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Apache Kafka Fundamental Training Course

Apache Kafka Fundamentals Training Course Launched

Data is undoubtedly the most vital asset in the present times for every individual and enterprise. Therefore, the demand for various platforms, technologies, and frameworks for using the massive volume of data available presently continues to increase gradually. For example, tools such as Hadoop, Python, Spark, and Tensorflow help in the management and learning from gradually increasing amounts of data. At such a time, Whizlabs brings another unique offering with our new Apache Kafka Fundamentals Training Course.

Our new Apache Kafka Fundamental training course is the ideal tool for learners to find unique job opportunities. It will help our learners know all about the basic concepts related to Apache Kafka. Furthermore, it also ensures that our learners are able to update their knowledge of the tech industry and cope with changes that come with digital transformation. Our subject matter experts have designed the Whizlabs Apache Kafka online course with sheer dedication and their knowledge and experience. 

The following discussion aims at presenting the essential details of our new Apache Kafka training course. The important highlights in the discussion would include a reflection on the origins, definition, and significance of Apache Kafka. In addition, the discussion would also outline the contents of our new Apache Kafka online course and the ways in which it can help you. 

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What is Apache Kafka?

Before starting a discussion about our new Apache Kafka Fundamentals Training Course, it is important to reflect on its definition. In the most basic sense, Apache Kafka is open-source software that gives a framework for storage, reading, and analysis of streaming data. Since Kafka is open-source, there are no costs for using the software.

In addition, it also has a massive network with users and developers contributing to new features and updates. The open-source community of Kafka is also helpful for new users to obtain support. The design of Kafka is ideal for running in a distributed environment. Therefore, Apache Kafka runs on multiple servers, thereby allowing users to make the most of the additional storage capacity and processing power of the additional servers. 

The origins of Apache Kafka are also an important detail that you should know before opting for our Apache Kafka Fundamentals training course. A team at LinkedIn developed Kafka around 2010 for solving the problem of low-latency in the ingestion of large volumes of event data from LinkedIn website and infrastructure into a lambda architecture harnessing Hadoop and real-time event processing systems. The primary objective of the team behind designing Kafka was to ensure real-time processing.

Almost every enterprise wants to build sophisticated machine-learning algorithms, and the algorithms function only with data. Therefore, procuring data from source systems and moving it across all algorithms was a prominent setback. Batch-based solutions such as traditional messaging queues and enterprise messaging solutions could not solve the problem. Kafka resolved this issue, and now LinkedIn reportedly has ingestion rates of 1 trillion messages per day. 

Why Learn About Apache Kafka?

The significance of Kafka is visible in the various important applications it has. Almost one-third of the Fortune 500 companies are using Apache Kafka, thereby showing its importance. With our Apache Kafka Fundamentals training course, you will learn the different applications of Apache Kafka. The general use of Kafka is in real-time streaming data architectures for providing the facility of real-time analytics.

Kafka provides exceptional speed, scalability, durability, and a promising fault-tolerant publish-subscribe messaging system. Therefore, it is the preferred alternative in use cases involving requirements of higher volume and responsiveness. The applications of Apache Kafka by different organizations related to different use cases.

For example, LinkedIn uses Kafka for tracking activity data and operational metrics. In the case of Twitter, Kafka provides a stream processing infrastructure in unison with Storm. Many other renowned companies such as Netflix, Uber, Goldman Sachs, PayPal, Cisco, Spotify, and CloudFlare use Apache Kafka. 

The new Apache Kafka Basics training course by Whizlabs can also help learners explore the architecture of Kafka in detail. Our basics course on Apache Kafka can help learners know about the distinct functions of Apache Kafka and how the architecture of Kafka supports them. The three distinct capabilities of Kafka bear parallels with its architecture, thereby leading to the productive implementation of its applications.

First of all, Kafka is capable of publishing and subscribing to record streams, just like an enterprise messaging or a message queue system. The second capability of Apache Kafka streaming platform is the storage of record streams in a fault-tolerant and durable environment. The third capability of Kafka is the processing of record streams while they occur.       

Apache Kafka training can help you understand that its applications are broadly evident in two different categories. The first type of application of Apache Kafka is to build real-time streaming data pipelines that can transfer data reliably between systems or applications. The second category of application of Apache Kafka is the development of real-time streaming applications that can transform or respond according to the streams of data.

Whizlabs Apache Kafka Fundamentals Training Course 

Our new Apache Kafka Fundamentals training course can help you identify the capabilities of Kafka as a distributed streaming platform. Apart from reflecting on these aspects related to Apache Kafka, the Whizlabs Apache Kafka basics training course helps you learn more. Developing your expertise in Apache Kafka prepares you for promising job roles related to it. Our course can help you learn about the core components of Apache Kafka alongside the essential aspects related to its functions. 

The most appealing highlight about our Apache Kafka Fundamentals training course is its organization and simplicity. Learners can find that the categorization of the different video lectures helps them in understanding each concept with clarity. As a result, there is limited risk for learners to confuse one concept with another. The best thing that you would find in our Apache Kafka Fundamentals online course is the focus on basic concepts only.

If you are here to learn about the fundamentals, then that is what you will get. So, learners don’t have to worry about complicated terms and concepts being thrown at them in the training course. Our Apache Kafka Fundamental training course covers the basics of Apache Kafka in seven different modules. Here is a list of the different modules you would get in our Apache Kafka online course for beginners.

  • Introduction to Kafka.
  • Kafka Concepts.
  • Kafka Setup.
  • Kafka CLI.
  • Kafka APIs.
  • Kafka Advanced Topics.
  • Kafka Twitter Case Study.

With the help of these seven modules in our Apache Kafka fundamentals online course, learners could grasp the basic concepts. The fundamentals training course for Apache Kafka by Whizlabs helps you get a basic impression of Kafka. In addition, you can also learn about its applications and use cases thoroughly alongside its advantages. Here are some of the crucial highlights of our Apache Kafka Fundamental training course. 

  • Training videos in the course have a total duration of 4 hours and 45 minutes.
  • You get 31 lectures in the training course.
  • The course ensures comprehensive coverage of all basic topics related to Apache Kafka.
  • The training course is available to learners with the assurance of unlimited access and lifetime validity. 
  • Learners can access the training course on a wide assortment of devices, including PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. 

Have any questions regarding the Apache Kafka training course? Ask in Whizlabs Forum and get answers by the industry experts.

How Could Whizlabs Help You Learn Apache Kafka Basics?

Whizlabs has constantly helped many technology professionals shape up their career over more than a decade. Our Apache Kafka fundamentals training course is suitable for aspirants who want to pursue careers as Big Data Hadoop Developers, Testing professionals, Messaging and Queue System Professionals, Big Data Analysts, and Project Managers. Here are some of the other unique benefits that you can get with our fundamentals course on Apache Kafka.

  • The foremost benefit that you get with the new Whizlabs Apache Kafka online course is value for money. Apart from the very affordable pricing of the course, Whizlabs also offers a 100% moneyback guarantee. Therefore, you can be sure of investing your money in a trusted online course.
  • The online fundamentals course on Apache Kafka by Whizlabs covers all basic concepts in 31 lectures. The focus of each lecture on the crucial concepts pertaining to Apache Kafka helps learners avoid any complexities in learning. 
  • You can access the Apache Kafka online course anytime, anywhere, thereby ensuring higher convenience of learning. Learners could watch the training videos after a long, hard day at work by relaxing on their couch. 
  • Whizlabs has held its reputation in the field of online certification training for many years with its exceptional customer service. Customer support is never an issue at Whizlabs with highly competent and experienced customer support executives. Furthermore, learners could also obtain support from subject matter experts to clear any doubts they may have regarding the course. 

Are you Ready to Learn Apache Kafka Fundamentals?

So, you have a truly engaging and promising instrument to learn about Apache Kafka now. Our Apache Kafka Fundamentals training course will help you overcome the initial difficulties in learning about Apache Kafka. Once you start playing the training videos, there is no stopping you from exploring the interesting and eventful world of Apache Kafka.

With more and more tech giants looking for Kafka professionals, the future definitely seems better for learners after completing the Apache Kafka online course. The growing promises with this new technology and its niche identity in delivering high-end services to enterprises will continue to increase the demand for professionals in Apache Kafka. So, take the big step for a thriving career ahead right now!            

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