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Advanced Azure DevOps and AKS Patterns for Scalable Solution - Online Course Launched

Advanced Azure DevOps and AKS Patterns for Scalable Solution – Online Course Launched

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), which is the online version of Team Foundation Server, has been rebranded as Azure DevOps. That alone speaks to the power of DevOps. Whizlab finds the wall between Development and Operations very troublesome and hence has taken the task to enlighten its audience through a course on DevOps, a brilliant tool created by Microsoft to shatter any differences and difficulties. 


A new type of business operating model – a Cloud Operating Model – has emerged in the search to surpass the marketplace and achieve differentiation . The Cloud Operating Model aims to bring together business leaders, technology administrators, and teams to define how technology is applied through an organisation. The use of a company’s offensive and defensive strategy is all that makes it successful. It’s the backbone of not only the IT sector of a company but the whole organisation.

 It is said that the atom is the fundamental unit of the universe and the cell is the basic unit when it comes to a human body. Just like that, software is the driving basic unit of any company. The ability to host and maintain code dynamically is critical to every foundation’s optimization goals. Even if your team’s only code consists of a series of PowerShell or VB commands used to set up accounts or manage servers, storing it in Azure DevOps will give you a centralised place to manage it.

Work products, no matter how you organize them, will assist the team in breaking down complex structures into manageable workloads. You can model the work items around an Agile Framework (which is good for software development) or the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), which is good for systems administration, using a process template. 

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Azure DevOps offers a comprehensive framework for software-driven organisations to deploy their solutions in a network, allowing for continuous successful implementation. The Azure DevOps CICD pipeline will take your strategy from creation to delivery, whether it’s hosted in Azure or AWS. Azure Devops supports a wide range of business and community software. It’s a far cry from the early iteration of TFS, which was a closed-off single-vendor solution.

It is not a surprise that Microsoft Azure is Whizlab’s most appreciated and most promoted courses. Azure is something that has benefited on both sides of the ledger.


It is very important to touch base on what actually DevOp is and what it stands for. Our first run through will precisely focus on this. It’s an introduction which will enlighten you as to how DevOps unifies people, process and technology and takes it to another dimension of success and progress. It will give you a clear idea on what the limitations of this skill is and what are the powers that would be handed to you. Consumer needs, confidence and practice tools will be thoroughly explained and provided in the introduction chapter.

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The next step towards progression will be Azure repos and Azure Boards. Azure DevOps repos are a selection of dependencies that let you manage and version your project code. It facilitates collaboration and coordination of code changes through the team. It will allow you to keep track of code, solutions, builds, commits, pushes, PRs (pull requests), and project branching. Azure Boards is a service that helps you manage your software projects’ work. Flexible and adaptable resources are needed by teams. Azure Boards accomplishes this by providing a comprehensive collection of features, including native Scrum and Kanban support.

The progression will take you to explanation and details of infrastructure as code. Infrastructure as Code allows DevOps teams to review projects early in the development cycle in production-like environments. DevOps teams may collaborate using a common collection of practices and tools to quickly produce applications and their supporting infrastructure. The phase includes intense explanation of IaC Overview, IaC with CLI, ARM and Terraform.

Going ahead, we come to the most important and colourful part of the course. Kubernets and containers are something that students enjoy and work with full enthusiasm. Kubernetes (also referred to as “k8s” or “kube”) is an open data stream processing framework that optimizes many of the manual processes associated with deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications. It can hold right from premise to hybrid clouds. 

Moving forward you will be taught about Azure pipelines and Monitoring. Azure Pipeline is a cloud service that allows us to automatically create and test our code projects. The Azure pipeline has many features, such as continuous integration and continuous delivery, that allow us to test and develop our code on a regular basis and ship to any goal. Whole pipelines help you with the services, monitoring helps you with the maintenance and maximization of the application performance.

Our goal through this course is to build a person that enjoys the IT sector and looks at it with a revolutionary vision. A vision empowered with skills that we are ready to impart. Right from companies like ViaVarejo, QRPoint and Mews, who are all unicorn brands, have recruited employees who are averse with skills of azure. It’s becoming a need and Whizlabs caught the eye on the employee trend. It’s one of the most recommended courses and will benefit you in your whole career graph.


1. What is Azure DevOps used for?

Microsoft’s Azure DevOps framework is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that offers a complete DevOps tool chain for developing and deploying software.

2. Is Azure a future necessity?

Azure DevOps is a single platform that enables any software development team on the planet to use the Agile process to design projects, manage code with Git, test applications, and deploy code using the CI/CD framework. 

3. Is Azure a good bet for career opportunities?

Today’s companies are focused on reducing productivity time by automation, so now is a good time to start investing in and learning DevOps for a fulfilling future career.

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