What Are Azure Boards And Why Is It Important?

A team is in desperate need of tools that can assist in the entire process of managing the software projects, and Azure Boards intends to do that for you. In basic terms, Azure Boards is a prominent service that is meant for managing the work for dedicated software projects. It brings in a proficient set of potential that is embedded with the native support for Kanban and Scrum. Along with that, it also intends to offer support for integrated reporting and customizable dashboards. Azure Boards is the interface that helps you track the tasks, bugs, and features within your software project. …

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New Courses List 2021 By Whizlabs

Whizlab is always one step ahead of understanding the need of our learners and also in introducing the most-awaited and trending courses for the year 2021. Stop researching any further and check out Whizlabs Online Courses that you may have missed at the launch date. The blog is dedicated to breaking down every course into useful and crisp details. Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Migrations Using AWS Database migration service(DMS) Introduction to Azure Resource Manager Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals (SC-900) Certification Getting Practical with AWS Organizations CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA 175) Now, let’s look into each course in …

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what is docker swarm

What is Docker Swarm?

Wondering if Docker Swarm is Docker itself? Let’s understand what is Docker Swarm and clear all the defined and undefined doubts about it! New and emerging technologies continue to transform and revise the conventional notions surrounding computing. There was a time when developers thought that nothing could be better than virtual machines. In the present times, virtual machines have taken the backseat, especially with concerns regarding their efficiency. At this point, Docker arrived with lots of promises for developers. Therefore, the discussions on what is Docker Swarm has become quite prominent in the present times. Docker has undoubtedly emerged as …

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