, and gain valuable insights from professionals who can provide guidance and support throughout your learning journey.

By leveraging these resources, you’ll become proficient in your chosen domain and gain the skills needed to overcome the challenges posed by the MS-102 exam.


What is the role of the Microsoft 365 Administrator?

The role of a Microsoft 365 Administrator involves the management and upkeep of Microsoft 365 services and environments within an organization. They are responsible for tasks related to configuring, administering, and supporting Microsoft 365 services to ensure smooth operations and maximize their efficiency.

What is the MS-102 certification?

The MS-102 certification is a part of Microsoft’s role-based certification program and is awarded to individuals who pass the MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator (beta) exam.

How do prepare for the MS-102 exam?

To prepare for the MS-102 exam, you can utilize resources such as MS-102 study guides, MS 102 exam questions, and other relevant materials.

What is the salary of a Microsoft 365 Administrator?

In the United States, the average microsoft 365 certified: enterprise administrator expert salary is approximately $71,377 per year.

How long is the MS-102 certification valid?

The validity of Microsoft role-based certifications (associate, expert, and specialist) is typically one year after meeting all the prerequisites for obtaining them. To maintain the validity of the certification, you must renew it before the expiration date.


Hope this article helps you provide a complete learning guide for MS-102 Certification and covers all the essentials that you need to know before you step into the exam hall.

If you are in search of reliable and authentic study materials, just go through our MS-102 Practice tests and MS-102 free questions. We highly prohibit the use of MS-102 exam dumps as it does not contribute to the enhancement of your knowledge or skills.

To elevate your preparation to the next level, consider exploring our Azure hands-on labs and Azure sandboxes to improve your practical skills. If you have any questions on this blog post, feel free to comment to us!

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