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Oracle Certified Foundations Associate: Java Foundations [1Z0-811]


136 Learners

200 Questions

Practice Tests

Course Overview

This course enables you to gain a deep insight into the concepts of Java Programming. Here, you will be introduced to the Object Oriented concepts, terminologies involved, and the various steps and syntax required to pass the Java Foundations 1Z0-811 certification.

The Oracle Certified Foundations Associate Java Credential validates your knowledge of Hands-on and skills in JAVA. On passing the certification, you will be entitled to a badge of ‘Java Certified Foundations Associate’.

If you are a novice, this certification is the best possible way for you to attest your knowledge on the fundamentals of Java Programming. The preparation won’t take much time and becomes easy with Java Foundations 1Z0-811 exam Practice Tests.

Key Features of the Course

  • Elaborate explanations for each answer
  • 100% syllabus covered
  • Content prepared by subject matter experts
  • Unlimited access for 2 Years


Who should take the Java Foundations 1Z0-811 exam?

The Java Foundations 1Z0-811 certification focuses on,

  • Beginners, starting their career in Java
  • Students undergoing Computer Science and Java Curriculum
  • Universities, that have undergone the Oracle Academy Program
  • Faculty, providing training for Foundational level Java and Computers

Why should you take the Java Foundations 1Z0-811 exam?

  • The preparation for this exam leads you to a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Java Programming.
  • You get a grasp on the concepts, thereby enhancing your knowledge and skills.
  • This certification further attests your capability to be a useful resource to the organization with a step towards the next level of understanding of the jargons of the language.

What are the prerequisites for the Java Foundations 1Z0-811 exam?

The exam does not require you to have a Hands-on experience in Java, but a basic understanding of the programming language and Java concepts is a must.

Further, you are also expected to possess logical, mathematical, and analytic problem solving skills. You should know how to write and execute a program in Java.

Being able to work with the JDK(Java Development Kit) and JRE(Java Runtime Environment) is also required.

What are the exam topics for the Java Foundations 1Z0-811 exam?

The ‘Java Foundations 1Z0-811’ is a foundation level exam for the ones who have successfully completed the Java Fundamentals, Java Foundations, Java Programming or training, or the Java coding and Concepts MOOC.

It tests your knowledge on writing and executing Java programs, working with the Java Runtime Environment(JRE) and Java Development Kit(JDK). The various topics to be covered for the exam follows:

What is Java?: It includes demonstrating the features and real world applications of Java.

Basics of Java: This covers the description of the JDK, JRE, and the various components of Object Oriented Programming. It also includes the basics, compilation and execution steps for a Java program.

Basic Java Elements: This covers importing Java Packages, usage of single line and multi line comments, reserved keywords, description of the Java Package, and the conventions to be followed while writing a Java program.

Java Data Types: Declaration and initialization of String variables, using final with variables, casting of values from a data type to another, involving manual and automatic promotion.

Java Operators: It involves the usage of basic arithmetic operators(+, -, *, /, %), assignment operators, increment and decrement operators, conditional operators(||, &&, ?), relational operators(!=, >=, and more), and the description and use of parentheses and precedence of operators.

Working with the String Class: Creating methods using the String class, formatting strings with the help of escape sequences such as %s, %d and %n. Random and Math Classes: Using the random and Math classes.

Looping Statements: Description of the loop statements, using a while loop, a do-while loop, a for loop, enhanced for loop inside another for loop, using break and continue statements inside the code, comparison between the different kinds of loops.

This Java Foundations 1Z0-811 exam also includes topics such as Decision Statements, Array Lists and Arrays, Java Methods, Constructors & Classes and Exception Handling & Debugging

Included in this course

  • Practice Tests5 Practice Tests
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Topic-wise Content Distribution
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Exam Format and Information

Oracle Certified Java Foundations Associate 1Z0-811

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