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OracleCertified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer

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OCEJWCD 6 Practice Tests

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Question Bank Coverage

Topic No. of Questions
Asynchronous web applications 26 Questions
Container facilities for servlets and JSPs 79 Questions
Developing JSP Pages Using Custom Tags 67 Questions
Developing JSP Pages 62 Questions
Implementing an MVC Design 28 Questions
Introduction to Java Server Pages 35 Questions
Introduction to Java Servlets 38 Questions
More Controller Facilities 57 Questions
More Options for the Model 22 Questions
More View Facilities 64 Questions
The Servlet's Environment 80 Questions
Web Application Security 50 Questions

Whizlabs Practice Tests help the students to be mentally prepared to take the exam. When you’ve taken the OCEJWCD 6 mock test several times before, it will make you better prepared for the real one.

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