Communication Management – Part 2

Project Communication Management

Manage communications

Process of Creating, Collecting, Storing, retrieving and disposition of information in accordance to the communication management plan is what we do in Manage Communication process.


Tools & Techniques


  • Communication Management Plan
  • Work Performance reports
  • Enterprise environmental data
  • Organization process assets
  • Communication technology
  • Communication Model
  • Communication methods
  • Information management system
  • Performance reporting
  • Project communications
  • Project Management plan updates
  • Project documents updates
  • Organizational process asset updates

As we need to follow communication management plan, it will be first input to this process. What is to be communicated? In general we communicate project related information like, status, progress reports, issues, deliverables etc. All this information is called as work performance information. One point to remember is that we will not communicate this information as it is generated or created. We will derive the overall situation out of them and share it in the form of reports. So, Work performance reports are another input. When we are submitting or circulating reports and other documented information, it is very obvious that we need agreed or standard templates and procedures to be followed. So Organizational process assets and Enterprise Environmental Factors like the organizational structure, work culture which can influence manage communications process will form other inputs. Top put it at one place, Communications Management Plan, Work Performance Reports, Enterprise Environmental Factors, Organizational Process assets are the inputs to this process.

We understood the inputs; now let us guess the outputs. Which process we are in now? Manage Communications. Am I right? If yes, what will be first output? Communications! Isn’t it? Yes Project Communications is the first output as it is the sole purpose of this process. We know that as we keep progressing the project there might be many situations where you will change / improve the processes. Whenever there is a change, respective plan and documents will get updated. So Project Document Updates is another output and if the update is for any subsidiary plan then? Project Management Plan Updates will be another output. All the outputs are easily identified. Project communications, Project Management Plan update, Project Document updates, Organizational Process Assets updates are the outputs from this process.

Now it is time to know about tools & Techniques. Communication Technology, Communication methods and Communication models, Information Management Systems and Performance Reporting are the tools and techniques used and followed. In this list we have already seen first three in Plan Communication management (previous) process. Information Management Systems is a tool (mostly software tool) using which the project information is stored, retrieved and distributed. Hard copy documents, electronic documents, Media recordings etc. will make up this category.

Performance reporting is collecting and distributing information like status reports, performance measurements, Progress data etc. This information is collected on periodic basis and then distributed. Analysing and understand such information will help to take actions if required and help the project to deliver what is expected to deliver.

Control Communication

Control communication is the process of monitoring and controlling communication through the entire project lifecycle to ensure the needs of the project stakeholders are met. This process ensures an optimal information flow among all communication participants, at any moment of time.


Tools & Techniques


  • Project Management Plan
  • Project communications
  • Issue Log
  • Work performance data
  • Organizational process assets
  • Information management systems
  • Expert Judgment
  • Meetings
  • Work Performance information
  • Change requests
  • Project management plan updates
  • Project document updates
  • Organizational process asset updates

When we say control, we need to monitor and control. This process identifies what is going right and what is going wrong and will try to take corrective or preventive actions. At times those actions may result in changing the process, changing the assets or changing the plan. Whatever it is, Change requests are output from this project. When we have changes, we will have updates also. Project Management Plan updates, Project document updates and Organizational Process updates are the outputs. When we monitor and control we tend to look at how the things are going which is technically called as Work Performance information which is another and last output.

You might get a doubt on why we are discussing outputs first this time. There is no special reason, I am just trying to show you that we can use our common sense and identify inputs, outputs and tools and techniques in any order. Of course, it comes only after having understood PMI PM Practices.

Monitoring and Controlling is indirectly comparing. We compare the happening things with planned things. For we need to know what are planned. Project management Plan and Communications plan are two inputs to this process. We anyway know that we will be using organization process assets to better manage the project and deliver value to customer. Issue log (issues solved) is the last input to this process and it is because we will be communicating on the issues occurred and the solutions implemented.

Tools and techniques are also easy to make out. When we take issues, performance data as inputs, we will certainly analyse them and distribute them to respective stakeholders. The same information is also stored for later use. Performance is also discussed in meeting and proper plans are laid and actions are taken to complete the project as agreed. Information management systems, Expert Judgment and Meetings are T&T With this we have completed Plan Communications, Manage Communication and Control Communication processes in Communication Management.

Questions & Answers

  1. You are working in a project with team size of 9 and you are facing trouble in controlling communications. You are trying to make out how many channels are there so that you can plan how to control the communication. You have decided yourself that you will also be a part of this exercise. Now calculate how many communication channels are there?
    • A. 36
    • B. 45
    • C. 54
    • D. 63

    Correct Answer: B. [n (n-1)/2 where n is number of people is the formula and remember questions says that you are included]

  2. On one fine morning one of the key stakeholders called you and said that he has not received the report on project status which is expected day before. You are trying to understand when it is to be sent and who is responsible person to send that information. You are successful in finding that information. Where did you find this information?
    • A. Project Management Plan
    • b. Project Document Updates./li>
    • c. Communications Management Plan
    • d. Organizational Process Assets.

    Correct Answer: C. [Communication Management Plan is the one which contains this information.]

  3. Extensive use of communication is most likely to aid in solving complex problems.
    • A. Verbal.
    • B. Written.
    • C. Formal.
    • D. Nonverbal.

    Correct Answer: B.

  4. Communications are often enhanced when the sender the receiver.
    • a. Speaks up to
    • b. Uses more physical movements when talking to
    • c. Talks slowly to
    • d. Shows concern for the perspective of

    Correct Answer: D.

  5. A project manager has a problem with a team member’s performance. What is BEST form of communication for addressing this problem?
    • A. Formal written communication.
    • B. Formal verbal communication
    • C. Informal written communication
    • D. Informal verbal communication.

    Correct Answer: D.

  6. A large, one-year Oil & Gas project is about halfway done when you take the place of the previous project manager. The project involves three different sellers and a project team of 30 people. You would like to see the project’s communications. Where will you find this information?
    • a. The communications management plan.
    • b. The project management plan.
    • c. The information distribution plan
    • d. The bar chart.

    Correct Answer: A.

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