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Java 8 Lambda Expressions

     -     Jun 4th, 2015   -     Articles   -     0 Comments

The Java programming language introduced in 1996 by Sun Microsystems as a cross platform environment and an object oriented programming structure has undergone tremendous changes.  From introducing inner classes, JDBC, RMI, Annotations, the latest addition to the Java world is the entry of Lambda expressions. This post will provide an overview of ‘Lambda expressions’ and […]

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Planning Or Execution Which Is More Difficult?

     -     May 19th, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Project planning and execution both plays important role in the successful completion of any project. Execution of a project totally depends upon what you’ve planned for your project. If the project planning is done properly then there will be less chances of risk to the project. Once a project plan is ready then for its […]

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Anonymous Inner Classes

     -     May 15th, 2015   -     Articles, OCAJP (SCJA), OCPJP (SCJP)   -     0 Comments

Having dealt with inner classes in earlier posts this post deals with anonymous inner classes – an even more different type of code that causes more confusion for the amateur programmer. What are anonymous inner classes? ‘Anonymous inner classes’ or ‘Anonymous classes’ as the name suggests is creating an inner class with no name. Here […]

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Difference Between Project, Program, Portfolio and Operational Work

     -     May 12th, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

PMP certification focus on applying best practices for managing project but no it is not mandatory to apply all the rules and a project manager needs to use his own judgement what to follow in real world. Difference between Project, Program & Portfolio As per PMBOK fifth edition project is a temporary endeavour with a start and […]

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How to identify foreseen/unforeseen risks in your project?

     -     May 7th, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Risks can be foreseen or expected resulting in contingencies built into your project plan. A good project manager is able to identify the issue at the earliest, work out a solution to mitigate the problem and align the expectation of the stakeholders. Some of the risk can be Natural calamities. Major requirement or design/architectural changes in the […]

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Importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in Project Management (PM) and its success

     -     Apr 29th, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Project Managers must develop certain skills that allow them to have a good relationship with both their staff and prospective customers. This would significantly assist in building better relationships, motivating teams, negotiating and managing change which can augment the chances of a project’s success. What it mean is that the emotions have to be considered in […]

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Need Of Governance In An Organization

     -     Apr 24th, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

It is important for every individual to understand the need and what outcome the top management is looking to achieve with the implementation of governance. And then find out the cracks and how PMO (Project Management Office) can successfully build projects & process to fix them. As per the international standards (ISOs) relating to projects […]

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Net Neutrality in India – what will happen?

     -     Apr 21st, 2015   -     Articles   -     0 Comments

Now that ‘Net Neutrality’ or ‘NN’ is on everyone’s mind and it is creating a flurry of outbursts and supporters, this post aims to provide a brief overview of what is meant by net neutrality and what will happen if it is not enforced. The term ‘Net Neutrality’ itself was created by Tim Wu, a […]

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Why Would You Create a Project Backlog If Not Following Scum Or Agile methodology?

     -     Apr 18th, 2015   -     Articles, PMP Certification, Project Management   -     0 Comments

If someone begins with creating a product backlog, they are probably trying to establish an agile mentality over time and this may be an initial step. A “product backlog” serves a similar purpose as a WBS. It serves to bring the business users and the development team much more closely as they both see the […]

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Mobile security

     -     Apr 14th, 2015   -     Articles   -     0 Comments

Look around you and you will see the world crouching and twiddling its thumbs on a rectangular electronic device or speaking on a bigger than normal handset with a faraway look- the “smart phone”! No longer is the phone just considered a “phone” for oral communication purposes but it is used for other purposes as […]

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