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Amazon WorkLink – Secure Access to Internal Websites and Apps

Looking for an easier way, other than VPN, to provide secure access to your corporate data? Amazon Web Services has announced the launch of Amazon WorkLink that will allow the employees to have quick and secure access to your internal apps and websites using their mobile devices.

AWS Announces Amazon WorkLink

Amazon WorkLink is an application, described as the fully managed service that enables you to provide your employees an easy as well as secure access to your internal web applications and websites with their mobile devices. It makes access to the internal web content easier without any delay to connect to the corporate network, just like any public website.

This is not a new release, by the way. Employees have been using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and device management software for years in order to access the internal content. But Amazon WorkLink is a more convenient way to access the internal data of the company with any type of device. These traditional solutions were inappropriate and disruptive in nature.

Amazon WorkLink removes the drawbacks of the traditional solutions that were previously used. It works in a much more secure way as it doesn’t store or cache the internal content on the employee’s mobile phones’ browser. This way, Amazon WorkLink doesn’t create a direct connection between the employee and the corporate’s internal data at any time.

The time has gone when every other employee was provided with the corporate mobile phones. It’s the era of BYOD (Bring your own device) where the employees use their own devices to access the corporate’s internal content. Amazon WorkLink is a system that makes the BYOD environment more secure.

How does the Amazon WorkLink Work?

The Amazon WorkLink is a system that works as an intermediate between the user and the corporate environment. Here are the simple steps to understand the role of the AWS WorkLink and how it works.

  • The users (mainly corporate employees) download and install the Amazon WorkLink mobile application.
  • With the purpose of navigating the internal website or application using the browser on his phone, he requests access for the internal webpage.
  • Amazon WorkLink isolates the page in a secure browser that is running in the AWS container. At the time of user request, WorkLink acts as an intermediate and requests the web content from the corporate environment on behalf of the user.
  • AWS WorkLink renders the content in a secure AWS container and converts it into vector graphics.
  • Then AWS WorkLink completes the user request and sends the requested page to the employee’s mobile device without caching or storing data. The page is sent in the form of vector graphics while keeping the functionality and interactivity of the page preserved and maintained.

The diagram below will help you easily understand the role of AWS WorkLink to provide employees secure access to the internal websites and applications.

Benefits of Amazon WorkLink

  • It is a secure way to give users access to the internal content available on the websites and applications.
  • As a business, you need to pay only $5 usage fee for every user that uses the Amazon WorkLink service on monthly basis.
  • There is no minimum fee, no extra charge for the bandwidth consumption or long-term commitments to use Amazon WorkLink.

AWS WorkLink has now been launched and is currently available in few AWS regions – US East (Ohio, N.Virginia), Europe (Ireland), and US West (Oregon)

Bottom Line

Not to mention, Amazon WorkLink is the go-to solution to provide access to the internal websites. It doesn’t require the introduction of complicated Virtual Private Network into the workflow. Although few of you may even not find the implementation of VPN difficult but the download and installation of Amazon WorkLink app are much easier. Moreover, it provides a secure connection to your internal corporate content.

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