Tech Skills for 2016

With the New Year under way most of us feel the need to rejuvenate ourselves with new skills in the tech industry. New aspirations, new career choices and the need to step up our career, motivates most of us. The skills that will likely to shape our career this year, is explored in this post. Programming languages like Java,C, C++, Python The concept of programming was a new one in the 90s, but not so now. It is more natural and normal for young teenagers to be in tune with the different programming languages and their importance. ‘Hackathons’ are organized […]

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Knowledge Management

Given the disparate and often excessive sources of information in an organization, it might be imperative for us to wade through this information and produce perfect results upon inquiry. ‘Knowledge Management’ refers to gathering, organizing, refining and disseminating information within an organization. We will discuss the basics of ‘Knowledge management’, the different processes in ‘Knowledge management’ and ‘Oracle knowledge management (OKM) ’in this post. Introduction: Though the very concept of ‘Knowledge management’ existed from the 1990’s, integrating these systems into the business strategy and solving business issues is fairly new. Before we see how knowledge management works – let us

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You Too Can Become A Web Designer- Learn How

People say a lot of things about web design. The most interesting thing is that very few people understand the dynamics of this art and the fact that it can be done by just about anyone. You do not have to be an engineer with expertise in software development in order to do web design. Anyone can do website design. All that you need is a clear understanding of the basics of web design. Within a surprisingly short time you will be on the way to creating your first website without having to pay a fortune in the process. Getting

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Business Continuity plans(BCP) and Chennai floods

In wake of the incessant rains in south India and the resultant flooding organizations had to put their ‘business continuity plans’ (BCP) into action. No sooner did the rains lash the relatively dry area did the city know of a new natural disaster that was getting unleashed. Coping with this new type of natural disaster required a BCP (business continuity plans) for most organizations in Chennai. What is BCP? ‘Business continuity’ may be an InfoSec professional’s domain of expertise but it was the need of the hour in Chennai. ‘Business continuity’ is planning to continue businesses at another location after disaster

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Session Management

Knowingly or unknowingly ‘sessions’ are part of our daily digital life and this post seeks to explain the concepts related to ‘session management’ in Java. ‘Session Management’ is an interesting topic and it is also one of the topics for the ‘Web component developer 6’ exam. Introduction: This post assumes understanding of servlets, web container and other basic terms. To put it briefly, a ‘servlet’ is a small program that runs inside a web server. A ‘servlet container’ aids in the management of loading and running servlets. HTTP: Unlike other protocols like FTP or TCP, HTTP is stateless protocol. A ‘stateless protocol’ is one in which the

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Apache Kafka – What Is It?

For the uninitiated, the Kafka project created by LinkedIn in 2012 and adopted by Apache is a public subscribe distributed messaging system. This post seeks to provide an overview on Kafka by presenting the ideas related to producers, topic, brokers and consumers. Introduction to Kafka: Kafka written in Scala is a scalable, high throughput, replicated, partitioned log system. It was created at LinkedIn primarily aimed at live feeds coming from all social media channels whether they were coming from Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn itself. Later on, it was open sourced so that other organizations may be able to adopt it as

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Procurement in Project Management: What you need to know?

A great help in preparing for the PMP exam Let us start with a small practical story.. .While implementing the project the project manager goes to the procurement manager and tells him that “I need a seller now!”.  What do you think the procurement manager replies? “Not a problem. We already have a procurement process in place which is designed in such a way that we can find the best seller who offers the best price and gets the work done. The complete process can take 4 to 8 weeks and I hope you have accounted for the same in

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Tor – The Onion Router

Social media keeps us all firmly wrapped in its arms and life is as usual on the net oblivious to the many “virtual eyes”. Customer data is another new gold and grabbing it is the necessity of the day. “Deep web” or the “Dark net” is the place where there is no Internet surveillance. The “Deep web” was earlier only associated with criminal activities but that may be changing with a new set of extremely privacy conscious individuals who also seek anonymity while surfing. This is possible with browsers like Tor, Freenet, I2P and Tails. In addition, ‘The Deep web’

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Webinar recording on Agile in a nutshell

This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of agile methodologies. This webinar is meant for the busy and the curious professionals who are interested in finding out more about the terminology and buzzwords associated with agile. It also give you a very good foundation to prepare for the Agile certifications such as PMI-ACP. Have a look at Webinar led by Indu S. Learn more about PMP at Whizlabs  

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Build Relationships and Win as a Team

Insights to conflict Resolution Techniques Based on PMBOK 5.0   As we all know that project teams are not natural teams … they are a group of cross functional experts that come together as a team with the intention to resolve a common goal. Since people from different regions, cultures, nature, skills and expertise and so on… are working together, CONFLICTS are bound to arise. Although we often think ‘conflict’ is bad, it actually brings forward opportunities for improvement. Considering conflict on a healthier note as sometimes it really helps us access all the options available (specifically in a technical

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