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In the past few years, there has been a buzz all around about cloud computing technologies. Salesforce is one such technology that has brought a great impact on the computing world. It gives you the power to convert the ideas into applications. You can use Salesforce tools and build applications fast instead of building own tools and infrastructure. There is a huge demand for experts in every field, and so in the Salesforce domain.

Salesforce certifications are the industry-recognized credentials that validate your skills and demonstrate it to your employer and clients that you excel in the Salesforce domain. The certified Salesforce professionals are offered the highest average salary across most demanding and valuable skills. If you are aspired to build a career in Salesforce, getting a Salesforce certification is the right choice for you.

Salesforce is #1 CRM provider and a leading cloud platform. Enhance your career with one of the valuable Salesforce certifications.

Salesforce Certifications Courses at Whizlabs

Give your career a new edge with the most demanded Salesforce certifications. Start your preparation now with the leading online learning platform.

Skills/Certification Free test Exam Simulator Self Study Training
Salesforce Admin Certification N/A N/A 2 hours 58 minutes

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With the aim of helping professionals to grow in their career, Whizlabs offers best-in-industry certification training courses and practice tests. Whizlabs Salesforce certifications training not only prepares the candidates for the certification exam but makes them confident enough to pass the exam in the first attempt. You should choose the Whizlabs Salesforce certifications training courses because

Importance of Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce certified experts provide added benefits to the businesses. So, there is a huge demand for salesforce professionals to automate the complex business processes. The certified Salesforce professionals can help companies grow with the implementation of Salesforce. The Salesforce certifications are important because they

Market Demand for Salesforce Certifications

Is getting certified in Salesforce worth? Yes, in this technological world of competition, certified professionals are preferred everywhere, and so in the Salesforce domain. Salesforce is the largest provider of enterprise SaaS applications all over the world.

Salesforce has been named as #1 CRM provider for the fifth consecutive year in 2018.

As per the revenue report of the first quarter in 2018, the Salesforce earned 74 cents per share, beating the average estimate of 46 cents per share at a very very strong growth rate.

The total revenue of the Salesforce in the first quarter in 2018 rose 25.4% to 3.01 billion.

With the growth, the market value and thus the market demand for Salesforce experts is increasing. A certified Salesforce expert may earn an average salary of $112, 900 per annum.

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