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Black Friday Sale 2020

Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020 Brings Amazing Offers

Excited about the Black Friday Sale and Offers for this year? Here we reveal the insights of the Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020. 

The year 2020 might not have worked out according to the plans of most people all over the world. However, the spirit of resilience has kept everyone going ahead, irrespective of all the odds. In a year when staying indoors served as the most reasonable option to stay safe, Whizlabs has delivered new, competent materials for helping many people specialize their skills across different disciplines.

With the wide collection of training courses, practice tests, and hands-on labs, Whizlabs has provided favorable support for many professionals in this hard time. As the year arrives at the end with the festive season just around the corner, Whizlabs brings the Black Friday Sale 2020. Existing customers of Whizlabs and new users can make the most of this opportunity to avail some of the best deals on Whizlabs products. The following discussion outlines what you can expect in the Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020.

Highlights of the Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020

  • Flat 50% Off on All Courses 
  • Additional 20% Off on Annual Subscription
  • Share and Win Contest
  • Social Media Quiz – WhizQuiz
  • Retweet and Win Contest

What Does Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020 Bring For You?

Whizlabs Black Friday Sale started off as a unique initiative to make our platform interesting. The primary objective of the Black Friday deals on Whizlabs is to facilitate better access to all Whizlabs training resources. Just like every year, Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020 brings a 50% sitewide discount on all Whizlabs products. You can avail 50% discount on any Whizlabs course of your choice by applying the promo code. Black Friday is obviously one of the important dates in the shopping calendar for the festive season every year.

Although this year has damped down the spirits of celebration, there is no way that you cannot make the most of Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020. As a matter of fact, you can start celebrating earlier with our Black Friday Sale starting on 24th November 2020. You can avail the comprehensive benefits of the Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020 for eight days till 1st December 2020.

Is the Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020 all about the 50% sitewide discount? Obviously Not!

Whizlabs has a lot more to offer in the Black Friday Sale this year. Most important of all, you can get the most amazing offer of the year on the Whizlabs Annual Subscription Plan. For those of you who are new to Whizlabs, the Annual Subscription Plan is your key to all Whizlabs courses, practice tests, and hands-on labs for a year. Available already at a 50% discount, the Whizlabs Annual Subscription Plan could be yours with an additional 20% discount.

More than Just Discounts!

The Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020 is not just about the discount on Whizlabs learning resources and subscription plan. We have brought a lot of interesting activities for all learners to have a really good time while making the most of our Black Friday Sale. Here is an outline of the top activities that would highlight this year’s Black Friday Offers.

  • Website Fun – Share and Win

One of the newest additions to the Whizlabs Black Friday Sale this year is the ‘Share and Win’ contest. The ‘Share and Win’ contest is quite simple and basically involves sharing the course you view with your friends.

Any participant has to choose the Whizlabs course of his/her choice and share it with his/her friends on social media.

Winners will get the opportunity to avail the course of their choice for free. Whizlabs will select 10 winners for the ‘Share and Win’ contest and give them 10 courses for free; one course to one lucky winner. Surely an easy and exciting way to win free online courses, isn’t it?

Social Media Contests

The whole world is slowly coming together on different social media platforms for connecting with each other. So, why not use social media for getting some additional benefits from the Whizlabs Black Friday Sale? Whizlabs has introduced two exciting social media contests that take the thrill of this year’s Black Friday Sale to a whole new level. Here are the two social media contests that you can enjoy in the Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020.

  • Black Friday WhizQuiz

The trademark social media quiz of Whizlabs, WhizQuiz, makes a ceremonial return for this year’s Black Friday Sale. The Black Friday WhizQuiz peaks up the interest in our Black Friday Sale and attracts many participants every year. Most important of all, the simple and easily understandable format of Black Friday WhizQuiz appeals to many of our customers. All you have to do is answer simple questions by us on our different social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin) regularly.

The best chance for winning the Black Friday WhizQuiz is participating on different social media channels. The more you participate, the more are your chances of winning.

Whizlabs will announce one lucky winner every day along with one runner up for the Black Friday WhizQuiz. The 8 lucky winners and 8 runner-ups across the span of the Black Friday Sale 2020 will receive Whizlabs Annual Subscription plan and Whizlabs one course respectively as rewards. Therefore, winning the Black Friday WhizQuiz can be your key to one year of unlimited, free learning on Whizlabs.

  • Retweet and Win 

Twitter has become quite a popular social media platform in recent times. If you are a Twitter user, then you know the value of ‘Retweet’. So, you have the opportunity to make the most of the ‘Retweet’ feature on Twitter and gain exciting benefits. The Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020 brings the ‘Retweet and Win’ contest for existing customers and new users.

All you have to do is Retweet the given Tweet in this contest and secure your place as the winner.

The ‘Retweet and Win’ contest will have only one lucky winner. Whizlabs will reward the winner of the ‘Retweet and Win’ contest with a $100 Amazon voucher.

Get Ready to Make Most of the Whizlabs Black Friday Sale!

The contests in Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020 will be the foremost highlights of one of the most notable events. The contests are quite simple and do not involve any complicated eligibility requirements. Any individual with a social media account could participate in social media contests. In addition, the contests involve simple tasks such as sharing online courses, Retweet on Twitter or answer the quiz questions. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about compromising your valuable time for participating in the contests during Black Friday Sale. Your participation in these contests will be a productive exercise alongside leveraging the benefits of the sale.

Whizlabs invites all existing users and new users to come forward and make most of the Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020. You have been the source of our inspiration and achievements over the years. Our beloved community of learners has always motivated us to strive for excellence. So, it’s our turn to return the favor by offering great discounts on the Whizlabs certification and training courses. Although the sale would last only for eight days, you can experience more in the event with our interesting contests.

Get ahead and make the most of the offers in the Whizlabs Black Friday Sale 2020 right now!       

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