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AI-900 exam preparation

Preparation Guide for AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Exam

Microsoft Azure is undoubtedly one of the best public cloud platforms presently for enterprises worldwide. The focus of Microsoft Azure on machine-learning innovation is one of the prominent reasons for the rising popularity of Azure AI. Therefore, many aspiring candidates are looking for credible approaches for the AI 100 and AI-900 exam preparation that is a viable instrument for candidates to start their careers in Azure AI.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are all set to dictate the future of technology, and their numerous existing functionalities provide trustworthy evidence for the same. Therefore, many candidates want to capitalize on emerging trends in artificial intelligence and carve a prolific career path.

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Microsoft Azure role-based certification model helps you prove your skills, knowledge, and experience for specific job roles. In addition, Azure certifications are also proven instruments for achieving industry recognition and pursuing better prospects for professional networking. The following discussion would help you find the ideal answers for how to prepare for the AI-900 exam for assured results.

Exam AI-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

The first concern of any candidate about to start AI-900 exam preparation should be the basic information about the exam. AI-900 certification exam is one of the recent additions in the Microsoft Azure role-based certification model. It is a perfect platform for candidates to showcase their knowledge of common machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads and their implementation on Azure.

The AI-900 certification exam would evaluate the knowledge of candidates in the fundamental concepts of AI and ML and the related Azure services. Candidates should also note the important prerequisites for Exam AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals before starting their preparations.

The interesting fact about the AI-900 certification is that it is a fundamental-level certification exam. Therefore, candidates from technical as well as ones with non-technical backgrounds can pursue the AI-900 certification exam. In addition, there is no requirement for software engineering or data science experience for the AI-900 certification exam.

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However, it is recommended that candidates must have comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in at least one high-level programming language. Candidates must also note that their AI-900 exam preparation can support their preparations for two other Azure certifications. The AI-900 certification can help you build the foundation for Azure AI Engineer Associate or Azure Data Scientist Associate certifications.

However, it is important to note that the AI-900 certification exam is not a mandatory prerequisite for these certifications. The AI-900 certification exam is presently available in the beta stage, and so candidates can appear for the exam in the English language only. The registration cost for the exam is $99 USD.

Domains Covered in AI-900 Certification Exam

Now, you need to focus on the content of the AI-900 certification exam to ensure the best preparation. You need to know what you are getting into before you start making up your mind for preparations. The exam skills outline can show you the different exam domains, their weighting, and the subtopics in the domains. So, any preparation guide for AI-900 exam should emphasize on the exam skills outline to help candidates understand the exam comprehensively before registering. Here are the important skills validated by the AI-900 certification exam.

  • Describing AI workloads and considerations- 15% to 20%
  • Describing fundamental principles of machine learning on Azure- 30%-35%
  • Description of features in computer vision workloads on Azure- 15%-20%
  • Describing features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads on Azure- 15%-20%
  • Description of features of conversational AI workloads on Azure- 15%-20%

A deeper reflection into the various subtopics in each domain can help candidates identify the exact topics they have to prepare for the exam. Here is an outline of the different subtopics in each domain of the AI-900 certification exam.

Domain 1: Describing AI workloads and considerations

The subtopics in this domain include,

  • Identification of features in common AI workloads
  • Identification of guiding principles for responsible AI

Domain 2: Describing fundamental principles of machine learning on Azure

The subtopics in this domain include,

  • Identification of common machine learning variants
  • Description of core machine learning concepts
  • Identification of core risks in the creation of a machine learning solution
  • Description of capabilities of no-code machine learning with Azure Machine Learning

Domain 3: Description of features in computer vision workloads on Azure

The subtopics in this domain include,

  • Identification of common types of computer vision solutions
  • Identification of Azure tools and services for computer vision tasks

Domain 4: Describing features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads on Azure

The subtopics in this domain are as follows,

  • Identification of features in common NLP workload scenarios
  • Identifying Azure tools and services for NLP workloads

Domain 5: Description of features of conversational AI workloads on Azure

The subtopics in this domain include,

  • Identification of common use cases for conversational AI
  • Identifying Azure services for conversational AI

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Recommended Pointers to Prepare for AI-900 Exam

The above-mentioned information would help you establish the foundation for your preparation journey. Rather than jumping right into the preparation, candidates should do their homework and verify that they are ready for the AI-900 certification exam. The following pointers for AI-900 exam preparation are based on the proven best practices recommended by qualified candidates and expert Azure AI trainers.

  • Plan out Your Career Objectives

The first step in your preparation journey should be your career objectives. You need to have a clear idea of where you want your career to be in 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years in Azure AI. Candidates should establish their motivation for AI-900 exam preparation before starting it.

AI and ML are new technologies and would require intensive efforts from candidates in their preparation. So, you have to decide whether you are pursuing the AI-900 certification exam to learn about fundamental ML and AI concepts or to build a long term career in Azure AI. Basically, you have to commit to certain objectives for your career before you start your preparation for the AI-900 certification exam.

  • Evaluate the Exam Content

In the second step of your preparations, you should prepare an AI-900 study guide based on the exam content. Review the exam content thoroughly and the different topics and subtopics discussed in each domain of the AI-900 certification exam. An overview of the exam content would help candidates outline the specific topics they have to learn for the exam.

So, this step can help in developing a definitive framework for your AI-900 exam preparation routine. Candidates can gain a clear impression of the AI-900 certification exam objectives. As a result, candidates don’t have to be confused about the topics to learn the exam.

  • Check the Weightage of Domains

After taking a thorough look at the AI-900 certification exam objectives, candidates must reflect on the weightings of the domains. The weightings of the domains in the AI-900 certification exam showcase the percentage of questions in the actual exam that would be based on the concerned domain.

Therefore, you can gain a reliable impression of the outline of the actual exam. As a result, candidates could deal with any uncertainties regarding their chances of qualifying the exam. When you have an idea of how many questions would come from which domain, you develop the confidence to approach your preparations easily.

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  • Learn from Official Microsoft Learning Paths

Candidates always look for cost-effective and competent learning resources to support their AI-900 exam preparation. The best-recommended place to start finding learning resources for the AI-900 certification exam is Microsoft itself. The official Microsoft Azure free learning paths for AI-900 certification are a great relief for all aspiring candidates.

The different learning paths offer basic insights into the fundamentals of various topics related to the AI-900 certification exam. Most important of all, the modular approach in the Microsoft Azure learning paths for AI-900 could help candidates to kickstart their preparations faster. In this step, you would be establishing certain foundational knowledge regarding the AI-900 exam topics. The assurance of Microsoft’s name with these learning paths offers you the opportunity to give a credible start to your AI-900 exam preparation.

  • Use the Relevant Books

The most undermined aspect of the preparation guide for the AI-900 exam is – books. Almost everyone is ready to dive into online learning resources to prepare for the AI-900 certification exam. However, books are an invaluable study material, especially owing to their comprehensiveness. Most important of all, books can help you cross-check or verify your learning outcomes during preparations for the AI-900 certification exam.

The next crucial advantage of books is that you can find examples of the use of different AI and ML concepts in real cases. Therefore, books serve as a treasure trove of information to strengthen your AI-900 exam preparation. Here are some of the recommended books that can help you with effective preparation for the Azure AI fundamentals certification exam.

Azure Internet of Things Revealed: Architecture and Fundamentals- Robert Stackowiak

Machine Learning for Beginners- Uditha Bandara

Deep Learning with the Microsoft AI Platform- Mathew Salvaris, Wee-Hyong Tok, Danielle Dean

Hands-on Machine Learning with Azure: Build powerful models with cognitive ML and AI- Ryan Murphy, Parashar Shah, Thomas K. Abraham Ph. D

Microsoft AI MVP Book: A Practical Guide to Microsoft AI Written by 17 AI and Azure MVPs from All around the World

  • Select Reliable Online Training Courses

The most critical step for AI-900 exam preparation is to choose reliable online certification training courses. Every candidate needs guidance for covering all the exam topics thoroughly. Online training courses for the AI-900 certification exam designed by subject matter experts can offer valuable resources for learning all topics of the AI-900 exam.

The facility of various reliable online certification training platforms ensures that you can access trustworthy online courses for AI-900 certification. However, candidates have to be careful in the selection of online certification training courses. It is essential to verify whether the AI-900 certification training course outline aligns with the exam objectives.

In addition, candidates must also verify the reviews and testimonials of different learners about the course and general reviews about the certification training platform. Most important of all, candidates should also check for cost-effective options with the assurance of reliability in the form of moneyback guarantees.

The tutorial videos in online training courses offer not only an interactive approach to AI-900 exam preparation but also improve the depth of every candidate’s learning outcomes. Therefore, online certification training courses are a recommended tool for candidates to prepare effectively for AI-900 certification.

  • Hands-on Experience

Candidates must also know that the Azure AI-900 certification exam would include performance-based questions. Such type of questions reflects on real-world scenarios where candidates have to apply their knowledge of fundamentals AI and ML concepts. Therefore, candidates must have practical experience with the concepts they learn during their preparation for the AI-900 exam.

Hands-on labs are the best way to hone your practical skills in Azure AI fundamentals. You can access hands-on labs as part of training courses or membership subscriptions on renowned online certification training portals. In addition, you can also access the free hands-on labs available on Microsoft Azure to practice different Azure AI services. The free Azure account facility can help you gain practical knowledge of the Azure AI ecosystem with limited investments.

  • Never Undermine Practice Tests

The importance of practice for achieving any objective is undeniable. So, candidates aspiring for AI-900 exam preparation could also ensure their success through dedicated practice. Practice tests help candidates in testing their knowledge and skills for addressing various questions related to AI-900 exam topics.

The format of practice tests imitates the actual exam format for helping you familiarize yourself with the actual exam environment. Therefore, practice tests not only help you test your capabilities but also help you build confidence for the actual exam.

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Ready to Prepare for Azure AI-900 Certification Exam?

On a final note, candidates should pursue their AI-900 exam preparation with a commitment to a promising career in Azure AI. As shown in the above-mentioned discussion, candidates can prepare for the AI-900 certification exam with ease by following specific practices. All the pointers have a unique contribution to the preparation of candidates for the exam.

However, candidates must also look beyond these sources for expanding the scope of their preparation. Join discussion forums related to Microsoft Azure and interact with peers and thought leaders in the Azure community. Above everything else, candidates must take care of their health and diet during their preparations for achieving the best results. Start your preparations for AI-900 certification right now!

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