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Pavan Rao is a programmer / Developer by Profession and Cloud Computing Professional by choice with in-depth knowledge in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform. He helps the organisation figure out what to build, ensure successful delivery, and incorporate user learning to improve the strategy and product further.


Microsoft Azure Cheat Sheet

Cloud computing has become one of the pillars of the new normal during the global pandemic. Amongst all the major players, Microsoft Azure has come up to be one of the leading choices of enterprises worldwide. But its huge catalog and large use cases can be difficult to comprehend at once. That is why we have prepared an Azure cheat sheet that can help you understand the basic overview of Microsoft Azure. Currently, more than 77% of businesses use some kind of enterprise cloud solution for their computing framework. According to Microsoft, 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure. …

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The Role AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification Play In A Career - James Bowen

The Role AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification Play In A Career – James Bowen

Are you preparing for the AWS Certified Developer Associate examination? In this article, James Bowen is talking about how he started his preparation and what role it played in his career development. James Bowen is a Java Developer/DevOps engineer at Australia Post. He is quite into the Meta Skills of Development which showcases the importance of learning how to learn, productivity hacks, career thinking, and etc. In his blog LearnCodeRetain, he guides his followers on Productivity hacks, Career hacks, Learning Hacks, and also provides study guides and training. Without further ado, let’s understand James Bowen’s experience with AWS Certified Developer …

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Viktoria Semaan Talks About Her 5 AWS Certifications!

Viktoria Semaan is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect at Global Strategic Partnership, Amazon Web Services. She is 5x AWS certified and a true inspiration to Women in Tech. Being a proud mom of 3 kids under five years old, she turned challenges into motivation to learn and achieve her goals. When we reached out to her to share her experience with each certification, her quick response showed us her passion for coaching and mentoring others. She finds time to guide many young people to choose the right career through her LinkedIn profile. She is self-driven to organize and lead learning …

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Journey to AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Success

Journey to AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Success by Damien Burks

Damien Burks is a tech enthusiast with many certifications in hand such as CompTIA Security+, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Developer Associate, and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. His passion for building and inventing new products led him to the computer science field. He started off with writing small codes and creating simple video games. Now, he specializes in Security Software engineering and aspires to be a DevSecOps engineer soon. When we reached out to him, he was more than excited to share his study tips and insights on a certification path. In this article Damien talks about his …

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Microsoft Azure Tutorial: A Quick Introduction

Microsoft is one of the leading names across the globe when it comes to reliable IT services. As cloud computing is on the rise now, one of the most notable contributions of Microsoft has to be Microsoft Azure. As more companies opted for cloud migration during the COVID pandemic, the revenue growth of Microsoft Azure stood at 50% in the third quarter of 2021. Microsoft Azure offers a plethora of products and applications including artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and blockchain – offering modern solutions for every business need. Currently, the cloud computing landscape has three major players to look …

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Introduction to Microsoft Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center is a collective infrastructure that promotes the security management aspect within the Azure service space. The main role of the Azure Security Center is to add strength to the entire security posture of the Azure datacenters. Along with that, it ensures proficient threat protection for the hybrid workloads within the cloud. It does not matter whether you are within the Azure cloud or not; Azure Security Center has the potential to offer you threat management for all types of hybrid workloads within different clouds. Azure Security Center is best at keeping the important resources safe. It is …

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What Is Azure Sentinel?

Amongst all the Azure services, Sentinel is one of the most crucial ones in the lot. Azure Sentinel offers security intelligence aspects for your enterprise. The data essential for the analysis is programmed to be stored within Azure Monitor Log Analytics space. Progressing to the cloud doesn’t keep you blindly safe from all of the security hassles; it does need protection! Cloud services are more prominent targets, just like any of the other on-premise systems. It is solely because they are gaining popularity in today’s era. There are people or programs that are looking for ideal opportunities to steal information from …

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What Is Azure Monitoring?

Azure Monitor is a service by Microsoft that has the potential to enhance the performance and availability of services and applications. With Azure Monitor, you can intend to collect, analyze and act upon the metrics collected from the cloud and the on-premise environments. With this collective information, you will get an idea of how the applications within Azure performs. Hence, you can identify the issues that affect those applications. To be precise, Azure Monitor is used for detecting and diagnosing the issues across dependencies and applications. You can do this with the help of Application Insights. To know more about Application …

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What Is Azure Pipeline?

Azure Pipelines is yet another service offered by Azure that has the potential of building and testing the code projects to make them available for others. The best part is that it works perfectly with any of the project or language types. Azure Pipelines intend to combine the continuous delivery and continuous integration over time to carry out the testing and building of the code and carry out its shipping onto any specified target. Azure Pipelines, in simple words, is the service that allows you to build & deploy the code or project upon complete automation. It will eventually save …

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What Are Azure Boards And Why Is It Important?

A team is in desperate need of tools that can assist in the entire process of managing the software projects, and Azure Boards intends to do that for you. In basic terms, Azure Boards is a prominent service that is meant for managing the work for dedicated software projects. It brings in a proficient set of potential that is embedded with the native support for Kanban and Scrum. Along with that, it also intends to offer support for integrated reporting and customizable dashboards. Azure Boards is the interface that helps you track the tasks, bugs, and features within your software project. …

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