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How to Prepare for Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Exam?

Cloud technology is important for developing a career in modern computing. Cloud computing is slowly encapsulating the technological domain with notable players such as Azure, Google, and AWS making huge strides. Google made its entry into the cloud domain in 2012 with Google Cloud Platform. Over the years, Google Cloud Platform became a popular cloud platform. As a result, the demand for Google Cloud professionals is also increasing considerably.

Google Cloud certifications are very popular among cloud professionals. Many aspirants do not have necessary guidance for google cloud associate cloud engineer certification preparation. The following discussion would provide essential details on approaches to obtain google associate cloud engineer certification. Let us discuss the reasons and benefits of obtaining this google cloud certification. The other highlights of this discussion would be basic exam information and the exam objectives.

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Subsequently, the discussion will explore a preparation guide for clearing the google associate cloud engineer certification. Finally, the discussion would move towards outlining average salary estimate for a GCP associate cloud engineer. The discussion would point out every detail that can clear any doubts that you may have about the exam. So, let us start our discussion immediately and take the first step in your preparation.

Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Exam

An associate cloud engineer deals with application deployment, monitoring operations, and management of enterprise solutions. The Google cloud associate cloud engineer certification preparation improves the capability of candidates. The certification supports in improving skills for using the command-line interface and the Google Cloud Console.

The certification is ideal for learning more about maintaining one or more solutions deployed on Google Cloud. You can also gain credibility as a Google associate cloud engineer with a certification in your credentials. Most important of all, you can deal with solutions using self-managed or Google-managed services on Google Cloud.

Exam Overview

The most important concern for google cloud associate cloud engineer certification preparation is the exam overview. The exam overview provides detailed insights into the basic information related to the certification exam. The exam for associate cloud engineer certification from Google Cloud involves around 50 questions.

Candidates have 120 minutes or 2 hours to complete the examination. The questions will be multiple choice-based with single responses to each question. You should also notice the passing score before your google cloud associate cloud engineer certification preparation. The passing score is confidential, and candidates receive only ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ results without any detailed score or percentage.

The registration fee for the exam is $125. Candidates have to select the location center and a favorable schedule for the exam in the registration process. Candidates can appear for the exam in different languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Japanese. There are no specific prerequisites for the associate cloud engineer certification. However, hands-on experience with GCP for more than six months is recommended for candidates.

Eligible Candidates

Now, you need to find out whether the associate cloud engineer certification is right for you. This stage is most important in your Google cloud associate cloud engineer certification preparation. Candidates interested in the job role of a GCP associate cloud engineer could choose this certification.

Furthermore, any individual associated with the IT industry could try this Google cloud certification. Data architects, developers, and data engineers could also opt for this certification. Practically, any individual responsible for managing Google cloud operations can take up this course. Since this is a basic level exam, individuals interested in starting their career in Google Cloud Platform technologies can opt for this certification.

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Exam Objectives

After observation of the reasons, exam information, and eligible candidates, let us explore the different exam objectives. A perfect google cloud certified associate cloud engineer study guide takes inspiration from the exam objectives. So, a detailed overview of the exam objectives can help you develop a promising preparation schedule. Now, we shall outline the different domains in the associate cloud engineer certification of GCP.

The domains that are necessary for google cloud associate cloud engineer certification preparation are as follows.

  • Setting up a cloud solution environment.
  • Planning and configuration of a cloud solution.
  • Deployment and implementation of a cloud solution.
  • Ensuring successful operations of a cloud solution.
  • Configuration for access and security.

Now, let us find out individual subject areas included in the domains for google cloud associate cloud engineer certification preparation. Here is a domain-wise classification of subject areas in different domains mentioned above.

Setting up a cloud solution environment

  • Creating and configuring cloud projects and accounts.
  • Billing configuration management.
  • Installation and configuration of the command-line interface.

Planning and configuration of a cloud solution

  • Plan and configure for computing resources.
  • Planning and configuration for data storage alternatives.
  • Using a pricing calculator for planning and estimating GCP product use.
  • Planning and configuration of network resources.

Deployment and implementing a cloud solution

  • Deploying and implementation of Compute Engine resources.
  • Deployment and implementation of Google Kubernetes Engine resources.
  • Deploying and implementation of App Engine and Cloud Functions resources.
  • Deployment and implementation of data solutions.
  • Deployment and implementation of networking resources.
  • Using Cloud Launcher for deploying a solution.
  • Using the Deployment Manager for deploying an application.

Ensuring successful operations of cloud solutions

  • Compute Engine resource management.
  • Google Kubernetes Engine resource management.
  • App Engine resource management.
  • Data solutions management.
  • Networking resource management.
  • Monitoring and logging.

Configuration of access and security

  • Management of Identity and access management.
  • Service account management.
  • Evaluating audit logs for the project and managed services.

Why should I get a GCP associate cloud engineer certificate?

Comprehensive and thorough preparation with google cloud certified associate cloud engineer study guide helps in gaining the certification easily. However, candidates also need to look at the different benefits of obtaining the associate cloud engineer certification of GCP.

  • You develop acquaintance with Google Cloud Platform services and technologies.
  • Comprehensive hands-on experience with GCP tools and processes.
  • A proven credential to validate your continuous learning and commitment.
  • The associate cloud engineer certification of GCP has global recognition.
  • Proof of your capabilities as an associate cloud engineer on GCP.
  • Opportunities for better roles in career along with more chances for a higher salary.

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Comprehensive Guide for Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Preparation

After reflecting on the exam information, overview, and benefits of associate cloud engineer certification let us discuss preparation. The following steps can support your google cloud associate cloud engineer certification preparation. Candidates should always prepare effectively for all the challenges they can face in the exam. The following steps can help you cover all domains of the associate cloud engineer certification exam. Most important of all, you could follow a guided approach in your preparations for the best results.

  • Study the exam guide thoroughly

The first step in your preparations is the exam guide. You can access the exam guide from official certification page for Google Associate Cloud Engineer. The exam guide is a helpful resource to understand the different objectives of the exam clearly. Also, you can find out the various subtopics that you have to cover for the examination. The official certification page can also help you identify important details about the examination, such as format, duration, etc. This information can help candidates understand the basic outline of the exam. As a result, you can lay the foundation of your preparations with this step.

  • Join training courses

Google cloud offers promising training courses through on-demand training and instructor-led modes. Qwiklabs is the official practical ground of Google where you can continue your training. On the other hand, you could also choose other training providers for your preparation with effective hands-on experience. The instructor-led training class of Google is “Architecting with Google Compute Engine.” Candidates will get a presentation, practical labs, and demonstrations with this course. Here is an outline of different modules included in the training course.

  • Introducing Google Cloud Platform.
  • Virtual Networks.
  • Virtual Machines.
  • Cloud Identity and Access Management.
  • Data Storage Services.
  • Resource Management.
  • Resource Monitoring.
  • Interconnecting Networks.
  • Load Balancing.
  • Autoscaling.
  • Infrastructure Automation with Google Cloud Platform APIs.
  • Infrastructure Automation with Deployment Manager.
  • Managed Services.

The modules in this google cloud associate cloud engineer certification preparation training course cover all domains required for the exam.

You could also opt for on-demand training courses from reliable GCP certification course training providers. However, you have to review their course structure, pricing, duration of the training, and their success rate to find out the best service provider.

  • Trust hands-on experience

Your preparations are not complete without hands-on practice and experience with Google Cloud Platform. Candidates should always include hands-on practice with various GCP technologies. You can access any lab on Qwiklabs according to your needs. Candidates could sign up for a free trial use of GCP that is valid for 12 months. You will receive $300 free credit and the permission to work with any GCP product. The $300 credit helps in using the different facilities on GCP at near-zero costs. Candidates can also opt for a paid trial to get more credits and explore GCP products in detail.

  • Look for additional resources

A training course and access to practical experience with GCP will not be sufficient for your preparation. Therefore, you need additional materials for google cloud associate cloud engineer certification preparation. Google documentation is your first choice to boost your preparations. The documentation provides tutorials and step-by-step guides for solving use cases in the GCP environment. Google, as well as the GCP community, provide tutorials to students.

GCP community can provide access to various resources by users, which could be helpful for your preparation. Study groups and discussion forums could also be highly important resources for your preparation journey. You can find like-minded people on these platforms and discuss your preparation methods together. As a result, you can land up with credible measures to enhance your preparations. Industry experts also participate in these platforms, thereby ensuring the facility of better guidance for your associate cloud engineer certification.

  • Always go for practice tests

The final aspect of your preparation should be practice tests. Practice tests are the right approach to evaluate your preparation level. Remember that you should take practice tests only after preparing comprehensively. The associate cloud engineer practice tests can help you learn more about the examination pattern.

Furthermore, you would take the tests without any fear of losing marks, thereby building your confidence gradually. The practice tests also help candidates to practice time management for attending all questions correctly in the given duration. The detailed overview of questions and responses in the practice tests also provide insights into weak and strong areas. As a result, you can work on improving your weaker subject areas and prepare effectively for the certification exam.

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Expert Tips for your preparation

With the steps mentioned above for google cloud associate cloud engineer certification preparation, you can surely crack the certification exam. However, you should also consider some tips from experts for better preparation and outcomes. Here are the pointers which could get you the additional advantage in your preparations.

  • Review the use cases and case studies provided by Google thoroughly.
  • Always pay attention to the exam guide and stay updated with any changes in the exam format.
  • You should schedule your exam date with at least three months for your preparations.
  • Do not stress too much over the preparations. Take some time to relax before getting back to studies again!
  • Stay true to your preparation plan without any excuses. If needed, you can make a “study-buddy” to help you stay on track.

Salary of Google Associate Cloud Engineer

We reflected on major essentials required to prepare for a GCP associate cloud engineer certification till now. Now, let us find out estimates of google associate cloud engineer salary. The salary estimates can act as a motivating force for candidates. Who doesn’t want a high paying job? As per Zip Recruiter salary report, the average google associate cloud engineer salary estimate is $127,890 per annum. The salary estimate varies between $68,500 and $173,000.

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Final Words

We observed details of preparing for GCP associate cloud engineer certificate in this discussion. The most important highlights of the discussion are the exam information and exam overview. The detailed illustration of individual domains and the subtopics in each domain provide valid support for the discussion. However, the most striking aspect of the discussion is the preparation guide.

You can find promising steps for google cloud associate cloud engineer certification preparation. Once prepared, it is recommended to try Google Cloud Associate Cloud engineer practice tests to prepare well and get ready for the exam. Based on the information in this discussion, you can have a better path towards a career in Google Cloud Platform. To get fully confident about your preparation, try Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer practice tests now.

So, prepare well and best of luck for your certification exam!

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