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Dynamic Software Development Method

     -     Jul 16th, 2016   -     Articles, Project Management   -     0 Comments

DSDM is a software development methodology which believes in abiding by the strategic goals of the project and delivering value to the customer early. Best practices proven successful over the years in the industry are recognised and recommended by DSDM in the agile software development world. DSDM is a vendor free methodology where the best […]

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Agile Software Development – Methodology

     -     Jul 13th, 2016   -     Articles, Project Management   -     0 Comments

The agile software development is an umbrella containing a set of methods and ways to achieve the principles mentioned under the Agile Manifesto. All these methodologies abide by the principles of frequent collaboration between the teams, frequent delivery to the client, self-motivation etc. The methodologies currently being followed are Extreme programming(XP) Dynamic System development method(DSDM) […]

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Agile Software Development – Approach

     -     Jul 9th, 2016   -     Articles, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Agile development methodology – Approach In the Agile methodology, each project is broken up into several ‘Iterations’. All Iterations should be of the same time duration (between 2 to 8 weeks). At the end of each iteration, a working product should be delivered. For example, in the agile approach the project will be broken up into ‘N’ […]

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Agile Software Development – Manisfesto

     -     Jul 6th, 2016   -     Articles, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Agile software development methodology is a process for developing software. This is a model where the software is developed in rapid and incremental mode. This is an alternative to traditional software development. The importance is given to the working software than the documentation. Every iteration ends in a working software which is a business value […]

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Godless’ Android malware

     -     Jun 29th, 2016   -     Articles   -     0 Comments

‘Security’ aspects touch all our lives in some way or the other. We would have been victims of security hack at one time or other. Phishing emails, fake social media profiles, credit card fraud – some of these events may touch us in one way or the other. It is a good idea to prevent […]

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     -     Jun 23rd, 2016   -     Articles   -     0 Comments

‘Cryptography’ is the ability to hide messages from intermediate persons and ensure effective and secure communication between different parties. ‘Cryptography’s’ origins can be traced back to 2000 B.C. Egypt (when hieroglyphics were used) and to the time of Julius Caesar where alphabets were shifted to encrypt a message. We also see various instances of cryptography […]

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Acceptance Criteria

     -     Jun 20th, 2016   -     Articles, PMI ACP Certification   -     0 Comments

What is it ? Acceptance Criteria or Acceptance tests as a set of conditions that must be met before a user story is deemed done. They are a set of conditions that must be fulfilled by the solution for it to be deemed accepted by the user or a customer. These a set of statements […]

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Stakeholder Engagement in Project management

     -     Jun 17th, 2016   -     Articles, Project Management   -     0 Comments

Who is a Stakeholder? A Stakeholder is person, or group, or organization that is impacted by your project. How do you manage stakeholders? Stakeholders are very important for your project success and they can make or break your project. You cannot be more than careful while handling stakeholders. The most important part of stakeholder management […]

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Minimum Viable Product or Minimal Marketable Feature

     -     Jun 14th, 2016   -     Uncategorized   -     0 Comments

So, how many of us understand these terms.   We are sure most of us have heard these terms but yet know nothing or very little about them. Lets us explore these terms: Minimum Viable Product or Minimal Market Feature are synonyms means the baseline of a product that contain enough features that it can showcased […]

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Web application Security – II

     -     Jun 1st, 2016   -     Articles   -     0 Comments

We have already seen a few basics of web application security in Java in an earlier post. We will continue this post by extending the same discussion. We will discuss the two remaining authentication mechanisms followed by authorization. CLIENT-CERT AUTHENTICATION: The CLIENT_CERT authentication method is yet another way of authenticating the user. Compared to the […]

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