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Evaluation of A New Team Member

     -     Oct 27th, 2014   -     PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

When people join a new organization, they join it with the mindset to give their best and not to repeat mistakes done in past. A new joiner needs a comfortable and healthy environment to cope up with the new company, culture and people. Setting a target or expectations on the very first day can result […]

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Assignment Of Tasks According To Bands And Grades- What In Case Of Exception?

     -     Oct 24th, 2014   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Before getting into the discussion of correct assignment of task according to bands and grades, let’s first understand various levels in a large or medium sized organization. Level 1 – This level includes junior members like trainee, data entry operator, call center operator, helpdesk staff, analyst or level 1 support staff. Level 2 – This includes operating […]

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How To Make Complicated Things Simple

     -     Oct 22nd, 2014   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

At times things become really complicated for the project managers, and it does. You have multiple teams, multiple resources, and multiple stakeholders. Everybody wanting something in a different way, in a different format. People speaking different language, communicating differently resulting in things becoming complicated. We all learn from experiences sometimes very hard lessons. Some tips […]

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Impact of hiding changes from those who oppose it

     -     Oct 21st, 2014   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Project Managers often tend to hide changes from negative stakeholders, who focus more in creating roadblocks than contributing in the success of the project. An example of this is, in case of organization restructuring, those affected most would likely oppose everything, so you hide all changes initially and the first visibility of it occurs at […]

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Tips To Survive After Mergers And Acquisitions?

     -     Oct 20th, 2014   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

When one business or company acquires or is merged with another, the result is a brand new organization. Managing that change is a complex and time-consuming process, with significant implications of tough time in terms of people management. Scenario: You are working as a Project manager in a multi-national company and were performing fairly well. […]

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Exit Interviews- Beneficial For The Company Or An Individual?

     -     Oct 17th, 2014   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Exit interviews can be fruitful for both the employer and the employee, if they are conducted effectively. The possibility of incorrect feedback by the employee who is leaving the company is very low, as his reference checks are already done and he is in a position to share a true feedback. Now it depends on […]

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Access Modifiers – III

     -     Oct 15th, 2014   -     Uncategorized   -     0 Comments

Having seen the ‘public’ and ‘private’ access modifiers in earlier posts, we will discuss the ‘protected’ and ‘default’ access modifiers in this and the next post. ‘Default’ is by no means an access modifier, but any class, method or variable that does not have an access modifier specified, resorts to ‘default’ access. Having said this, […]

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Is It Right To Compromise On Quality After Resource and Budget Cut-downs?

     -     Oct 13th, 2014   -     Articles, Page, PMP Certification   -     0 Comments

When the triple constraint of the project scope, budget and time are put in place, any change in one directly affects the other and all 3 affects the fourth constraint that is quality. In economic crisis today, all the companies are focusing on cost cutting, reduction in budget and resources cut downs. The top management, is […]

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What Are The Top 10 Fears Of A Project Manager?

     -     Oct 10th, 2014   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

If you ask this question from ten different project managers you may get a total of 50 different answers but few are common to all. List of top 10 common fears of a project manager Scope creeps Insufficient  resources Budget constraints Unrealistic timelines committed by the project’s sponsor Effective Communication Unidentified risks To deal with […]

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Difference Between Effectiveness And Efficiency

     -     Oct 7th, 2014   -     Articles, Project Management   -     0 Comments

In project management the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness are used for evaluating different processes. Today project-based organizations are struggling to balance between the triple constraint time, cost and scope (plus quality), and thus are focusing in doing it both efficiently and effectively. However, there are a wide variety of views on efficiency and effectiveness […]

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