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Access Modifiers – III

     -     Oct 15th, 2014   -     Uncategorized   -     0 Comments

Having seen the ‘public’ and ‘private’ access modifiers in earlier posts, we will discuss the ‘protected’ and ‘default’ access modifiers in this and the next post. ‘Default’ is by no means an access modifier, but any class, method or variable that does not have an access modifier specified, resorts to ‘default’ access. Having said this, […]

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Is It Right To Compromise On Quality After Resource and Budget Cut-downs?

     -     Oct 13th, 2014   -     Articles, Page, PMP Certification   -     0 Comments

When the triple constraint of the project scope, budget and time are put in place, any change in one directly affects the other and all 3 affects the fourth constraint that is quality. In economic crisis today, all the companies are focusing on cost cutting, reduction in budget and resources cut downs. The top management, is […]

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What Are The Top 10 Fears Of A Project Manager?

     -     Oct 10th, 2014   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

If you ask this question from ten different project managers you may get a total of 50 different answers but few are common to all. List of top 10 common fears of a project manager Scope creeps Insufficient  resources Budget constraints Unrealistic timelines committed by the project’s sponsor Effective Communication Unidentified risks To deal with […]

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Difference Between Effectiveness And Efficiency

     -     Oct 7th, 2014   -     Articles, Project Management   -     0 Comments

In project management the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness are used for evaluating different processes. Today project-based organizations are struggling to balance between the triple constraint time, cost and scope (plus quality), and thus are focusing in doing it both efficiently and effectively. However, there are a wide variety of views on efficiency and effectiveness […]

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Introduction To Big Data

     -     Sep 30th, 2014   -     Articles   -     0 Comments

Big Data” and its technologies are the “new kid” on the block (atleast, for most of us!) and this post will seek to explain the fundamental details of Big Data. Communication is at all time high today and data is generated through cell phones, televisions, credit cards, airplanes, social media, flights, trains and so on. […]

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Do You Know That Your Market Value Is Based On Your Experience And Qualification?

     -     Sep 29th, 2014   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

It is human nature to compare, we often compare our lifestyle with our friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbors. Both freshers and experienced professionals sets an expectation from their job. Even those candidates who fail to get a job through campus, also set some expectation level basis their qualification and specialization. But after 5 to 6 […]

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What is Project Management- An Art or Science or Both?

     -     Sep 26th, 2014   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Project management is an art or science, entirely depends on the type of organization you are working in. Some PMOs helps in pushing the framework, some micromanage people and some give you the opportunity to interpret the actual deliverables. In case your PMO is doing the governance part only the project management is used as […]

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How to Address Challenging Performance Issues?

     -     Sep 24th, 2014   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

To address performance issues is still possible but to cater challenging performance issues is not an easy task. In fact it is very difficult for the manager if the company do not support firing of employees. It becomes all the more important for the manager to address it effectively. You can begin initially by thoroughly […]

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What Can Project Managers Do To Improve Transparency In Their Projects?

     -     Sep 22nd, 2014   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

In some organizations, stakeholders are informed only about the major milestones and are involved only at the time of major or emergency changes. Some stakeholders want in-depth involvement in the project and want to know every in and out of the project to eliminate the possibility of last minute surprises. Each development methodology suffers from […]

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Java Access Modifiers – II

     -     Sep 19th, 2014   -     Articles, OCAJP (SCJA)   -     0 Comments

The concept of ‘access modifiers’, understanding them and working with them are some of the key objectives of the SCJP/OCJP exam. It is also important to understand this concept to excel as a Java developer as well.  We have already started our discussion of ‘Access modifiers’ in our earlier post. We will continue our discussion […]

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