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Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer (OCAJP 8) Reviews | Whizlabs


Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer (OCAJP 8) Reviews

Great to go with this....... The questions are simple logical, with nice and proper explanation provided and suggests just to focus on the basics and if you do so you are there!

23 May 2020

In the past i had bo0t this product but to my surprise a found that the questions are static , while in older versions the questions where dinamical so you coldnot repit the same question the next try

23 May 2020

This is an amazing product for those trying to give OCAJP certification ..i strongly recommand this product.

19 May 2020

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

Questions were very logical and explaination was simple.

18 May 2020

Thank you for the feedback much appreciated!

The tests are very useful for preparation to pass the Exam

16 May 2020

The questions are accompanied with answers and explainations.

09 May 2020

I have passed my OCA with 73% with the sole help from this website. 100% recommended!!!

07 May 2020

Congratulations on passing the exam and thank you for your great feedback!

I truly say,the best part of my preparation time is solving Whiz labs questions. Great Simulator and awesome explanation. Great work by the team!!

03 May 2020

Very good

10 Apr 2020

The questions appear easier than actual exam. Concepts like polymorphism, inheritance and exception handling are not extensively covered in the mock tests. However, the questions are provided with proper explanation.

10 Apr 2020
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