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Abilesh holds a Master's degree in Information technology and Master of Philosophy Degree in Computer Science and did his Research on Information security via Collaborative Inference Detection. Also, received an Honorary Doctorate from UNO recognized organization. He contributes to Cloud research and supports building cloud computing tools.
getting started with power bi

Getting Started with Power BI – Whizlabs Webinar

Digital Transformation has become the crux of working for IT professionals these days. Every industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. In the future, all companies will be digital companies – not only building products, but services to capture new business opportunities and engage with customers differently to meet their evolving expectations. To disrupt and innovate, organisations must take on a...

MS-900 exam questions

MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals FREE Questions

Are you preparing for the MS-900 exam? - This blog post provides you with 25 Free questions for your MS-900 certification exam preparation. To learn the exam objectives clearly, our subject matter experts crafted these free questions to help you understand the core concepts through exhaustive explanations to every question. What to expect in MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certification exam? MS-900...

Microsoft MS-500 Exam Questions

MS-500 Exam: Microsoft 365 Security Administration Free Questions

This blog post provides you updated (Microsoft 365 security certification) MS-500 exam questions. By trying out these free Microsoft 365 security administrator (MS-500) questions and answers, you will learn about the security and compliance solutions which are available for Microsoft 365 and Hybrid environments. What to expect in Microsoft 365 Security Certification? Microsoft 365 security certification tests the capability of an...

CI automation with terraform

CI Automation on Terraform – Whizlabs Webinar

Whizlabs, on 22 Jan, 2022, conducted a webinar on ‘CI Automation on Terraform’ with two of the Senior DevOps consultants, Mehul Sharma and Aastha Rai. About the Speakers Mehul Sharma is a Senior DevOps Consultant at OpsTree Solutions. He is a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in the latest DevOps practices. He is passionate about training and keeps conducting regular...

Free Questions on CompTIA Security Exam

25 Free Questions on CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601) Certification Exam

CompTIA Security+ Certification is one of the most popular and demanded security certification in the industry. This certification exam validates your basic skills on security and cybersecurity. This exam is launched from November 2021. In this article, we are listing down 25 free sample exam questions for the certification CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601). These questions are part of Whizlabs exam simulator....


Database Migration With AWS DMS – Whizlabs Webinar

AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) allows the migration of databases to AWS in a secure way. It also supports homogeneous migrations, for instance, Oracle to Oracle, along with heterogeneous migrations, i.e. between different database platforms like Oracle to Amazon Aurora. To date, over 5,50,000 databases have been migrated using the AWS DMS. Whizlabs conducted an elaborative webinar on ‘AWS Database Migrations...

AWS Salary 2022, Career trends in AWS

What AWS Salary To Expect In India In 2022?

Cloud computing is the future. The post-pandemic world is embracing the cloud more widely and deeply than it has ever before. This makes the cloud computing industry an attractive one to work in, with some of the biggest organisations as employers.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s biggest and most widely-used cloud platform, and in the current cloud-adoption...


AWS Auto Scaling

Whizlabs on 19 Dec 2021, conducted a well explained webinar on ‘AWS Auto Scaling’ with Mr. Pavan Gumaste. Pavan Gumaste is a Certified Solutions Architect and a Cloud Computing Professional with an in-depth knowledge of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Currently, he manages the Hands-on Labs platform at Whizlabs and helps figure out what to build, ensuring successful delivery...

Serverless Arcjitecture with AWS

Serverless Architectures with AWS

Any application that you create or use is multi-tiered because there exists the User Interface, the Business Logic, and the Database. Today we use microservices, which means you don’t develop a monolithic application. Whenever you create an application, you break it down into multiple pieces and code for individual pieces. Its major advantage is that even when the application...

Readiness & Liveness Probes in Kubernetes

Readiness and Liveness Probes in Kubernetes

Whizlabs, on 25 November 2021, conducted a well organised webinar on ‘Readiness and Liveness Probes in Kubernetes’ with Mr. Abhishek Dubey. Abhishek Dubey works as a Senior DevOps Consultant at OpsTree Solutions. He is a developer and does DevOps training and webinars explaining the concepts in detail. He has been working on multiple open source projects like Kubernetes, Operator Framework...