Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools designed to improve the business processes of an organization by reducing the chances of the occurrence of an error or defect. Six Sigma certifications are the quality management credentials that validate the skills of the individuals in the identification of the defects and errors in the business process and eliminating them.

There are various levels of Six Sigma certifications – Green Belt, Yellow Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. These certifications help you become an expert in business process improvement, and thus enhances your credibility and standard. Six Sigma certified professionals are among the highest paid professionals over the globe. So, validated your expertise in quality management with one of the Six Sigma certifications is the right step for the bright and secure career.

With the enhanced focus on quality management by businesses, Six Sigma certifications are in huge demand.

Six Sigma Certification Training Courses at Whizlabs

Get certified with one of the most demanded Six Sigma certifications to demonstrate your quality management skills and knowledge.

Skills/Certification Free test Practice Tests Online Course
Six Sigma Green Belt N/A N/A 3 hrs Videos
Six Sigma Black Belt N/A N/A 5 hrs Videos

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Whizlabs is aimed to help professionals to be confident enough to pass the Six Sigma certifications in the first attempt. We compile best-in-industry training courses and practice tests that prove an important resource to pass Six Sigma certifications. The reasons to choose Whizlabs Six Sigma certification training courses are –

Importance of Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma certified professionals can prove an asset for the businesses by helping in cost-savings and process improvement, the organizations have a great demand for the certified professionals. So, if you are a quality management professional looking for growth in your career, Six Sigma certifications will add a credential to your resume and bring your career one level up. Six Sigma Certifications are important because they

Market Demand for Six Sigma Certifications

One of the most common queries posted by quality professionals is that is it worth investing time and money for Six Sigma certifications? There is a great amount of transformation happening across the world with new technologies. Six Sigma is the dominant force in quality management.

Six Sigma marketing is a data-driven approach that plays an important role from cutting cost to growing market share and improving margins of the organizations.

Six Sigma has become an inspiration for a large number of organizations. This has also been emphasized by the recent global salary survey of iSixSigma.

As per the iSixSigma Salary Survey, the average salaries of Six Sigma certified professionals range from $84,643 to $140,153 per annum depending on the positions and certifications.

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