Webinar Recording On Agile In A Nutshell: A Comprehensive Overview

Getting complete knowledge on agile methodologies by industry experts will surely be a great for any professional who wish to get complete knowledge on the same. Look in to the below webinar led by Indu S, Agile Practitioner & Coach on the same.

[youtube video=”b-9-2j9FHFY” width=”100%” height=”350″][spacer]

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About Sparsh Goyal

A passionate IT professional, Sparsh Goyal boasts of 4.3+ years of experience. He has worked for various projects under AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Spring Boot, Python, Microservices, RESTful, RESTFUL APIs/SOAP, Scripting, Shell and JAVA. He is also working towards gaining proficiency in Oracle Cloud PaaS, DevOps, SaaS and Docker/Kubernetes. His primary and secondary skills validate his relentless pursuits of expanding his horizon and developing more as an IT person. He boasts of the following certifications: *Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer. *AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Associate. *Oracle certified JAVA programmer.

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