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Net Neutrality in India – what will happen?

     -     Apr 21st, 2015   -     Articles   -     0 Comments

Now that ‘Net Neutrality’ or ‘NN’ is on everyone’s mind and it is creating a flurry of outbursts and supporters, this post aims to provide a brief overview of what is meant by net neutrality and what will happen if it is not enforced. The term ‘Net Neutrality’ itself was created by Tim Wu, a […]

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Why Would You Create a Project Backlog If Not Following Scum Or Agile methodology?

     -     Apr 18th, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

If someone begins with creating a product backlog, they are probably trying to establish an agile mentality over time and this may be an initial step. A “product backlog” serves a similar purpose as a WBS. It serves to bring the business users and the development team much more closely as they both see the […]

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Mobile security

     -     Apr 14th, 2015   -     Articles   -     0 Comments

Look around you and you will see the world crouching and twiddling its thumbs on a rectangular electronic device or speaking on a bigger than normal handset with a faraway look- the “smart phone”! No longer is the phone just considered a “phone” for oral communication purposes but it is used for other purposes as […]

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Project Management Ideas That Need Alteration

     -     Apr 10th, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Many companies have policies, procedures, and training for a uniform approach to project management. One of the major reasons for poor project uniformity is the proposal which is the foundation for the project. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced project manager, project management standards and procedures, if followed consistently would benefit you to […]

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How To Increase The Value Of Reusing Plan/Schedule Templates

     -     Apr 3rd, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Templates are a great way to ensure an even deployment of practices, and they also help in making sure critical tasks are not left out of new project plans. If it is a suitable template and not subject to legal constraints, then, don’t reinvent the wheel. Part of the reason people employ Project Managers is […]

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Importance of Planning For Project’s Testing

     -     Mar 31st, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Testing and quality control are essential part of every project and it is recommended to add that doing your best to “do it right the first time” to reduce the number of defects that will be found during testing and subsequent re-work (quality assurance) may be even more important. The idea that a project would […]

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Appropriate Use Of Power By A Project Manager

     -     Mar 28th, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

To be successful, one always needs help from others. Some who do realize the necessity of power and politics to achieve things, of course, are basically not so. They are using these skills to further things that those who shy away will not get done. Every great leader understands and uses power. Power does not need […]

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Various Definition Of A project In Different Organization

     -     Mar 25th, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

A project manager should not define a project based on budget, size or duration. A good definition of a project is that it is a temporary work effort made over a finite period of time to create a unique product, service or result. The work effort is also a series of interconnected dependent activities with […]

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Keys To Effective Project Meetings

     -     Mar 23rd, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Meetings (and the agenda that drives them) should always be arranged in priority sequence. This ensures that important “stuff” is dealt with and lower priority stuff can be handled at a more convenient time, if necessary. Invite only people that are necessary. If some of the people are needed only for a small portion of the […]

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How To Manage Project Tasks Incase of Unreasonable Timelines

     -     Mar 21st, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

There are many in Project Management who do take on projects that have unrealistic timescales, yet manage to complete them within time. Often, this masks either unforeseen events or inept management. It is really hard to believe completing the project on time, in case of “unreasonable” timescale. NASA’s Apollo Program would be an excellent example […]

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