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Project Selection Methods – Part 2

Project selection methods II This article will cover Benefits Measurement methods in detail. Benefit measurement methods include comparative methods, scoring models, and cash flow analysis. They are used as project selection tools to determine which project to proceed with or to determine which project among a list of projects should be undertaken. Cost – Benefit Analysis :Already covered Scoring Models Cash flow Analysis Technique Scoring Models Another project selection technique in the benefit measurement category is a scoring model, or weighted scoring model. Weighted scoring model is used not only to choose between projects but also to choose between competing …

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Projectized Organization

At the pinnacle of project management structures is the projectized structure. These organizational types group employees, collocated or not, by activities on a particular project. The project manager in a projectized structure may have complete, or very close to complete, power over the project team. Project managers in a projectized structure enjoy a high level of autonomy over their projects, but also have a higher level of responsibility regarding the project’s success. Project managers in a projectized structure have the following attributes: High to complete authority over the project team Works full-time on the project with his team (though there …

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Matrix Organizations

Matrix Organizational Structure – A Complete Guide

This form of organization is helpful in maximizing the strength of both the functional and projectized structures. When it comes to matrix organization, think “Two Bosses”. Team reports to both functional and project manager. Communication also flows from team to two bosses. Team needs to work in project work as well as routine work. Matrix organization is blend of functional and projectized organization. Try Our Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Free Test Matrix Organizational Structure There are three types of matrix organizations: Weak Matrix Organization Balance Matrix Organization Strong Matrix Organization The power of the project manager differs in these three …

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Social & Political Influences on project management

Project Management is a bridging role between the requesting organization, performing organization and also the society. As there will be influences and interests from requesting organization, there will be demands and influences from society also. In fact society is the user of majority of the project outcomes in the world. This article will give information on what are such social and political influences a PM should be aware of. Most project managers in their early years ignore politics surrounding their projects with high cost. Why is understanding politics, influence, and conflict management a critical skill for today’s project manager?Now a …

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roles in project management

Different Roles in Project management – Covering various Industries

It is very important to every project manager in fact to every person across industries to know about all the possible roles in project management that exist in their respective organizational hierarchy. With the role comes the responsibility. There are tons of responsibilities to execute, things to accomplish and be accountable for. One should have fair knowledge and exposure to all the project manager roles in the organization irrespective of their level and responsibilities. This helps them to understand the different people’s interest in the organization, their scope of authority and power line. Preparing to become a Certified Project Management …

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Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect : Beta Exam

OCMJEA certification signifies that the person is capable of handling advanced design skills and lead roles in creating applications. The certified person demonstrates good understanding of architecture and Java EE Technology for business applications. NOW, Oracle is out with the OCMJEA 6 Beta Version. Exam Name : Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Exam No. : 1Z1 – 807 Duration : 2.5 – 3 Hrs No. of Questions : 90 – 150 Passing Score : As it is a Beta Exam, the score will be decided later on. (approximately after 11 weeks) It is a multiple choice examination. …

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Guidelines & Recommendation on changes in Oracle Certified Master, Java EE5 Enterprise Architect (earlier known as SCEA) Certification

Oracle is changing certification requirements from 1st October, 2011 but this article summarizes all the information with respect to the same. If you want to do certification in current format, here are the important guidelines: You need to clear all three steps (multiple choice exam, assignment & essay) before 30th September, 2011 If you want to ensure that you receive grade before 30th Sep, you need to submit your assignment (2nd part) & essay (3rd part) before 27th August Otherwise, you can still submit your assignment & essay before 30th Sep, but if you fail in that, resubmission requires meeting new certification requirements. …

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5 Reasons that make OCPJP Exam tough

You start preparing for the OCPJP exam with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. You do various researches on the internet, read various Java forums and also buy that 1st book on OCPJP exams. You are now really committed to study 2-3 hours every day and clear the exam in about 1-3 months time. The next few days go by and you didn’t get those initial 2 hours to study. Then a whole week goes by and you start getting a little worried as you promised to give it more time over the weekend…….sounds familiar. We asked many OCPJP exam takers …

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Ten Most Common Errors in Java :

It’s natural to make mistake, even if you are new to java or an expert in coding. Here’s a list of common mistakes done while coding in java : 10. Method Overriding – mismatch of the method name: Overriding is very helpful feature and is heavily used in java. Easiest way of trap is mistype of the method name. If we mistype the name, we are no longer overriding the method but creating a new method but with the same parameter and return type. Compiler doesn’t not pick up this kind of problem and it can lead to frustrating results. …

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New Features in Java 7

Java 7 also known as Dolphin is going to be available from 28 July 2011 . The additional features for Java 7 are : Support for dynamically typed languages – Extensions to the JVM, the Java language, and the Java SE API to support the implementation of dynamically-typed languages at performance levels near to that of the Java language itself. Language changes – Strings in Switch statements Try with resources statements Improved type inference for generic instance creation – “Diamond” Simplified varargs method invocation Better integral literals Improved exception handling (multi-catch) Concurrency & Collection utilities – A lightweight fork/join framework, …

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