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AZ-204 Preparation Guide - Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

AZ-204 Preparation Guide: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Preparing for the AZ-204 certification exam? Follow this ultimate AZ-204 preparation guide and get ready to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer.

AZ-204, the development solutions for Microsoft Azure certification, demands individuals to have knowledge of designing, testing, building, and maintaining different cloud applications or services. As per the curriculum of this certification, the candidate must possess at least 1 or 2 years of experience in the field of professional development. Apart from that, he/she must have proficient experience with Microsoft Azure as well.

The candidate must have knowledge of any of the Azure-supported programming languages. Moreover, you need to be eligible for ACE college credit on passing the AZ-204 certification exam. This AZ-204 preparation guide is a complete preparatory solution for you to get ready for appearing in this examination.

Why Opt for AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Azure Certification?

Taking up this exam will help you get clarity on all of the development aspects associated with C# or any other language that you desire to use. Microsoft is destined to use C# on priority, and this exam demands you to have the program’s ability. This examination also demands you to have knowledge of Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, and Azure SDKs. In the pursuit of mastering the AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure exam, you will also gain knowledge of the associated Azure services and solutions.

This examination is a perfect option for cloud architects to boost their knowledge of Azure development solutions. It covers lessons on in-depth attributes of application architectures with the use of Azure app services, containers, serverless architectures, microservices-based architecture, subscriber architectures, and others. Along with that, you will also learn the creation of loose and decoupled application architectures through the event grid, Azure storage queue, and service bus.

The main reason that promotes the necessity for this Azure certification is its potential to get you a high-paying job. When you intend to make your career with potential Azure skills, then this developing solutions certification is a great initiative to assist you in the process. The AZ-204 certification exam is quite in demand amongst individuals, as top MNCs are looking for certified Azure developers for diverse job roles. Therefore, if you wish to be a professional Azure developer, then this certification can be your foundation step.

Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Certification Exam Overview

AZ-204 is the examination especially for the cloud developers who opt for the jobs that involve development with respect to defining requirements & design and then to development & deployment. Along with that, this exam is also for people who want to put their hands into maintenance aspects of the developed solution. With this certification, the candidate will be able to partner with cloud administrators, cloud DBAs, and cloud clients.

The AZ-204 examination will have around 40 to 60 questions, and the duration for it will be 150 minutes. The approximate passing percentage for the examination is 70%. The question type is mostly MCQ but also consists of drag & drop, command line, and reorder questions. You can take up this examination either in a testing center or by self-proctoring at home. The validity of this certification is two years!

The price for this examination is $165, which might vary depending upon the country you opt for. The examination is available in Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and English. Furthermore, the examination is available for two categories over the official Microsoft website: for non-students interested in technology and for job seekers impacted by COVID 19. Choose the category you want, and you can proceed with registration. It is recommended that you take up Microsoft Azure Developer Associate certification before proceeding with the AZ-204 examination. It is not a mandatory prerequisite but is highly recommended!

With this examination, you will be tested thoroughly for your core knowledge of the Software Development Lifecycle, which includes designing, performance testing, troubleshooting, solution optimization, and development. If you intend to clear this certification in one attempt, you will need to implement an impactful AZ-204 preparation strategy and get hands-on experience in developing cloud solutions.

Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Exam Objectives

AZ-204 is an associate-level examination that has a difficulty level stated as ‘Intermediate.’ Moreover, it is complex on average terms as compared to all other Microsoft certifications. The examination consists of 5 modules and has different weightage for each of them. The weightage percentage implies the importance of each module for the examination. The modules are directly proportional to the areas that you need to prepare for clearing this certification exam. The modules are as follows:

  1. Develop Azure Compute Solutions- It has a weightage of 25 to 30%.
  2. Develop for Azure Storage- It has a weightage of 10 to 15%.
  3. Implement Azure security- It has a weightage of 15 to 20%.
  4. Monitor, Troubleshoot & Optimize Azure Solutions- It has a weightage of 10 to 15%.
  5. Connect to and Consume Azure and Third Party Services- It has a weightage of 25 to 30%.

Preparing for these modules will help give you clarity upon the core concepts for clearing the examination with good grades. Prioritize your AZ-204 preparation based upon the weightage of each module. For better understanding, here is the clarity on selected topics or key resources that you need to master on priority:

  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Vault
  • Azure Storage Account
  • Azure Cache for Redis
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Queue Storage
  • Docker, etc.

These are just a few of the key resources that you must explore during your preparation sessions for the AZ-204 examination. Along with the idea of what to learn, it is also important for you to check on the exam pattern and its associated information. It is because, with a complete idea of the exam pattern, you will be able to prepare more strategically.

Step-by-Step Guide for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Preparation

Microsoft is offering its own learning path to the candidates who have applied for the AZ-204 examination. Along with the learning path, Microsoft also suggests taking up paid instructor-led training for additional preparations to clear this certification on the first attempt. Here is the complete step-wise execution procedure for you to prepare for this examination.

Step 1: Know About the Exam

It is important for you to know about the exam in detail before you can decide on whether to approach it or not. You can create your Microsoft account and log in to the official page for AZ-204 certification. Check out all the important details highlighted over the page, including prerequisites, examination fee, available options, and other such details. Moreover, you must also download the Exam Skills Outline by scrolling down to the bottom.

Few of the crucial exam details are highlighted in the previous section of this guide, but you need to get the complete information highlighted in the outline. Once you are aware of the critical factors associated with the Microsoft Azure AZ-204 examination, you can proceed further on the path of becoming an Azure Developer.

Step 2: Prepare with the Official Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Learning Path

The official learning path, which was discussed a little before, is quite important to give you conceptual clarity. This learning path will not just help you master the fundamentals associated with this Azure Developing Solutions Certification but will also help you earn the skills required for this certification and beyond. The best part is that this learning path is completely free for you to access. The chapters and modules embedded in this free guide are the required information to start your AZ-204 preparation.

The topics covered within this learning path are:

  • Create Serverless Applications- 10 Modules
  • Connect your Services Together- 4 Modules
  • Store Data in Azure- 5 Modules
  • Deploy A Website with Azure Virtual Machines- 4 Modules
  • Manage Resources in Azure- 6 Modules
  • Deploy A Website to Azure with Azure App Service- 6 Modules
  • Secure your Cloud Data- 7 Modules

Scroll down to the extreme bottom of the official AZ-204 examination page to find this learning path, waiting for you to explore.

Step 3: Take Paid Courses Offered by Microsoft for AZ-204 Exam Preparation

If you think that the learning path is not enough for you to obtain optimal knowledge of Azure development solutions, then you can opt for the paid courses offered by Microsoft. These courses are led by instructors and are more proficient in terms of guiding you with the core concepts of AZ-204.

There are two courses for you to opt for. Each of these courses has a different subject matter and will give you a different set of knowledge. The courses are:

  • Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure This course intends to teach developers the crucial aspects of how to create impactful end-to-end solutions over Azure. Along with that, the students of this course will also master the usability of Azure compute solutions, managing web apps, utilizing Azure storage options, creating Azure functions, and others. The students who are interested in taking up the AZ-204 examination or are keen to become Azure Developers can take up this course.
  • Microsoft Azure Solutions for AWS Developers– This course is for three days and is meant for the AWS developers to learn and prepare the end-to-end solutions over Azure. This course will guide individuals to construct web app solutions, Azure Functions, and Azure app service. It teaches to use Cosmos DB storage within the solutions and utilize secure cloud aspects for authorization & authentication. The students who are experienced in AWS development, and are keen to learn about Azure development, can take up this course.

You can also enroll in the Whizlabs AZ-204 online course and give your preparation a new edge!

Step 4: Take up the Practice Exams

Once you have taken the official preparation courses, it is important for you to take up the practice exams. Microsoft offers practice exams for its AZ-204 and all other certification exams. When you feel like you are prepared to a considerable percentage, it is time for you to test your knowledge in these practice exams. In this way, you will learn about the exam format and will eventually understand the depth of your AZ-204 preparation so far. Evaluate your result with respect to the preparation you did so far. If the result is unsatisfactory, then you will have to put more effort into your preparation before the exam date arrives.

Whizlabs offers AZ-204 practice tests so you can get the real exam-like experience and get fully ready for the actual exam. Try AZ-204 free test now!

Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Free Test

Step 5: Practice Managing Azure Resources with the use of C# & CLI SDKs

Even though you have covered all the preparatory resources, it is important for you to do one more thing on utmost priority, that is practice management of the Azure resources. Do it with the use of CLI and C# SDKs. You do not need to learn the complete CLI, but get used to its potential for managing the listed resources as per the exam requirements. Hence, it will be of great help for the candidates to get hands-on experience.

Step 6: Register for the AZ-204 Examination

Yes, this is the last step of your preparation! You need to be thoroughly prepared to gain confidence in your skills and expertise to clear this examination. Once you have earned that confidence, you can go ahead and register for the examination.

Go to the official page of Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Developing Solutions Certification, and select one of the two categories listed below to proceed with your registration. Log in to the Microsoft account, and continue with the asked process. Select the date of your examination and proceed with the payment gateway. Your registration is done! And now, you have to continue with your preparation in order to master the fundamentals.

Salary of a Microsoft Azure Developer

The average salary of a Microsoft Azure Developer is $115,000 per year. It is a good amount to start the journey of Azure development, and with experience, the pay-out will eventually grow. The highest pay-out for an Azure Developer with experience is around $146,250 per year. Therefore, it is evidently a good career option for you to pursue!

Final Words

So, if you have made up your mind to take up the Microsoft Azure AZ-204 certification, then this preparation guide is going to help you with the utmost knowledge and direction. Follow the preparation steps, and you will find yourself proficient with the topics and their concepts in no time.

It is very important to choose the right resources for your AZ-204 exam preparation if you aspire to pass the exam on the first attempt. You can follow all the steps that are mentioned above in this preparation guide. Also, we recommend you enroll in the AZ-204 online course and practice tests, that form a foolproof kit for the AZ-204 exam preparation. Start your preparation now to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer!

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