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Google Professional Cloud Architect – The Ultimate Guide

Preparing for the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification? This detailed guide will help you prepare well, so you could pass the exam on the first attempt.

Google intends to help the IT professionals with a progressive certification that will give them the qualification of being a cloud architect over Google Cloud. It is the certification program that is destined to help professionals and experts of Google Cloud to showcase their skills. The exam conducted for this certification is carried out with industry-standard methodology for determining whether the candidate or applicant is well-versed with Google’s standards.

This certification exam is complex, tough but is yet rewarding. Moreover, you need to put in righteous preparation efforts to clear it in the first attempt. This is a complete preparation guide for your Google Professional Cloud Architect certification to help you achieve success in the pursuit of clearing it. It is about to offer you complete exam details, preparation ways, and effective tips to pass with good grades.

Why should you opt for the Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification?

In the year 2019, the Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification was ranked by Global Knowledge as one of the top-paying IT certifications. The demand for it, picked up the pace since then! This certification program offers skills to individuals for enhancing their careers in cloud architecture.

With this certification, you will get a clear insight into how to deploy different solution elements that includes infrastructure components such as systems, applications services, and networks. Not just that, but you will also gain immense experience to deal with hands-on projects by Qwiklabs, which will help boost your career potential.

Some of the key job skills that you will practice and master while in pursuit of adapting this Google Professional Cloud Architect certification are:

  • Case analysis
  • Identifying the technical watchpoints
  • Developing proposed solutions.
  • Testing basic abilities with the use of Activity Tracking Challenge Labs

Take up the preparation efforts to master the core topics and fundamentals, essential for clearing the exam. Immense opportunities are waiting for you within the cloud infrastructure. Moreover, to be fit for those positions, you need to attain top IT certifications on the cloud. And Google Professional Cloud Architect is one such crucial certification to help you with the purpose!

Exam Overview of Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification

With the abilities of a professional Google cloud architect, the organizations can leverage the potential of Google cloud technologies. With this certification, you will be learning about the core fundamentals of cloud architecture and the practical ideologies of the Google Cloud Platform. Furthermore, after you have successfully achieved this certification, you will be able to design, develop and manage diverse solutions for driving complex business objectives. The solutions that you put up for attending to the business objectives will be scalable, highly available, dynamic, robust and secure, to ensure high productivity.

The length of this examination is 2 hours, and you can attend it currently in 2 languages, English & Japanese. This exam format is MCQ, and it can be opted for either remotely or at any of the selected test centers. You need to locate the test centers while applying for the exam and pick the one nearest to you. The registration fee for the certification exam is $200, and the taxes need to be paid additionally, which varies from country to country.

You can take up an online exam with a proctor monitoring you through a live session. Moreover, you can take such a mode of examination remotely! But, before that, it is advised that you take note of the requirements specified for taking the online examination. If not that, you can go ahead and prefer an on-site examination with a proctor at your selected test center.

There are no mandatory prerequisites for this certification exam, but you are advised to possess at least three years of experience in the industry level with cloud infrastructure and at least one year of experience in designing & managing organizational solutions with the help of GCP. These recommendations will help boost your knowledge of the core concepts of this certification. If you want to clear this certification with good grades, then you will have to possess knowledge and expertise to help you with the purpose.

Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam Objectives

The Google Professional Cloud Architect certification assesses the abilities of an individual in different areas of the domain. Let’s have a look at the domains and subdomains of the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification exam.

  1. Designing & Planning a Cloud Solution Architecture
  • Designing solution infrastructure as per business requirements.
  • Designing solution infrastructure as per technical requirements.
  • Designing storage, compute, and network resources.
  • Creating migration plans such as architectural diagrams or documents.
  • Predicting and implementing improvements for future solutions.
  1. Managing & Provisioning a Solution Infrastructure
  • Configuring the network topologies.
  • Configuring individual storage systems.
  • Configuring compute systems.
  1. Designing for Security & Compliance
  • Designing for security. (IAM, Resource Hierarchy, SoD, Security Controls, etc.)
  • Designing for compliance. (Legislation, commercial, Audits, Industry Certifications)
  1. Analysing & Optimizing Both Business & Technical Processes
  • Analyzing & defining the technical processes.
  • Analyzing & defining the business processes.
  • Developing procedures for ensuring solution reliability in production. (Penetration testing and chaos engineering)
  1. Managing Implementation
  • Advising operation or development team for ensuring successful solution deployment.
  • Interacting with Google Cloud programmatically.
  1. Ensuring solution & operations reliability
  • Monitoring, profiling, alerting, and logging solution
  • Deployment & release management.
  • Evaluating the quality control measures.
  • Assisting with the support for deployed solutions.

These are the abilities that will be tested with this certification exam. You need to narrow down your preparation to ensure that you can attend to the questions from these specified areas. You need to follow a detailed Google Professional Cloud Architect preparation guide to obtain knowledge on fundamentals and core subjects.

Step-by-Step Guide for Preparation of the Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification

Quality preparation is essential to help you prepare for the tough certification exam. Even if you have ample amount of experience in the field, you still need to get used to the fundamentals of this certification exam. Moreover, it is only possible when you follow the right steps for preparation.

Step 1: Go Through the Exam Guide

The first step is common for every Google Cloud certification that you opt for! You need to review the exam guide completely by giving it the utmost time. The exam guide will instruct you about the areas that you need to cover in your preparation strategy. In this way, you will be able to judge whether the skills you have aligns with the exam requirements or not. Moreover, you will be able to judge the areas that you need to work on and the ones that you just need to revise without the necessity of thorough learning.

Step 2: Get the Right Training

After you have gone through the exam guide, it is important for you to go with the right amount of training. Google Cloud has offered its own learning path in the shape of modules and lessons to help you master the subjects, topics, and fundamentals of Google Professional Cloud Architect certification.

Follow the learning path specified by Google Cloud, which consists of online learning modules, in-person classes, additional learning resources, and hands-on practice labs. All of these facilities within the learning structure are going to help you prepare proficiently for this certification. Under this learning path, you will find five courses that include:

  • Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
  • Architecting with Google Compute Engine
  • Architecting with Google Cloud: Design & Process
  • Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Preparing for the GCP Cloud Architect Certification Exam

Apart from that, there are different skill badges for you to master and have a total of 33 labs for you to explore and do impactful preparations. There is a complete step-wise execution within the learning path for you to properly cover up all important aspects essential for clearing this examination.

Once you are done with gaining knowledge from the learning path stated by Google Cloud, you can move on to take a webinar for the cause. You can seek preparation by attending on-demand webinars from certified professionals. They will help you out with ideal tips and tricks for preparing and clearing the examination.

If you feel like the learning path and webinars are not sufficient for your preparation needs, you can explore the Google Cloud Documentation to gain more conceptual knowledge in an understandable manner. Moreover, you can also buy the official guide for Google Professional Cloud Architect certification to refine your preparation aspects.

It is very important to choose the right training to prepare well for the exam. Whizlabs online course for the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification is the most recommended resource for certification preparation. Enroll now to understand the concepts in an easier and better manner.

Step 3: Check the Sample Questions & Solve Them

Once you have progressed with your preparation ideologies, it is important to review all the sample questions available over Google Cloud for the Professional Cloud Architect certification. Solve them, and test your skills and get used to the exam format. You will know the types of exam questions that you will have to face in the actual examination.

Test your skills, check with the solutions and mark the grades you get on sample questions. If you are not satisfied with the scores, then you are probably missing out on preparation efforts. Try harder, and come back to appear in sample questions, one more time. Continue until you get satisfaction with your preparation.

You can enroll in Whizlabs practice tests for the Google Professional Cloud Architect to check your preparation level for the exam. Start with the Free Test now!

Step 4: Schedule the Exam

Now, as you have completed your preparation and have tested your skills, it is time for you to register for the examination. Go to the official page of Google Professional Cloud Architect certification, and log in to your Google Webassessor account. If you don’t have an account, then go ahead and create it.

Once you are logged in, select whether you want to take the exam remotely or at a center. For taking an on-site examination, you will be then requested to select a nearby test center from the drop-down list. Select the date, make the payment, and you are done with your registration. Keep revising till the examination day arrives, and nail it in your first attempt!

Tips & Tricks for Clearing the Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification

Even with the vigorous preparation, some tips and tricks are always useful for blending with the Google Professional Cloud Architect guide. Some of the tips that can help you clear this certification exam with high grades are:

  • Get an idea of the core concepts of hybrid cloud.
  • Gain knowledge of how to move data to Google Cloud.
  • It is better to have industry experience, as it will help you understand the topics more proficiently.
  • You can take up a professional course offered by any expert faculty to get clarity upon concepts and clear your doubts.
  • Prefer to study in groups to have a better learning environment. When everyone in the group has the same goal to achieve, the learning efforts of one another will be helpful for collective success.
  • Learn to use the GCP (Google Cloud Platform) products to gain an idea of how the services are used.

Follow these tips to ensure that your preparation is complete and you are ready to pursue the certification exam.

Salary of a Google Professional Cloud Architect Certified Individual

The professional cloud architect’s salary, on average, is $125,000 per year. It is the starting salary for the architects but is destined to increase over time with fruitful experience and promotions. The highest pay given to professionals is around $158,750 per year. Therefore, even though you are entering this profession at an entry-level, the experience you earn over time is about to put you in a great earning position.

Bottom Line

This is the complete Google Professional Cloud Architect preparation guide for individuals who wish to pursue their career in cloud infrastructure. Follow the steps, and go through the previous topics as you move ahead with the next ones. It will help you revise along with the learning sessions.

The learning path offered by Google Cloud is more than sufficient for you to understand the exam fundamentals and certification weightage. However, if you still wish to get some personalized courses, you can attend them to master your skill set, essential for clearing this certification exam. Prepare for the certification halfway, and when you feel like you are ready for the exam, go ahead and register for the same. Keep up with your preparation and revisions until the exam date arrives.

To give your preparation a new edge, the experts at Whizlabs have brought the online course and practice tests for the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification exam. Enroll now and start preparing for the exam!

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