Blog Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-220 Certification – Practice Test Launched
Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-220 Certification -Practice Test Launched

Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-220 Certification – Practice Test Launched

With quarantine entering into our life, Whizlabs decided to give students and employees an opportunity to enhance themselves. We proudly announce the launch of Free Test and Practice Tests for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-220 Certification. It’s an opportunity to come out with an iron hand once the offices get back to routine. 

When you know better, you can do better. The straight application to this sentence is your preparation for this certification course. The certification will give you a recognition as good as your masters program. If you are a potential candidate, you will need intense planning, good organisation and dedicated hours of study in order to receive this certification.

There really are no necessary conditions for taking the exam and being accredited in Azure IoT, but it is suggested that you’ve worked with the systems in different initiatives and are familiar with how to deal with the various issues that might arise. This knowledge can come in handy once the exam asks you to solve problems.

Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-220 Certification

There is only one company which ensures your development, promotion, skillfully and job satisfaction: Microsoft. A Microsoft certification gives current and prospective employers the key technological skills they need. The applicant is familiar with and understands particular resources and software, and Microsoft verifies their understanding.

Through this certification course, Whizlabs assures you that you will be hired faster than any other candidate if you have the certification on your CV. You will be considered for higher responsibilities and higher positions in a minute. You will save much more time on your daily work routine and will get a boost in your salary without a pinch of doubt. 

AZ-220: MICROSOFT AZURE IOT DEVELOPER EXAM is intended for the Azure IoT developers. Enroll now and become a Microsoft Certified Azure IoT Developer.

The Microsoft Azure IoT Developer AZ-220 exam is responsible for the implementation and coding needed to design and manage an IoT solution’s cloud and edge components. The IoT Developer not only configures and maintains the systems using cloud services, but he also sets up the physical devices. 


  1.     Perfect execution of designs for IoT Technological solutions. Special emphasis on device topology, connectivity and debugging. 
  2.     Deploying containers and networks.
  3.     Intense implementation of designs. The solutions you create should be able to manage data pipelines and monitor data transformation. 
  4.     Successful data integration.
  5.     Good understanding of the application of Azure in general.
  6.     Know thoroughly concepts of data storage options, data analysis, data processing and platform services. 
  7.     You should be able to recognize Azure IoT service configuration settings within the code portion. Questions related to specific code tasks will be asked. The code languages might be C, Node or Python.


The exam is made up of 40-60 questions, much like every other Microsoft Certification exam. Furthermore, every one of the Microsoft AZ-220 test questions are multiple-choice. In contrast to other certifications, this test is only available in English.

  • Number of Questions: 40-60
  • Passing marks: One has to achieve 700 or more to pass the exam.
  • Exam duration: 180 Minutes
  • Exam Fee: USD 165
  • Language: English

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Division of Marks:

  • Iot Solution Infrastructure: 10-15% – You must know to thoroughly create and configure, communicate and build your data on the Azure IoT hub.
  • Managing devices: 15-20% – This step includes Setting up Device provisioning Service and managing its life cycle.
  • IoT Edge: 15-20% – You should be able to set up, deploy, develop and configure IoT Edge device
  • Business integration: 5-10% – Integration process will test if you could develop a link between upstream and downstream systems. Even though its has been asked only a few times, the candidate should have a basic knowledge of Azure Digital Twins.
  • Process and manage data: 15-20% – You must be able to configure messaging routes and create ASA queries.
  • Optimization of solutions: 15-20% – You should be able to establish a correct health status of the software and also create monitoring codes. Troubleshooting issues is another important part from which questions are usually asked.
  • Security and debugging: 10-15% – The title says it all. You have to know to implement security on whatever you have created or that which has been given to you. Azure defenders will be asked. You have to know its application thoroughly.


This qualification is intended for Azure engineers who are currently working with, or have previously worked with, cloud fundamental tools in order to work with Internet of Things technologies. This qualification is preferred if you have extensive knowledge and experience with the frameworks used in sensor-cloud communication, such as MQTT, AMQP, and HTTPS, and you know which choice is best suited to the project’s constraints and requirements. 

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Azure certification will certify that will be able to:

  •     Provide your computer industry knowledge and display how devices interact with the cloud to provide analytics.
  •     Demonstrate your understanding of industry practices for using sensor data in a variety of situations.
  •     The opportunity to participate in massive IoT ventures within your company or with other major corporations, connecting devices with the cloud for real-time processing.

Microsoft certification is unquestionably beneficial to advancement in your current role or the acquisition of a new position. Whizlabs can completely vouch for that. If you want to get a Microsoft diploma, studying for the exam will give you the best chance of passing. 

Obtaining all of the required study tools and materials for your preferred style is the secret to preparing for Microsoft certification exams. It’s also a good idea to take a practice test of some kind to help you learn and really drill in the technical information you’ll need. Whizlabs has ample practice tests which can be accessed for free. It prepares you from the first strand of your hair to your toe nail. Practice questions are most recommended by us because it makes you apply your mind and gives you an intuition about how you will perform in the main tests.

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Whizlabs is offering a great self-paced learning route through the instructions. Invaluable hands-on experience is something that we stand for and provide for each and every student of ours.



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