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PMI PMP Certification
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PMI-RMP® Certification Exam

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How can appearing in free test help you?

  • Get Familiar with Real Exam Patten: The questions in the free test are very similar to the questions that appear in the actual exam. It will make you understand the PMI-RMP certification exam pattern. Thus, appearing in the free test will make you familiar with the actual exam.
  • Know Your Current Level of Preparation: Free Test is composed of 25 unique questions on PMI-RMP. So, to trying it will let you know your current preparation level for the PMI-RMP certification exam. And you will be able to continue your preparation according to that.

We recommend you to take full-length practice tests for your preparation so that you can get complete access to our testing & reporting features. Also, practicing through these practice tests will boost your confidence, and you will be able to pass the RMP certification exam in the first attempt.

Other PMP® Training Options

Exam Simulator

PMP® Exam Simulator
Format Actual Exam
No. of Questions:
Delivery: Online, Immediate
Reports: Available
Price: $129.95 $39.95

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Self Study Training

PMP® Self Study Training
Content: 14:54:47 hh:mm:ss
Practice Tests: Full access
Delivery: Online, Immediate
Availability: Unlimited
Price: $159.95 $69.95

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