Ansible basics online course

Announcement: Ansible Basics Online Course Launched

The world of application and software development requires drastic and fast-paced innovation. In recent times, the most promising intervention in application and software development is automation. As the popularity of Ansible as an automation platform increased in recent years, we decided to come up with the Ansible basics video course. Our Ansible basics online course is meant for tutoring candidates in all the basic concepts of Ansible and its different applications.

Not to mention that Whizlabs Ansible Online Course is the perfect instrument for preparing IT professionals to adapt to changes accompanying digital transformation. We have paid adequate attention to cover all the necessary aspects of Ansible and their relevant applications. In this following discussion, we aim to present some of the important highlights of our recently launched Ansible basics online course.

Ansible Basics Video Course

Understand the Basics of Ansible

Before we start the discussion on our Ansible course, let us take some time to reflect on Ansible’s basic definition first. Ansible is an opensource automation platform that supports task automation, configuration management, and application deployment. The uses of Ansible are also prominent in IT orchestration for the execution of specific tasks in sequence or chain of events. Simply put, Ansible is a tool that helps you manage complex tasks with profound ease of use. 

The credit for the development of Ansible goes to Michael DeHaan. Michael DeHaan is also the author of the provisioning server application, Cobbler. Every Ansible basics online training venture running presently owes certain credibility to Michael DeHaan for his unique contribution. Now, Ansible is under the ownership of Red Hat after Red Hat acquired the former in 2015.

The facility of training with our Ansible course is a part of Fedora, one of the Linux distributions. Furthermore, you can also find Ansible for other Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Oracle Linux or CentOS. The primary idea underlying Ansible basics online training is to support the better visualization of managing systems and applications. The essential objective of Ansible helps in creating a distinct identity.

Ansible deals with conventional issues in the management of software stacks on servers. As compared to the in-house scripting solutions and management vendors, Ansible serves as a functional tool for orchestrating multi-tier applications. Ansible, as a single framework, is capable of complete automation of various app development processes like configuration and deployment.

The popularity of Ansible basics online course is rightly evident in the uniqueness it brings to automation. The essential features of Ansible, such as simplicity, power, and agent-independency, make it an ideal choice for adoption. The simple and agentless approach of Ansible helps developers and sysadmins adopt it and put it to use quickly and easily. On the other hand, enterprises can also leverage the Ansible Tower for accomplishing necessary control over the automation process.

Ansible Basics Online Course

The Whizlabs Ansible basics online course is a promising alternative for learning effectively about Ansible concepts. The contributions of certified professionals and subject matter experts in designing this course are extensive. The comprehensive detailing of the basic concepts without dabbling in technical jargon excessively makes this course easy to learn.

You can find ten different lectures in the Ansible basics video course upon purchasing our newly launched offering. The total duration of the videos amounts to almost 2 hours, and you can access the video course flexibly. Most important of all, the extensive coverage of various topics related to Ansible in short videos is supportive for new learners. Allow us to highlight the different topics that we cover in the Ansible basics video course.

  1. Introduction
  2. Ansible Installation and Configuration Part 1
  3. Ansible Installation and Configuration Part 2
  4. Locating Documentation
  5. Ad-hoc Ansible Commands
  6. Ansible Playbooks
  7. Working with Ansible variables
  8. How to Use Ansible Facts
  9. Troubleshooting and Debugging Ansible
  10. Understanding Handlers in Ansible

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How can Whizlabs Online Course for Ansible Basics Help in Your Career?

Whizlabs has upheld its reputation in online certification and technology training for over a decade now. You can find the immense benefits of the untapped pool of knowledge by subject matter experts and professionals in various technological platforms. Ansible is also one of the prominent technology platforms right now in the IT landscape. Since we aim at improving your understanding of the Ansible fundamentals with this course, you can receive prominent benefits.

Let us present some of the unique advantages of our Ansible basics training course.

  • Our Ansible basics training course helps students cover all the topics comprehensively. The detailed explanation of various topics in the videos and the short length of the videos makes your learning easier.
  • The Whizlabs Ansible basics course deals with all the basic concepts related to Ansible, such as installation and configuration, playbooks, ad-hoc commands, etc. Therefore, you would barely escape any concept before entering the Ansible landscape with this course.
  • The facility of unlimited access to the videos also shows that you can access them at any time. Therefore, you can learn at your convenience and comfort level.
  • Our customer support and expert support stand apart from the crowd due to diligence and capability. You can get support regarding your queries and doubts at any time on the clock without any inconvenience.
  • The frequent evolution of technology leads to many updates and improvements. The same is applicable for Ansible. Whenever Ansible rolls out any updates, our Ansible basics course also gets updates accordingly. Therefore, you would not have any issues regarding the content in our training course for Ansible basics.

Ready to Learn the Basics of Ansible?

Are you ready now to learn Ansible? Ansible basics can seem a bit alien for freshers. However, you can find innovative ways to learn Ansible in a better and engaging manner with Whizlabs. Our professional subject matter experts and certified professionals working with Ansible provide practical insights on basic Ansible concepts.

The design of the Ansible online course is ideal for every new learner. Also, the facility of round the clock customer support make the course effective and easier to follow. Once you complete this basic online course in Ansible, you can move towards specialist certifications for a promising career ahead. So, enroll now and bring your career one level up.

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