Role of Blue Prism Developer

Roles and Responsibilities of Blue Prism Developer

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is considered the future of automation. RPA platforms like Blue Prism leverages the software capability for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning for automation processes by synthesizing data by eliminating repeatable tasks which are high in volume. The cutting-edge RPA technologies like Blue Prism shows huge scope in the role of Blue Prism developer.

So, if you are interested to know about the actual role of Blue Prism developer in the IT industry, you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss the role of Blue Prism developer along with the other aspects.

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What is Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is going to be the game-changing automatic robotic process software solution primarily for administrative work. The technology behind Blue Prism is RPA, i.e. Robotic Process Automation that will help to create an agile digital workforce for organizations and businesses. It is a complimentary IT solution to traditional business solutions like Business Process Modelling (BPM) and front office tools which are associated with productivity.

The main focused area where Blue Prism RPA differentiates itself from the usual enterprise IT solution is –

  • It is a 100% robotic automation solution with no human intervention.
  • Blue Prism implements business rules and logic, bulk processing, and consistent decisions making. However, there is a significant difference here. In the traditional enterprise solution, we do not get such scale up performance which can pace up with the business needs. Whereas Blue Prism Digital Workforce provides us with an enterprise-strength technology as expected to support the pace of business changes.

Blue Prism Developer Roles and Responsibilities

The primary role of Blue Prism Developer is to create robots on Blue Prism platform which is mainly developing a robotic process through coding. These processes are supposed to follow some set of rules to make the overall process faster without much human intervention. However, we cannot limit the task of a Blue Prism developer only to coding. The role of a Blue Prism developer may vary based on their years of experience, project-specific needs, and many other factors.

Here we have categorized the Blue Prism developer roles and responsibilities into below conditions which will give you a fair idea when you are going to apply for the role of Blue Prism developer.

Role of Blue Prism Developer with <3 Years of Experience

Here are the roles and responsibilities of a beginner and middle-level blue prism developer having less than 3 years of experience

  • Should have hands on experience on Blue Prism development
  • Participating in solution design against business requirements
  • Good understanding of business requirements along with technical details
  • Feasibility study and identifying the gaps
  • Troubleshooting capabilities for the issues to identify the root cause
  • To analyze business requirements for developing functional and non-functional system requirements
  • Involving in the QA Verification phase to support the QA team
  • Following the code adherence like proper commenting, adherence to design, nomenclature and security practices
  • Ability to deliver within estimated timelines
  • Participating in peer review process of codes adhering to design
  • Following best practices for code development, reviews, and releases
  • Ability to provide quick resolution for issues after go-live
  • Timely updating senior technical members for any concerning issue
  • Stay up-to-date with the RPA technology to add value to the project
  • Can do approach and a positive attitude to support the project as and when required
  • Performing Proof of Concepts for feasibility analysis for the proposed automated solution
  • Working with the operational teams during the UAT and roll-out
  • Fixing bugs during UAT and SIT
  • Performing administrative jobs in the Blue Prism live environment, for example, running processes, viewing logs, maintaining resource PCs, etc

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Role of Blue Prism Developer at Senior Level

Senior Blue Prism developer roles and responsibilities are not restricted to any specific category, and it includes the responsibilities mentioned above as well. Along with that, they may need to involve in more intense tasks as follows:

  • Working along with the BPM team and coordinating for smooth delivery aligned with business requirements
  • Implementing BPM workflow following BPM Best practices
  • Participating in the BPM integration process with existing services and applications
  • Performing database modeling along with intermediate database tuning
  • Performing code optimization and identifying potential issues and defects
  • Performing effort estimation for each line items of the business requirement document (BRD)
  • Gap analysis through BRD review and highlighting the same in BRD
  • Creating a work breakdown structure (WBS) aligned with BRD and High-Level Solution Design (HLD)
  • Verifying the WBS with test cases to confirm missing action items
  • Working on database design with normalization
  • Participating in the deployment program by creating a reusable module diagram and packing the solution
  • Help to conduct UAT and SIT along with reporting the results
  • Help to maintain the quality and change control process
  • Working with the project leaders for ongoing improvement of the project
  • Analyzing the technical and functional feasibility of new processes which needs to be automated
  • Documentation for automation-specific solution design
  • Developing new RPA solutions
  • Identifying technical infrastructure requirements for Blue Prism
  • Working on test procedures and scenarios for the pre-UAT phases
  • Implementing change requirements supporting a structured change control process
  • Monitoring and working on solving issues on day to day basis in RPA processes
  • Working with Business Analyst and SME for process identification and feasibility analysis
  • From a programming viewpoint configuring new Blue Prism objects and processes. Along with that, they are responsible for maintaining the code base developed by the developers
  • Creating and maintaining solution for other relevant terms, e.g., ODI, PDD, SDD, etc
  • Communicating with Blue Prism product support team on software related issues, suggesting in case of any improvements and seeking advice from other users in the Blue Prism community
  • Attending meetings for the process development and problems identified with the solution
  • Excellent team leading capability
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills and ability as they frequently need to interact with stakeholders
  • Capable of taking up complex challenges in Blue Prism environment

The list is enormous and very much specific to the project requirements.

What is Average Blue Prism Developer Salary?

The salary varies based on the role of a Blue Prism developer. As per the market research, it varies from an average of $87,464, which ranges from $73,584 considering 25th percentile to $99,040 at the 75th percentile. On the other hand, the top Blue Prism developer salary could be more than $113,207.

Not to mention, the salary depends on the Blue Prism developer experience and skill set. For example, in India, if a developer has less than one year of experience he can expect an annual salary of 3.5 LPA. Similarly, if the developer has 1–3 years of experience he may get 4.5 to 6 LPA.

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How does Blue Prism Developer Certification Help You?

Blue Prism developer certification can help you grow as a professional and enhance your career. Let’s have a look at a few of them to understand the benefits of Blue Prism Developer certification.

Become a  trusted technical person for an organization

Being a sophisticated and advanced technology RPA is a complex area where errors may cause a lot of problems in an existing system. Hence, organizations always look for technical people who are efficient enough to handle any challenges of RPA. No doubt a certified Blue Prism developer is the best choice in this regard. As Blue Prism sets a high standard accreditation process through its certification exam, hence the certified candidate can proficiently maintain the enterprise RPA delivery standards. Being a certified Blue Prism developer one can achieve the below skills :

  • Good understanding of the core areas of robotic automation
  • Skills in the Java Access Bridge can also be enhanced simply
  • Administrative skills like understanding of the user roles and permissions
  • Excellent level of hands-on knowledge in the field of Microsoft office tools specifically – Excel, Macro, Access, and other general office applications
  • Good understanding of the SOLID principles to develop a quality process related to the layout as well as responsibility delegations
  • Utilization capability of robotics to derive the favorable outcomes for the organizations

Consequently, they play the role of Blue Prism developer following the specific demands of the enterprise while ensuring the best possible solution. A certified Blue Prism developer is a trusted technical person for an organization who can provide the best-derived result due to their better exposure to the core concepts in Blue Prism automation approach.

Fly high in career and draw a good package

A certified Blue Prism professional can expect an annual salary of $70,000, whereas without certification it drastically varied and could be $43,000. Hence, it is evident that the Blue prism certification places a Blue Prism developer in a good position in the Blue Prism jobs market. The certification not only provide advanced technology benefits to a professional but also helps him to

  • Easily secure job not only in IT but also in RPA industry in any domain.
  • Earn more than other technology experts earn parallel to Blue prism

Final Words

Blue Prism certificate is designed in a way so that one needs good practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge. Hence, practicing Blue prism developer certification dumps works like a wonder for candidates and expose them to actual exam like scenarios. Keeping this in mind, we at Whizlabs has designed Blue Prism Developer Practice Tests as part of our Blue Prism training which will help you to concentrate on technical logic and practice diagrams as much as possible. This no doubt will help you to make a better understanding of objects and session variables.

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