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Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals (SC-900) Certification Reviews | Whizlabs

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Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals (SC-900) Certification Reviews

I sat for the SC-900 beta exam on March 24th. I chose Whizlabs because it was the only non-dump practice exam which was very important for the beta exam. The Whizlabs helped me better prepare for the exam format but I would recommend the company adding more Microsoft 365 questions especially Microsoft Identity and Microsoft Defender. In addition, add eDiscovery, conditional access, a more in-depth Azure Sentinel analysis and Azure AD domain services because SC-900 focuses on hybrid (on-premise and cloud) model.

06 Apr 2021

Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback with us. It will help us a lot to improve our quality!

There was nothing about Advanced Audit in the practice exams, and a handful of questions were incorrect (The answer was "No" but the grading counted "Yes" as the right answer...a little confusing) but overall these prep tests were very good.

28 Mar 2021

Thank you for your valuable feedback, and we will surely work on it at the earliest.

I am quite happy with my purchase of Microsoft SC-900 exam practice questions. Some questions require rewording/correction. Some areas of the exam are not covered by any of the questions you prepared (no questions related to NSG for example). My overall feeling is quite positive. I would definitely buy this product once more. It has definitely helped me to prepare better to this exam.

20 Mar 2021

I needed extra exam practice and Whizlabs provided that. I also passed the AZ-900 with the help of Whizlabs.

16 Mar 2021

Congratulations on passing the exam! And all the best for your next certification.

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