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OpenShift Basics | Online Course | Whizlabs

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What's Inside

  • 2 hours 40 minutes Training Videos 
  • 24 lectures
  • Very exhaustive coverage to all the topics
  • Unlimited Access
  • Pre-requisites -
    • Understanding of Containers
    • Basic knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes

Topic-wise Content Distribution

Chapter Minutes of training video
Introduction to the Course 00:02:24 mins
Introduction to OpenShift 00:05:39 mins
Advantages of OpenShift 00:07:27 mins
OpenShift Origin  
What is OpenShift Origin 00:07:37 mins
Installing OpenShift Origin as Containers 00:12:45 mins
Installing OpenShift Origin using Minishift 00:05:16 mins
Management - Web, CLI and REST API 00:11:02 mins
OpenShift Products  
Online, Dedicated and Powered 00:03:34 mins
Deploying Applications  
Introduction to Deploying Applications 00:01:36 mins
Deploying Application using S2I  
Deploy simple Java application from UI 00:13:16 mins
Deploy from Commandline 00:05:12 mins
Deploying Application using Dockerfile  
Deploy Application using Dockerfile 00:07:56 mins
Images using Dockerfile 00:03:17 mins
Deploying Application using Image Stream  
Image Streams and Tags 00:07:26 mins
Deployment using Image Streams 00:04:33 mins
Deploying Database Images  
Deploy Database Images 00:09:52 mins
Multi-node Cluster  
Prepare for Installation of multi-node cluster on local VMs 00:07:57 mins
Installing Prerequisites 00:08:13 mins
Cluster Deployment 00:08:53 mins
Role Based Access Control  
RBAC concepts 00:07:57 mins
Roles - Cluster & Local 00:07:49 mins
Templates Concepts 00:04:48 mins
Create Objects from Templates 00:04:46 mins
Templates Export 00:03:09 mins

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