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Exploring the Benefits of Validation Feature in Hands-on Labs

In our Hands-on labs, the validation feature is a powerful tool that enhances the learning experience in numerous ways. It provides real-time feedback, ensures accuracy, builds confidence, prevents errors, and streamlines the assessment of practical skills. 

Incorporating this feature into educational settings not only benefits students but also aids instructors in evaluating and nurturing the learner’s abilities effectively. 

In this blog, you will find a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the Validation Feature in Hands-on Labs, providing a thorough understanding of its functionalities and benefits. Let’s dive in!

Hands-on Labs: A Key to Unlock Your Practical Knowledge

Hands-on Labs offer a distinctive opportunity for learners to enhance their expertise in a particular skill or technology by offering structured guidance, hands-on exercises, and real-world projects. Hands-on Labs provide a level of practice that is unparalleled elsewhere.

You can rapidly acquire valuable practical skills using hands-on labs and lab challenges, all without incurring extra expenses, creating new accounts, or investing time in setup.

Furthermore, you can master cloud computing with complete peace of mind, as you validate your practical knowledge without risking any disruption to your live production environment. 

Quick Overview: Validation Feature in Hands-on Labs

As technology and education continue to evolve, the Validation Feature remains a valuable asset for those seeking hands-on, practical learning experiences.

Validation options in hands-on labs offer significant benefits to individuals looking to change careers or enhance their expertise through practical learning experiences.

Skill Validation involves assessing the course objectives, which are well-structured collections of information outlining what a candidate needs to understand and be capable of doing to earn a specific certification.

Instructor’s supervision and monitoring play a pivotal role in hands-on lab sessions, offering significant advantages for both educators and learners. It is now automated with the advent of a validation feature.

These capabilities equip instructors with essential tools to efficiently manage lab environments, validate task completion, and assess performance. 

Real-time monitoring allows instructors to effortlessly keep track of students’ progress, ensuring they stay on track and complete tasks accurately. Furthermore, it helps to empower educators to offer timely guidance and support during AWS lab exercises.

This feature promptly addresses students’ queries, provides clarifications, and corrects misunderstandings. This level of assistance enhances the learning experience, bolsters students’ confidence, and fosters a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught.

How to Enhance Course Training Effectiveness Through Skill Validation?

Skill validation stands out as a highly effective means of confirming that learners have not only retained knowledge but have also honed their skills in AWS Self-paced labs. According to experts in the field, it entails giving students the opportunity to showcase their abilities and assess their own performance.

The skill validation process aligns with the training and skill development protocols and encompasses an evaluation of an individual’s capabilities. Achieving successful outcomes in this context serves as an indicator of competence and responsibility.

To become a master in the AWS platform, you can enroll in an AWS skill builder course.

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How to Enable the Validation Feature in Hands-on Labs?

Nowadays, various challenges in managing, maintaining, and delivering on-demand learning experiences. These challenges primarily revolve around issues such as accessibility, affordability, and the availability of suitable technical resources.

Whizlabs plays a pivotal role in addressing these challenges by ensuring that learners can fully immerse themselves in this learning environment, resulting in an efficient course program delivery. 

We offer valuable assistance to both businesses and educational organizations, helping them acquire the expertise required to create an ideal educational and learning system, all delivered through our virtual hands-on labs.

Regarding Skill Validation, Whizlabs introduced the Lab Validation feature and it comes up with the following features as listed below:

  • Helps the instructors and administrators to closely monitor progress and confirm the successful completion of specific lab exercises
  • Allows you to assess whether students or attendees have completed the lab tasks accurately, 
  • Streamline the grading and evaluation of hands-on skills

Furthermore, Whizlabs provides the capability to assign hands-on learning assessments, making it a prerequisite for students to successfully complete these assessments before advancing further within a lab.

Additionally, we furnish some features to assess skill levels effectively. Within a course, there are designated checkpoints that validate a student’s comprehensive understanding of the material, ensuring a thorough evaluation of their skills.

Here are steps on how to enable the lab validation feature in our hands-on labs:

Log in to your Whizlabs account via www.whizlabs.com.


Navigate to the Lab Library page either by clicking on the designated button or selecting the “Lab Library” option from the header menu.


On the Library page, you will find a list of available Labs, Challenges, and Projects.

Utilize the left-side menu to filter the contents and locate the specific Lab you wish to try, for example: AWS labs


Click on the lab title to access the detailed steps.

You will be directed to the lab details page.


Before starting the lab exercises, review the lab details to understand the tasks involved. Ensure that you have installed any prerequisites mentioned in the lab steps if necessary.

Once you are familiar with the Lab Details and tasks at hand, click on the “Start Lab” button.


Note: Your account will be deducted 10 points only if the lab launch is successful.

It typically takes 1 – 2 minutes to launch the lab environment, so please be patient.


After the lab has started successfully, click on the “Open Console” button to access the AWS Management Console in a new tab.

Perform each task as outlined in the Lab steps, and when finished, click on the “Validate Lab” button.

Validated Hands on Labs


Here, I have not created any labs, so lab overall status messages were generated as failed. 

failed validated labs

Once you have completed the lab, review the “Completion and Conclusion” section at the end of the page to consolidate your understanding of the topics and concepts covered.

To conclude the running lab, click on the “End Lab” button and wait for the process to complete.


In the sidebar feedback form, select the lab rating and provide feedback in the Description box. Click on the “Submit” button.


Each lab includes specific Support Documents available in the right panel, which are essential resources for that particular lab.

Benefits of Accessing the Validation feature in Hands-on Labs

Let’s see the core benefits of the validation feature in hands-on labs:



Real-time Feedback

The key benefit of using the validation feature is that it can offer real-time feedback. Whenever a user performs any tasks and configuration within the lab environment, this feature helps to evaluate their actions instantly.

The Validation Report indicates the result of your attempt, whether it is a ‘pass’ or ‘fail.’ In cases where the lab’s outcome is not favorable, it provides guidance on areas for improvement and how to perform better on your next try.

This kind of real-time feedback can assist the learners in identifying and rectifying mistakes promptly.

Ensures accuracy

Accuracy is one of the important factors in the technical learning platform. The validation feature ensures that the users are adhering to best practices and recommended configurations like virtual mentors. This kind of activity not only improves the learning experience but also assists the users in eliminating common mistakes.

Efficient learning

You can achieve efficient learning by eliminating the time spent on the grading process as it was done in an automatic manner. Or else, the instructor is involved in assessing the completion of lab exercises. Learners can progress through the hands-on labs at their own pace and they can completely focus on the learning process rather than administrative tasks.

Skill Mastery

Become a skilled master in whatever cloud platform by enabling the validation feature in hands-on labs.  Repeatedly doing practice tests in real-time validation can help to reinforce the concepts and help to become proficient in them. This can really worth it when preparing for the Certifications or working on AWS hands-on projects.


Why hands-on labs are important?

Hands-on labs help you to learn faster and better as the lab offers the option to practice and experiment. Honing your practical skills in cloud vendor platforms is essential to clear the certification,

What is AWS hands-on labs?

AWS Hands-on Labs offers the quickest way to acquire practical experience on Amazon Web Services within an active AWS environment. You can access AWS self-paced labs to enhance your practical skills.

What is an AWS sandbox?

A sandbox serves as an isolated testing environment that allows users to execute programs or access files without impacting the underlying application, system, or platform.

What are the labs available for AWS?

Here are some AWS labs you can go through:


Hope this blog covers complete information on validation options in hands-on labs. Additionally, we have delved into the extensive benefits of the validation option in detail.

Honing practical skills in cloud vendor platforms is essential for those who aspire to begin their career in AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud platforms

If you’re interested in accessing guided labs at your own preferred pace, we recommend trying out our sandboxes.

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