Networking Certifications

Computer Networking is a huge field with multiple areas, and there is a high demand for skilled IT professionals in various areas of networking. Here comes the importance of networking certifications. Networking certifications are the credentials that validate your networking skills and takes you apart from the competition. Getting a networking certification validates your expertise and knowledge on various aspects of networking.

Certified networking professionals have enough knowledge about modern networking tools and technologies, infrastructure, routers and switches, next-generation firewalls, unified threat management etc. Getting your hands on the networking certifications and becoming a networking expert with specialization is not so easy. You need to join networking certifications training to clear your concepts and prepare well to get certified in one of the best networking certifications.

Become a certified Networking professional and have multiple benefits such as career growth, better job opportunities, and a higher salary.

Networking Certification Courses

Aspired to have a bright career in the Networking domain? Choose one of the high in-demand networking certifications and enhance your career.

Skills/Certification Free test Exam Simulator Self Study Training
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network AssociateCertification 20 Questions 180 unique questions N/A

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We at Whizlabs are the team of experts, with the mission of helping professionals to prepare efficiently and pass the exam with the confidence. Our focus and efforts are directed toward improving every bit of content that is created for certification preparation. The aspirants should choose us for the preparation of networking certifications because –

Importance of Networking Certifications

Certifications are important for the benefits they add to one’s career. They can help you stand out of the crowd, demonstrate your skills, add a credential to your resume, and bring more opportunities for you with a higher salary. CCNA is one of the best and most in-demand networking certifications. With the aim of enhanced skills and career growth, you can opt for one or more networking certifications. Networking certifications have become more important because

Market Demand for Networking Certifications

Is it really worth for IT professionals to get a networking certification? The answer is Yes, the demand for highly skilled and qualified professionals over the industries is increasing the value of networking certifications.

There is a great demand for IT professionals skilled in different areas of networking. If you are serious about your networking career, get one or more networking certifications to set yourself apart from the competition.

As per research, the average salary for certified networking professionals varies as per their experience level. A beginner who is just starting up his networking career may get $47,000 per annum as an average while mid-level network engineers and administrators may earn an average income of $66,000 to $84,000. The network professionals at an expert level may even earn $116,000 annually.

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