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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103 Certification Reviews | Whizlabs


Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103 Certification Reviews

Video Feedback

Quite solid Exams , i like the high score requested to pass.

30 May 2020

Awesome module which helped me a lot in order to clear my AZ-103 certification. Too many tricky questions explained in details. Already recommended the same to my colleagues and friends. For my next certification i can definitely count on Wizlabs for sure. Thanks a lot.

30 May 2020

The online training videos are succinct and dive right into the material without filler. These courses, and their practice exams, direct you to relevant AWS whitepapers for the source material. This helps keep the course inline with the exam topics and provides an easy way to dive deeper in a topic. The practice exams have been very helpful with the practice mode a favorite feature of mine when initially tackling a new cert. Thank you, Whizlabs! Your content is an outstanding value and appreciated resource for certification prep.

29 May 2020

I exclusively used Whizlabs questions and online course for the Az900 and passed on 1st attempt, The material and questions were relevant to the actual exam questions. I highly recomend this product. I have also purchased the Az103 and Az104 exam prep and am studying for that exam now.

28 May 2020

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

I took the Practice exams from Whizlabs and I am happy for the same. I am able to pass with the help of these questions and detailed description for each question. Thank you Whizlabs

27 May 2020

Thank you for your feedback we appreciate!

Thank you

I also raised a query couple of times but dint had a response yet.

I am about to start Az-400 preparation but got couple of queries:

Couple of questions:

1) I heard like on June 15th Microsoft is going to make some changes to Az-400 syllabus. If that happens will the additional topics will be added automatically by Whizlabs to the course which we have buyed already or do we need to pay again for updated topics?

Also how much time will it take to get the course updated from the date MS updates the syllabus

2) I could see that there is something written as 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. What does this mean? If we buy the course and if we don't pass the exam will you refund full amount to us or anything else?

Great questions and the answers provided great insight. It helped me prepare and pass the exam.

26 May 2020

did you get lab question also in exam?

The questions were good. It helped me to focus on the type of questions that would be on the exam. Interface was better than some of the other exam prep sites that I've seen. Will definitely use this going forward!

26 May 2020

Thank you for your feedback much appreciated!

did you get lab question also in exam?

Great videos and practice test! Prepares you well for AZ-103 test!

26 May 2020

Hi i was not happy with the full content of the practice test. it was not structured properly., there were no lab questions in there. and where i found question on free sites like match the questions to answers there was none i found in whizlab. frankly i was much disappointed and feel that i did not get valiue for money.

I completed my certification. Whizlabs questions were very well prepared and very helpful. It's worth for the money.

25 May 2020

I used this site as a addition preparation.The material and instructors are very good..Very good practice tests.. i have passed the exam. Thank you !

23 May 2020
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