Need Of Governance In An Organization

It is important for every individual to understand the need and what outcome the top management is looking to achieve with the implementation of governance. And then find out the cracks and how PMO (Project Management Office) can successfully build projects & process to fix them. As per the international standards (ISOs) relating to projects and project management you will see references to the commitment and active involvement of top management which emphasizes this organization-wide context.
Project governance must be go down to project level where Project Steering Groups or Project Boards have responsibility. The successful way is to first determine the tolerance of governance at the company followed by next levels. How much rigor could you apply in order to get what is needed but not too much where you turn people off to the governance?
You could start with a medium to light process in order to get them familiar with the processes and then, if all goes well and they can tolerate more, then you could intensify it up. It is thrilling to see how people react once the light comes on and they realize that the process can really help them in their day to day jobs as well as long term. There is some form of project management in most organizations they just don’t call it that so one of my goals is to link those activities to project management activities. This will get you some buy in from the start.

  • Start by assessing what your company believes as their biggest pain point – this is a perfect opportunity to leverage business analysts.
  • Start by designing your PMO governance model at the project-level versus enterprise-level as a first step toward your desired maturity. Take incremental steps.
  • Design a simple scoring tool by which you would use to draft an initial sequence of your project requests. Ideally it is best to design a tool that is directly aligned to corporate strategic objectives that can be reported back to your executive team.
  • Determine where your organization has the most maturity to support a steering committee that is responsible for establishing priority for your projects – notice that I didn’t say “provides approval”. You want to establish value before moving to a more mature state such as establishing an enterprise-level model.

Once you have committee and sequencing model, the real work begins.
You must have the support of Upper Management to establish your level of authority and the boundaries of your new position within the Organizational Chart.
Train the trainer concepts have to be implemented from very first day, hiring relatively lesser project managers so that you can properly train them. You need support at the highest levels of the organization, but you need a sponsor or champion who can back your position.

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