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Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Java Persistence API (JPA) Developer | Whizlabs

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Real Exam Format and Information

  • Exam Name Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer
  • Exam Code 1Z0-898
  • Exam Duration 135 Minutes
  • Exam Type Multiple Choice
  • Number of Questions 64
  • Passing Score 61%
  • Eligibility/Pre-Requisite OCPJP Certification

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Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Java Persistence API (JPA) Developer FAQs

1. What's the Exam Curriculum for OCEJPAD 6 Certification?

OCEJPAD 6 Certification Exam Curriculum

  1. Overview of the Java Persistence API (JPA)
  2. Introducing the Auction Application
  3. Java Persistence API (JPA) Entities
  4. Understanding the Entity Manager
  5. Modeling Entity Relationships
  6. Entity Inheritance and Object-Relational Mapping
  7. Persisting Enums and Collections
  8. Introduction to Querying
  9. Using the JPA Query Language
  10. Using the JPA Criteria API
  11. Using the JPA in a Container
  12. Implementing Transactions and Locking
  13. Advanced JPA Concepts

2. Top reasons to register for OCEJPAD 6 / JPA Certification

  • OCEJPAD or JPA certification is critical for you to advance your Java career. Java Persistence API (JPA) is one of the key skill that is most widely used in all the Java projects.
  • If you are working on enterprise Java projects and developing server-side components for your clients, then knowing JPA is important to work on the database related operations.
  • Getting OCEJPAD certification becomes very valuable to your current/future employer.
In case any of the above reasons resonate with your thought process, we recommend that you start with free OCEJPAD 6 sample questions.

3. Is there any prerequisite for this Certification?

Yes, There is a pre-requisite for the OCEJPAD 6 exam. You should have already passed OCPJP exam to become an OCEJPAD.

4. What is the process of taking OCEJPAD 6 Certification?

You have to first purchase an exam voucher from the Oracle University. The voucher purchased is valid for 6 months. Register yourself at the local test center or through Pearsonvue. Finally, schedule the exam according to your convenience.

5. Which are the recommended books for OCEJPAD?

You can refer to the following books to prepare for OCEJPAD exam – EJB 3.1 Cookbook, Enterprise Javabeans 3.1, and Java Persistence – the wikibook.

6. Can I purchase exam voucher from Whizlabs?

No, we do not provide the exam voucher. You have to directly purchase the same from Oracle.

7. Do you offer Money Back Guarantee for your JPA / OCEJPAD Certification Exam Simulator?

Yes, we offer 100% Unconditional money back guarantee. If you do not clear the exam for any reason, you can apply for the full refund. Please note that we refund the cost of the product which you purchased from Whizlabs but not the Oracle Certification Exam cost.

8. Apart from mock exams & questions, is there any further assistance I can get from Whizlabs?

 Yes, we provide you full support for any query related to the certification when you are preparing for our mock exams. Your query will be handled by certified Java SME (Subject Matter Expert) & response will be provided in due course.

9. Do you have any preparation guidance for this certification exam?

Yes. We write frequently about certification preparation tips in our blog.

10. Can I try free OCEJPAD 6 Practice Exam before purchasing the whole practice test?

Yes. We are offering OCEJPAD 6 free test with 15 practice questions for the free evolution of our tool that you can try before you purchase our complete test. Also, you will find the 5% discount coupon inside the free exam.

11. Are you providing any discount on the bulk purchase?

Yes. We are offering up to 50% discount for the order more than 10 products at a time. You can contact our support team for more details.

12. How long is the license valid after the purchase?

Our simulators come with the lifetime license/validity. Once purchased, you can access them for the lifetime.

13. What if I have more queries?

If you have any queries related to OCEJPAD 6 Certification, course, payments, etc., please feel free to contact us at Whizlabs Helpdesk. A member of our support staff will respond to you as soon as possible.

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