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Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals: AI-900 Exam Preparation Guide

Every Artificial Intelligence enthusiast has that dedication to master a certification for the same, and pursue a career in it. And, Microsoft has put up immense scope for such aspirants with the Azure AI Fundamentals. And for that, you need to clear the AI-900 examination! Azure consists of special AI services that are destined to empower the developers to build computer vision, execute digital business operations, build chatbots, and others.

If you are interested in attaining this AI certification from Azure, then you must know that it possesses all of the knowledge and material to help you pursue a proficient career. Therefore, before you go ahead and register for this certification exam, it is important that you understand the attributes of it and start a strong preparation. Therefore, this AI-900 exam preparation guide is all about helping you with it!

Is Azure AI Fundamentals Worth The Hype?

Artificial Intelligence is all about helping the technological world boom at a higher level. Microsoft is on the leading edge, that is offering ideal certifications to support this evolution. Azure AI Fundamentals, is the beginner certification that has its focus on helping individuals learn about machine learning, and internal AI. Microsoft has proposed these certifications and more ideologies to empower data scientists, app developers, ML engineers, and others. With such certifications, they will get a better potential to grow the existing technologies.

The professionals who are either in the field of artificial intelligence or machine learning, can take up this certification. Moreover, the candidates who are willing to pursue a career in AI and ML, can also start their journey by availing of this certification. It is a prosperous certification for project managers, salespeople, managers, and others. The people who want to get into programming or engineering sense, will have to blend other role-based certifications for the same. Azure AI Fundamentals alone cannot help you with it!

AI-900 is for system administrators to add enhanced value and expertise to their career potential. The usual work of the system administrators might have a subtle interaction with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. And, this knowledge is all you need to clear the AI-900 examination. When you earn the Microsoft certification, your skills will have recognition and value around the Azure AI market. Not just that, but if you are about to get indulged with Artificial Intelligence roles, then preparing and clearing this certification will be good to start with.

Just like that, the network administrators are prioritizing the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the network reach. If you are already an administrator, then you must already possess the knowledge of ML and AI, and it is more than that you need for clearing this certification. But, in case you are a rookie, and want to enter the Azure profession, by being a network administrator, then this Azure AI Fundamentals certification is what will help you.

Remember, that if you are already working in the field with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, then AI-900 might not be worth the inclusion. You must go for higher certifications. But, if you have an interest in these technologies, but are not able to interact with them, then the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals, AI-900 certification is what will profit you in the long run.

The salary that you will earn when you master Azure ranges between $140,000 to $225,000 per year. The average pay that you would get is $212,500 per year. It is a great amount to build a career with, and with experience over time, this pay scale is about to multiply! Hence, this is also one of the many reasons why you should turn up for the Azure AI Fundamentals, AI-900 certification.

Overview Of AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Certification

Azure AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Certification, doesn’t intend to teach you any of the practical skills to implement AI solutions. Instead, it is all about giving you a fundamental or foundation-level knowledge of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This certification will not just teach you about Azure AI and ML, but these technologies in general as well. A passion for AI, is what will lure you to take up this certification.

By clearing the AI-900 examination, you will be learning about classification, clustering, and regression. Apart from that, this certification will also educate you about NLP (Natural Language Processing). You will gain theoretical knowledge of speech recognition, phase extraction, sentiment analysis, and others. If you were not aware of these concepts before, then this is the certification for you to start your journey in the world of Azure AI.

Along with all of it, Azure AI-900 intends to help you validate your knowledge and skills upon the fundamentals and concepts of ML, AI, and its implementation on Azure. For taking up this certification, you do not need any kind of data science or software engineering background. Instead, you just need the dedication to prepare for this certification, and it is possible with the right materials and preparatory strategies.

Azure Fundamentals AI-900 intends to test your knowledge upon areas of AI workloads, fundamental principles of ML, Computer vision features, Natural Language Processing, and conversational workloads. These are the areas that you need to cover while you are preparing to clear this certification exam. Additional details to these areas of importance are covered further in this article.

AI-900 is the sole examination for attaining the Azure AI Fundamentals certification. It has a focus on philosophical and theatrical elements associated with Artificial Intelligence. Even though you do not get a practical knowledge of using AI on Azure, you still get to know how it functions with this certification. Irrespective of whether you are of a technical or non-technical background, this certification is for you to progress on your passion for AI.  

Prerequisites Of Azure AI Fundamentals Certification

MS Azure AI Fundamentals Certification has few prerequisites. The AI 900 certification exam is for both technical and non-technical professionals. To take the exam, the candidate must have basic knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Since the exam is based on the fundamentals of Artificial intelligence, the prerequisite of some initial expertise on artificial intelligence is natural. Since Artificial intelligence is a highly discussed topic and people are aware of the subject to a certain extent, this prerequisite is fulfilled for many candidates.

Another prerequisite is machine learning. Machine learning is a fundamental technology behind the application and improvement of artificial intelligence. Like humans learn through experiences, machine learning enables computers to learn from previous operations and user experiences. Basic knowledge in machine learning is, therefore, an essential prerequisite of the AI-900 certification.

Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Azure AI services used to create new artificial intelligence solutions for different purposes is also a prerequisite. Knowledge of the fundamentals of AI is incomplete without an understanding of how the services can be used to create new AI applications. This knowledge is essential if you want to contribute to the evolution of AI applications.

Another joint knowledge base put forth as a prerequisite is knowledge of a basic programming language. As artificial intelligence deals with programming computers so that they act like humans, programming knowledge is needed to build upon through certification.

Basic Exam Details Of AI-900 

The AI 900 certification is a specific examination module designed for professionals from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. AI 900 is a good certification to start your preparation for other MS Azure certifications. There are different skill sets that the AI 900 exam tests in a candidate. For example, it tests for knowledge on artificial intelligence workloads and how well you understand the use of these systems. It also tests your basic understanding of machine learning so that you are able to grasp the finer details of artificial intelligence.

Machine learning is a core concept of artificial intelligence applications. The exam also tests your understanding of natural language processing units on Azure. Natural Language Processing is a working necessity of any artificial intelligence application. Without a clear understanding of Natural Language Processing, you cannot proceed as a learner in Artificial intelligence. The exam also tests on the subject of Conversational AI applications. Conversational AI is one of the most common applications of Artificial intelligence today. An understanding of conversational AI is highly necessary for the certification.

Topics Covered Within The Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Certification

There are many topics that are covered under the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Certification. The topics that the certification covers are machine learning, natural language processing, Introduction to AI, Computer Vision, and Conversational AI. The topics covered under the certification are the most necessary topics needed to develop fundamental knowledge on Artificial intelligence.

This preparation guide talks about the domains covered under the certification AI 900. There are five main domains that are covered under the AI 900 examination. The domains are as follows- 

Domain 1- Descriptive account of Artificial Intelligence workloads and considerations

15 to 20 percent of the certification exam questions root from descriptive knowledge on AI workloads and considerations. This section includes the identification of the guiding principles of AI workloads and the common features of popular AI workloads.

Domain 2- Describing the basic principles of machine learning applied in MS Azure

Machine learning principles are very important for MS Azure AI fundamentals certification. The certification domain includes subdomains like an explanation of the core concepts of machine learning. The certification also covers the identification of common machine learning applications in AI. The domain has maximum individual weightage with 30 to 35 percent of the total coverage by domains.

Domain 3- Computer vision workloads applied in MS Azure context

Since we have already discussed that Computer vision is an important topic covered in the MS Azure AI 900 certification, one of the main domains focuses on computer vision workloads. The domain tests knowledge on common computer vision solutions used in the AI context. The certification also focuses on MS Azure tools that are usually used to achieve computer vision tasks. The domain has coverage of 15 to 20 percent of the total topics in the certification.

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Domain 4- Natural Language processing workloads in MS Azure

One of the domains of focus in the certification exam is natural language processing workloads. NLP is a core technology in AI applications and thus is an important domain of study for AI. The percentage of importance in the entire exam is 15 to 20 percent for the domain.

Domain 5- Descriptive account of conversational AI workload on Azure

Conversational AI is an important and popular application of AI in the current scenario. The domain has a high potential of evolution in the future too. Therefore, the AI 900 exam specifically focuses on the domain of conversational AI and its workload on Azure. The percentage of coverage for this particular domain is 15 to 20 percent. The domain further splits into examples of use cases for conversational AI and knowledge on Azure services for conversational AI.

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How To Prepare For The AI-900 Examination?

Since the AI 900 exam covers multiple topics, the candidate must prepare for each of the subtopics properly. If you wish to score a high score in the certification exam, you need to give every topic equal weightage. You need to cover the topics of machine learning, NLP and computer vision first. Once you cover these topics, the idea about AI applications becomes clear, and you can cover the introduction to AI easily. The question pattern of the certification exam will include different types of questions like multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true or false etc.

You need to be mentally prepared for all kinds of questions. With ample practice before the exam, this will be possible. Since there will be a lot of questions, pace your answering speed and keep moving. Do not stick to one question. Instead, move to the easier questions first and revisit the difficult questions later. 

Here is a short step by step preparation guide for the AI 900 examination:

Step 1 – Find out the motivation behind your certification

When you decide to take up the certification examination, there must be a career objective that you aim at accomplishing through it. Identify the career objective you wish to fulfill through the AI 900 certification and keep it as motivation. This will give you a clear direction and keep you motivated throughout the preparation phase.

Step 2 – Prepare an exam study guide and focus on priority domains

Based on the various domains and subdomains of the exam, prepare a study guide to study and revise. Focus on different exam domains and prioritize your domains to organize your study plan. Focusing on ML principles and applications will help in acing the exam. Outline the different sub-domains you need to cover and study according to them.

Step 3 – Keep the weightage of the domain in mind

 In the five domains of the certification, check the weightage of each domain and prepare accordingly. Since Machine Learning is an important subdomain, pay more attention to it. Paying attention to the weightage will help you outline the topics properly and also anticipate the questions you will receive.

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals: AI-900 Exam Preparation Guide

Step 4 – Try learning from Microsoft learning paths

You need reliable learning sources to prepare for the examination. The most reliable and affordable source to start your preparation from is Microsoft Learning Paths. The Microsoft program offers you basic guidance on the domains of the AI 900 certification.

Step 5 – Try preparation from books

While online resources like Microsoft Learning Paths offer crucial guidance for the certification, you cannot rule out the traditional options of books. Choose relevant books revolving around different concepts of AI and ML as additional learning resources for the certification. This way, you can double-check the progress you have made.

Step 6 – Take online training courses

 There are many online learning resources that provide online training courses for the AI 900 certification. These online training courses revolve around the subject matter of the actual certification and give you good practice before going into the examination for real. You need to take practice tests too to self-assess your progress in the various domains.

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Finishing note

In conclusion, the MS Azure AI fundamentals certification is a great way to bolster your resume and provide that extra edge to your career graph. The AI fundamentals certification or AI 900 is a great starting point for a career in Azure AI. AI might have been a new and niche topic earlier. Today, the tables have turned, and AI is a much-discussed topic and professionally pursued skill for the tech-savvy. The Azure AI certification is an easy exam if you have the right preparation materials and clarity of progress with you. Apart from the resources mentioned in the guide, there are many other unconventional resources that you can tap into for preparation. A candidate can easily prepare for the Azure AI certification with multiple resources at hand. We recommend you to start with the AI-900 online training and take AI-900 practice tests to check your preparation level so you can be ready to crack the actual exam. Take an AI Azure certification today with Microsoft and start a career in AI applications soon!

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