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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

How to Prepare for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam?

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam is an advanced AWS certification exam that tests your knowledge on how to architect and design an AWS Solution for your projects. This is not the first certification in the AWS career path. If you are in entry-level learning, you should consider preparing for AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification.

In this article, we are going to explain the exam information and important tips that will help you prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam.

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam Information

Here is the basic information about the solutions architect professional exam. Note that these details are updated by Amazon frequently to ensure the quality of the certification. We keep updating our questions based on the latest exam syllabus.

aws professional exam information

How to get started?

You have start from Amazon’s official site for certification. That is the best place for you to start knowing about the various certification exams offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Here is the official site for AWS Certification Exams.

AWS Certification Exams

There are five certifications offered by Amazon Web services (AWS). These are divided into different levels such as – Associate Level, Professional Level, and Specialty level certification. Associate level is the entry point and Professional level is the advanced certifications. Here is the list of AWS certifications:

Associate Level Certifications

Professional Certifications

Specialty Certifications

One is recently launched basic level AWS certification – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. This AWS certification does not require any prerequisite and irrespective of all the other certifications. But can act as a prerequisite for professional level and specialty level certification exams.

Sign-Up for Free Tier Account

AWS free tier is the free web services environment offered by Amazon for it’s first time users. If you are new to the cloud computing world, then you must be aware that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud platform across the world. It has weak challenges from Microsoft and Google. So, there is great amount of opportunities for career if you have good knowledge on AWS and prepare for the AWS certifications.

Signing up to the free tier is ideal way to start making your hands dirty. There is no short cut, you have to get your hands dirty by exploring the AWS console once you have signed up for the free tier.

Please visit the site Sign-up for AWS Free Tier Account. This is the entry point for signing up to the free account.

AWS Console

Exam BluePrint

If you start preparing for the certification, the first thing you have to read is certification blueprint published in AWS’s website. This document demonstrates the certification topics and any other important references for the certification exam.


AWS Preparation References

AWS’s official certification site itself providing lots of study materials that will be very helpful for you to prepare for the Solutions Architect Associate certification exam.

  • Official Preparation Site – Just browse the official certification page for any information about the exams, white papers, FAQs , etc. that can be used for the preparation.
  • Exam Blue Print – Exam blue print is the exam objectives. This details out what are the things thate are covered in the exam.
  • Sample Exam Questions – There is set of 5 questions available in the official website. This questions can be reviewed by you to understand what type of questions are asked in the exam. Essentially this would help you to get an basic idea about the multiple choice questions. More than that it would not help you much. But, it is worth reading once as a first step before you start the preparation for the certification exam.
  • Hands-on Practice – This is one of the important part of preparation techniques. As we have explained earlier, once you are registered with the free tier account, you can start exploring the services available in the AWS console. This will give you very good idea on how to use them. Most of the questions asked in the exam is scenario based questions which expect you to choose based on a certain scenarios. Unless you have the experience, you will not be able to answer them properly.
  • FAQ – Every services have it’s own FAQs section. This section would provide very good clarity on the services. Essentially, these sections explains the do’s and dont’s of each services. That will be very helpful for the exam preparation.
  • Practice Exam – The practice exam cost you $20. But, there is only 20 questions for you. We would suggest that there is not much value spending $20 for just 20 questions. You can purchase any of the good exam simulators like Whizlabs for the most effective preparation.
  • White Papers – It is most recommended to read the white papers. Atleast reading few important white papers would help you to get good idea on the services. Some of the important white papers are Overview of Security Processes ,Storage Options in the Cloud ,Defining Fault Tolerant Applications in the AWS Cloud ,Overview of Amazon Web Services ,Compliance Whitepaper and Architecting for the AWS Cloud.

We hope that this article would be very helpful for preparing for the solutions architect professional certification exam. In Whizlabs, we are creating practice questions and training resources with maximum dedication to cover all the exam objectives and help the students to pass the exam in the first attempt. Our exam simulator have very detailed explanation for each questions. This will be them to understand why each option is correct or wrong.

If you have any questions about the AWS certifications, please call us and send mail to our support. We are happy to answer your queries related to AWS certification exams.

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  1. Passed AWS certified Solutions architect professional today “April 10, 2018” there were 77 questions, total which has to be finished in 170 Minutes.
    I guess the whizlabs dumps are not updated for 2018, there were lots of surprises though I managed to pass with 73%. Almost 60% questions was quite identical/same to what you whizlabs provides in it’s practice questions.


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