Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals: DP-900 Exam Preparation Guide

The candidates who intend to clear the DP-900 examination and attain the Azure Data Fundamentals Certification, should have a foundation knowledge of data concepts and their implementation. With this certification, you will learn about how the core data is being implemented with the use of Azure data services.

The Azure DP-900 intends to help candidates pursue a career where they have to work with cloud data. Candidates should possess ample knowledge about the relational & non-relational data concepts. Along with that, the knowledge of different types of workloads is also helpful for candidates to clear this exam. Azure Data Fundamentals certification is important to give you the qualification to appear for other role-based Azure certifications.

There is more to it that you must learn before you schedule your exam date for DP-900. Along with that, this DP-900 exam preparation guide, will also help you get an idea of how you can prepare and clear this examination.

Why Choose Azure Data Fundamentals Certification?

Azure Data Fundamentals Certification intends to give an ample amount of knowledge to candidates, upon how data is managed within the Azure cloud. Along with that, this certification also teaches the candidates about how to work with this concept using other relevant Azure services. By getting the Azure DP-900 certification, you will probably be eligible to apply for associate-level certifications.

Some of the certifications that are best fit for candidates after clearing the Data Fundamentals certification are Azure Data Engineer and Azure Database Administrator. You will be earning two-star badges when you approach high-level certifications with knowledge of Data fundamentals. The global IT market is full of job opportunities for people who have proficiency in how to work with data or use Azure services. Therefore, by adopting the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 certification, you can stand out in the crowd in your dedicated job interviews.

Microsoft certification on DP-900 or Data Fundamentals is what confirms the validation of your skills in the field. And, this is how this certification intends to profit you on a higher scale. You should definitely take up this exam, if you are a beginner in the field of the database. In case you wish to learn about how data is being used within Azure services, then this is the right examination or certification for you. While you prepare and appear for this exam, you will gain insightful knowledge of all types of databases, that includes semi-structural, unstructured, and structured. Moreover, this certification gives you the potential to seek a career in database management.

The average salaries for an Azure Data Engineer and Azure Database Administrator are $140,000 and $110,000 per year. These are average fresher salaries for these job roles that one will get upon blending Azure Data Fundamentals with respective role-based certifications. Experience is what will help people grow in this profession. However, to enter this field, Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 certification is mandatory! Therefore, if you have a passion for understanding data, then this fundamentals certification becomes essential for you to possess.

Prerequisites of Azure Data Fundamentals Certification

Here are some of the prerequisites of the Azure Data Fundamentals Certification exam. Anyone who falls under these prerequisites can appear for the DP-900 certification exam.

  • The data architects, data engineers, data administrators, and others who have basic knowledge of non-relational and relational data or different workloads can go for the DP-900 examination.
  • Basic knowledge of Data Manipulation Language (DML), Data Definition Language (DDL), and Azure services is quite important for candidates to possess, before taking up this certification.
  • Basic conceptual knowledge upon query, schema, and views, is appreciated for appearing in the DP-900 certification exam.
  • Knowledge of the managed services and storage containers of Microsoft Azure, will also help you with proficient DP-900 exam preparation.

All of these prerequisites are not mandatory, but the candidates are strongly advised to possess knowledge of these concepts, before taking up the exam. Even though these prerequisites are not compulsory, without them, you won’t be able to clear the certification exam.

Exam Details of Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 Certification

The Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 Certification exam will be 40 to 55 questions. You will have one hour or 60 minutes to appear for all of these questions. The difficulty level for the questions is stated as ‘Easy’. There are no penalty marks for any of the questions, so you must consider appearing on all of the questions to ensure high passing chances.

The passing percentage is 70% for clearing this certification exam. You need to choose the exam delivery type to be either self-proctored or at physical testing centers. One can take up the examination at Pearson center, with a Private Access Code, or at home/office. The exam will consist of different question types such as drag & drop, MCQs, case studies, yes/no, and short answers. The validity of this certification will be two years.

The pricing for Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 Certification is $99 USD. The examination is available in different languages such as Chinese, English, Korean, German, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

Topics Covered Within Azure Data Fundamentals Certification

As you have now understood the efficacy of the Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 examination, it is important for you to get used to the topics under the DP-900 exam syllabus. You can expect questions from these topics specified by Microsoft. It is for candidates to prepare and master the ideologies & concepts for clearing this examination. The topics or domains are as follows:

  1. Describe Core Data Concepts

The weightage for this domain in the DP 900 examination is 15 to 20%. The subdomains for this module are:

  • Describing the different types of core data workloads.
  • Describing the data analytics core concepts.
  1. Describe How to Work with Relational Data on Azure

The weightage of this domain is 25 to 30%. It means that major questions are about to come from this area. Therefore, it is important for you to implement more effort in mastering this domain. The sub-domains under this module are:

  • Describing the relational data workloads.
  • Describing the relational Azure data services.
  • Identify basic management tasks for relational data.
  • Describing the query techniques for data using the SQL language.
  1. Describe How to Work with Non-Relational Data on Azure

The weightage of this domain is also 25 to 30%. It indicates that this is yet another important area where you need to spend more time preparing. The subdomains that you need to cover within this module are:

  • Describing the non-relational data workloads.
  • Describing the non-relational data offerings on Microsoft Azure.
  • Identifying basic management tasks for non-relational data.
  1. Describe an Analytics Workload on Azure

The weightage for this domain is also 25 to 30%. Cover the subdomains of this module, as you can expect a good lot of questions from this section:

  • Describing the Analytics Workloads
  • Describing the components of a modern data warehouse.
  • Describing data processing and data ingestion over Azure.
  • Describing data visualization over Microsoft Power BI.

How to Prepare for the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 Exam?

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP 900 certification exam is a measurement of your abilities to develop an effective design for operating or implementing a data platform. Along with that, this certification is also a determination of how better you have understood the Azure solutions. You need to follow up a specified preparatory measure that will help you clear the concepts, learn the fundamentals and crack this certification exam in one attempt. The steps that you need to follow in order to prepare for the DP-900 examination are as follows:

Step 1: Explore the Microsoft Learning Path for DP-900 Examination

The DP-900 exam is quite challenging and complex. You might get a bit of hesitation at the start, by seeing so much content on topics to cover. But, instead of losing hope, you should look for ideal resources that can help you understand the concepts easily and help you acquire enough knowledge to clear the exam.

Microsoft has offered a dedicated learning path for candidates to prepare for the DP-900 examination. This learning path consists of several topics and modules within them, to cover almost the entire syllabus of this exam. You just need to go through these modules and prepare your notes to practice concepts and be ready for the next step of preparation.

The topics that you will cover within the Microsoft Learning path are:

  • Azure Data Fundamentals: Explore Core Data Concepts- 5 modules
  • Azure Data Fundamentals: Explore Relational Data in Azure- 3 modules
  • Azure Data Fundamentals: Explore Non-Relational Data in Azure- 3 modules
  • Azure Data Fundamentals: Explore Modern Data Warehouse Analytics in Azure- 4 modules.

Visit the official page of Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the official learning path to prepare for this exam.

Exam DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

Step 2: Check the Microsoft Documentations

The next thing you need to do after completing your learning path for DP 900 is to check out the dedicated documentation over Microsoft for the same. There are several documentations that can offer you a plethora of information divided into separate lessons and courses. Find all the relevant documentation upon DP-900 examination, or Data Fundamentals certification over Microsoft platform, and you can refer to them for your exam preparation.

No information is less important when you are appearing for professional certification to build your career. And, with Microsoft documentation, you are about to explore a whole lot of conceptual and fundamental information that will help you clear the examination with a good percentage.

Step 3: Take up the Instructor-Led Training Offered by Microsoft

Microsoft has made all the necessary arrangements for candidates to prepare for the DP 900 examination. After the learning path and documentations, you can prefer taking up the instructor-led training for DP 900 examination. This paid instructor-led course offered by Microsoft will be offered by a professional who will be well-versed with DP 900 exam attributes. If you wish to take up this course, then visit this link right away!

Whizlabs Online Course offers 4+ hours long video course on Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals: DP-900 Exam! Check out the course today to clear the exam in one go!

The students will be able to learn the database concepts and other fundamentals associated with data within the Azure cloud. The audience of this course will be the individuals who intend to get basic skills in cloud data services. Along with that, they can also build up their foundation to enter the cloud data services of Azure.

Step 4: Prefer the Dedicated DP-900 Books & Materials

Surf the internet for the best books available on DP-900 and Data Fundamentals of Azure. Check the reviews of such books to know whether they have valuable content or not. If you see a positive response on some of the books of DP-900, then get them and polish your knowledge. But, with the previous three steps covered, you will already be possessing enough knowledge to clear the examination. However, the books are important to give you a revision.

Step 5: Join the Study Groups & Forums

Make sure you join the study groups and forums to ensure that you get the best of knowledge from peers and experts who are appearing or are certified with Data Fundamentals certification by Azure. In addition, get knowledge on all of the available preparatory resources or important concepts over such groups or forums.

Step 6: Take up the Practice Exam

For the final preparation step, you can take up a practice exam for the DP-900 certification. With it, you will get insight into whether your preparation level is up to the mark or not. Moreover, you will also get clarity on the exam pattern and the complexity level of questions.

Whizlabs Practice Test has 2 tests with 110 unique questions! Try now!

Follow all these steps, and you will eventually find yourself prepared and ready for taking up the examination.

How to Schedule the DP 900 Certification Exam?

You can either apply for the examination after completing your preparations, or schedule it when you are halfway prepared. It depends upon you! But, to get yourself registered for the exam, you need to:

  1. Visit the official page of Microsoft DP 900 Certification.
  2. Go to the ‘Schedule Exam’ section.
  3. Choose the scheduling type you prefer. (Pearson VUE, Certiport or for USD15). Pearson VUE is for non-students who are not interested in technology, Certiport is for instructors or students, and USD15 is for students and job seekers impacted by COVID.
  4. Log into your Microsoft Account.
  5. Fill in the required details.
  6. Choose the exam delivery type.
  7. Schedule the date.
  8. Make the payment to confirm your application.

Final Words

These are a few of the things that you need to keep in mind whenever you are willing to appear on the DP-900 examination. You need to know the examination attributes first, before you can commence with the preparation.

This DP-900 exam preparation guide, elaborates upon the details associated with Azure Data Fundamental certification. Following that, there is a stepwise preparation measure for you to adapt. So, if you’re aspiring to pass the DP-900 certification exam, enroll in the DP-900 training course and practice tests to give your preparation a new edge. Don’t think much, buckle up and be ready to take up this complex examination at ease!

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